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  1. Was it Over the Line?

    All championship games have glt so it can't have been. Didn't get the rub today and officiating shocking. Not much you can do with that.
  2. Good performance. Defending ropey at times though. We never looked comfortable dealing with balls into the box. Ref didn't help. Joke.
  3. John Terry

    Did he win the ball on that challenge on Nuhiu?
  4. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Cold weather never did Rocky balboa any harm in rocky 4. Just sayin.
  5. Flasks

    Going with my mother today. First time she's been for about 20 years. She's old skool and wants to take a flask. Can you take them in? Flasks that is, not mothers
  6. Jon Newsome comments

    Just first that fact that he can actually walk would get him in
  7. Morgan Fox

    Not as easy as that though. Who would bloody take him? We paid 800k for him and bet he's on decent wedge. Sums up our shambolic recruitment.
  8. Sean Clare

    Heard it was contract related too. Our structure and philosophy is all wrong. Just think of the millions, yes millions, of pounds that have spanked on wages that have been completely wasted and yet we can't/won't offer lads like this a decent contract. I worry, I really do.
  9. Do carlsberg do deadline day transfers?
  10. Rhodes

    Like it.
  11. Carlos The Second

    This. Cant believe this has got to 10 pages.
  12. Christoph Knasmüllner

    I like the idea of hitting a veritable stroke......