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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    I like the lad but he's completely wrong for us. The one thing he's supposed to be good at i.e finishing he's lost
  2. Graham Hyde

    That step over tho
  3. Great memories. Home leg best atmosphere I've ever experienced at Hillsborough
  4. Butterfield

    Take up option to buy for sure
  5. Reach today? Any advance on that?
  6. Next 5 Games

    We're not far off needing top 2 form to get in to playoffs and can't see us getting 2 points plus per game from those fixtures
  7. :-(

    If it won't achieve anything then why mention it in the first place?
  8. :-(

    I appreciate that, especially considering grandads past. But just giving a half story isn't really helpful.
  9. :-(

    The personal abuse you're getting is out of order but I don't think you should be alluding to itk stuff if you're not willing to divulge the full story. I'm sat here thinking WTF could be happening to our club? Is it serious? Is it financial? FFP? Admin?
  10. respect

    It's a derogatory term. Some people can't just give their opinion, they have to go the little bit extra and take it to a low level. Just don't think it's needed.
  11. respect

    Things starting to turn nasty. Some semi xeonphobic commemts starting to appear e.g referring to Carlos as 'kickaball' ball etc. CC needs to go (he should have gone at the end of last season) but he's a decent bloke trying to do his best. Think we need to remember that and try to retain a bit of dignity.
  12. Only 5 points from 6th

    Read the thread where the poster breaks the season into thirds and compares points totals over last 15 years. We need at least 21 points after 15 games to have a chance of playoffs so we need to win next 2. If we don't we'll need close to top 2 form just to sneak in. Not looking good.
  13. Did Loovens push him over?

    That's a 50/50 decision but they don't go your way when your on a bad run. Top 2 gone now and we need 2 wins to keep us in with a shot of playoffs otherwise CC has to go.