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  1. Sensible business considering the financial position we are in. We obviously weren't prepared to extend his contract and £1.6-1.75m fee for someone that could leave for free in a years time is good.
  2. owls101


    Not sure about Rhodes. Unless we sell for same price as we bought we make a loss which will screw us for ffp. Financially (Bizarrely) it might be better to keep him.
  3. owls101

    How far behind are we?

    Been thinking we need 3 or 4 players to be a good side since grey was manager.
  4. Been some car crash stuff with a back 3. I like the system but can easily go wrong. A full pre season would help but could see jos playing 4231 next season, as he has done most of his career.
  5. That must mean they'e poo then
  6. owls101

    Stadium location?

    For those against this (as yet hypothetical) move on inconvenience grounds, if it was best for the club as a whole would you change your mind?
  7. owls101

    Stadium location?

    What are you on about?
  8. owls101

    Stadium location?

    That's an overly simplistic way of looking at it
  9. owls101

    Stadium location?

    The north stand was built in the 60s hardly a like for like comparison
  10. owls101

    Stadium location?

    And you know this how?
  11. owls101

    Stadium location?

    Presumably with some forms of finance paid for by increased revenue
  12. owls101

    Stadium location?

    I dot have any strong feelings about moving but I'm willing to look at the issue with an open mind. If it did transpire it was best for the club to move I'd support it. As it stands (despite the history and memories) Hillsborough is not up to scratch as a modern football ground so something has to be done in the long run regarding moving vs redevelopment.
  13. owls101

    Stadium location?

    Not changed your mind then?
  14. owls101

    Stadium location?

    Can I ask why?