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  1. What is it about the available on a free, heavily linked, we tried to loan him before, probably lives in the area Freddie ladapo that makes you believe he'll be the first signing?
  2. Completely agree with this. Feels like we are doing a fairly major rebuild every year. Fed up of the "need time to gell" testicles
  3. How come it's so hard just to put something out on the website and social media to say what time general sales tickets are available?
  4. Hi mate, am I right in thinking can watch on ifollow cos it's a midweek game?
  5. Love the fickleness of owls talk. When he got injured he was a waste of space now, after a few minutes looking decent against Donny, he's turned into Franz beckenbauer. To be fair, he looked good!
  6. Agree. We should always be Wednesday. we were 'The Wednesday' I think first and the Sheffield prefix came later? Given that I could stomach RB Wednesday if it meant we were less poo.
  7. Haven't had a beer in the ground for years. Both beer and service is crap.
  8. In isolation yes but defending as a unit yesterday was a joke. We were lucky not to be two nil down at HT.
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