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  1. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    How far do you take this line of thought? Should people sit in the dark to save on the leccy? Miss meals? Sell a kidney?
  2. Am I the only one?

    Sure you're not drinking more and taking better drugs than last week?
  3. You do realise you don't get promoted by taking an average win percentage over three seasons, don't you? Also, you don't get promoted by having a higher win percentage than p managers o
  4. David Garrido

    His nickname at sky is David Libido
  5. Our options out wide

    Can we still loan someone? Seem to remember them changing the rules on that but can't recall
  6. Westwood though

    I thought he could have saved the one on Saturday to be honest
  7. Under 23s today....

    Who is?
  8. Hope so. Was a revelation on Saturday.
  9. Didn't realise he was 29. Thought he was a bit younger than that
  10. Current Form Table

    Said the same about Huddersfield last season
  11. George Hirst and Doyen Sports

    Of course it is. We'd all do the same too. Anyone that says otherwise is telling fibs or they're thick.
  12. Top man. Really enjoyed that!
  13. Apologies for calling you a tw@t - it was tongue in cheek. I still think that you are also somewhat missing the point. I don't think you can reduce a football club down to a business whose product is to simply bought and sold. Neither should the club see the supporters as customers. Fans are the life of the club and if they are priced out then the club is eating itself. I don't think you can calculate how many people the heavy tickets prices effect by saying only a few thousand turn up and pay on the day. Surely it's how many don't turn up? You seem to suggest that high prices is a prerequisite for a successful team and better players but I disagree. I don't have the time to work this out but I wonder what the correlation is between ticket prices and league position in the championship? As Huddersfield showed last season, it is possible to build a successful team with modest ticket prices. My worry is, like many others, is that if the club start to alienate fan with high prices for tickets, corporate boxes, shirts etc then they will slowly but surely start to erode any sense of goodwill that have been generated and we run the dangers of getting ourselves in a right old mess. WAWAW
  14. Deadline day mini doc.

    This is going to go down like a bobbar sandwich but I really like wilder. Comes across well and evidence suggests he knows what he's doing. Think he will do well with the blunts and move on to bigger and better things.