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  1. owls101

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    Was thinking of that save as I clicked the thread!
  2. Great work mate. Can I make a suggestion? The bar chart would be much better with just a simple white background, much easy to see what's going on imho. Thanks for putting this stuff together.
  3. Top work lads. Keep spreading the love! WAWAW.
  4. I thought we bid for Beckham can't remember owt about scholes?
  5. Great news. Respect to the bazza!
  6. owls101

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Was just about to post this.
  7. owls101

    We've got Fletcher

    I like it
  8. owls101


    Different class when he came on, makes things happen.
  9. owls101

    Jordan Thorniley

    Like him alot. His communication was good today, seemed to be the one marshaling the defence. Leader.
  10. Reach Hooper FF Fletcher
  11. owls101

    Kieran Lee

    Agree. The longer he's out and the bottom we are the better Lee will get. The old football cliché, sometimes you have your best games sat on the bench. Reality is, lee a good player but won't change our fortunes on his own.
  12. owls101

    Its Jos not working

    Jos is playing a poo hand badly. Not the man for the current job. This season is all about survival and hopefully get some sort of structure in place on the footballing side and reorganise with a longer term sustainable plan. Dont really see any evidence of this happening though. DC probably still banking on promotion to get of out of a hole and it just isnt going to happen.
  13. Can we afford to sack him? flipping mess.
  14. owls101

    The Marco Matias Raffle

    If teeth were a reflection of football ability we'd have a ballon d'or on our hands.