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  1. All the others were poo! Coached at high level. Well respected generally. Likely got a bit of a point to prove. English. Will know a bit about the club. Realistic.
  2. He might have to save us this season at this rate
  3. If the answer is "more than 5 pints" stop posting cos you're talking poo. We lost 3-1 but reault could have easily been the other way round. And, if it was, everyone would be talking about the playoffs again. Fine margins, innit.
  4. Tight game. Sat with the brummies they couldn't believe they won 3-1. Taking fletch and onomah off changed the game, badly for us.
  5. Agree. Man for man not much between those teams on paper but they played with a completely different philosophy. Their manager really is a difference maker. We play like a team that goes for one nils but we never keep a clean sheet.
  6. Was thinking of that save as I clicked the thread!
  7. Great work mate. Can I make a suggestion? The bar chart would be much better with just a simple white background, much easy to see what's going on imho. Thanks for putting this stuff together.
  8. I thought we bid for Beckham can't remember owt about scholes?
  9. Different class when he came on, makes things happen.
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