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  1. If owlstalk help me get to my target I’ll two foot either of them https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?pageId=884453
  2. Charity Cup

    Agreed mate! Even donated to yours
  3. Hi, I know some people have already posted about it but I'm playing in the charity cup at Hillsborough. If you are able to donate please can you do so here. Thank you
  4. haha not even our manager anymore and he's still talking boll0cks about us playing well when we really havent
  5. Lego Hillsborough

    the lego version is actually slightly taller
  6. Lego Hillsborough

    although i think you can design and get custom made ones but they cost a bomb
  7. Lego Hillsborough

    I’ve tried to make it realistic so d taxis and Chansiri are all over... also not many people have bough advertising space so need to fill it haha designed and printed stickers myself
  8. Lego Hillsborough

    think our current squad may need the advantage
  9. Seeing as we are having such a jolly time of thing at the moment I thought I’d distract for a short while with an update on the Lego Hillsborough A link Here to a litle twitter video
  10. you are all welcome to sponsor me Here
  11. Carlos started the season with minimal injuries and had us comfortably in 10th/11th
  12. Team for Saturday?

    Well someone on owlstalk was always going to find something to moan about
  13. Team for Saturday?

    Don't think anyone could really moan about this if that was announced on saturday
  14. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Mid table is exactly what we need right now