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  1. Over the years I've bumped into hirsty 3 or so time at corporate events etc and he's told that story 100% of the time.
  2. Sadly yes. What we need is people with football and business accumin with a plan to get us moving in the right direction and ultimately promoted. Unfortunately those types of people won't pay daft money for the club in the first place.
  3. Interesting DC said monk "best choice at this time".
  4. Was just coming on to ask this. BBC say not been disclosed. I'm wondering if monk might be a stop gap. He said himself it happened fast in last 48 hours. Add to that he's not been allowed to bring his own staff and it look like he could be cover until DC gets who he really wants. Cowley?
  5. When we we win I'm like, yes bullen has to be the man. When we lose im like, bullen is poo, get him out.
  6. Would be amazing to hear all Hillsborough singing "number 1 is Roland nilsson etc Then "and the boss is roland nilsson"
  7. Who is assisting bullen at the moment? Think we got tactics spot on yesterday so the coaching team defo doing something right.
  8. Modern footballers need two or three strings to their bow and unfortunately JR only really has one, finnishing. Except, when he did play, he couldn't hit a barn door. Struggle to see how he fits in other than as an "impact sub" and considering the financial position we are in, it's very poor return on investment if he does play that role.
  9. The star forgot to put the bet on before they wrote the article
  10. All the others were poo! Coached at high level. Well respected generally. Likely got a bit of a point to prove. English. Will know a bit about the club. Realistic.
  11. He might have to save us this season at this rate
  12. If the answer is "more than 5 pints" stop posting cos you're talking poo. We lost 3-1 but reault could have easily been the other way round. And, if it was, everyone would be talking about the playoffs again. Fine margins, innit.
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