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  1. jordyowl

    What does this achieve

    The same thing this topic achieves...
  2. My step dad and I are from Bridlington with no Sheffield connections. he fell in love with Wednesday in the late 70’s (division 3 days) he and 3 mates were Hull City fans. He always tells me about playing Wednesday towards end of the season and not having a lot to play for but pulling up at Boothferry on the train and seeing a sea of blue and white around the ground and huge noise. He and his mates decided the next season to go and watch a few Wednesday games as they though it looked ‘flipping ace’ All 4 if them fell in love with Wednesday so I was lumbered with them when he came into my life!
  3. jordyowl

    That survey

    but high prices means high prices! Strong and stable club!
  4. jordyowl

    That survey

    I'm sure the survey basically asked. Do you want to keep paying loads and keep the level of investment OR lower prices and rely on youth. Yet we seem to be getting a mixture of both.
  5. jordyowl

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    Should Those two middle blocks at the bottom of the kop, were the W and F are at the moment
  6. Why do Brits have to pay £5 more for a day pass?
  7. jordyowl

    whose selling this pile of poo ?

    Haha Carlton Palmer wasn’t my issue
  8. jordyowl

    whose selling this pile of poo ?

    Wow there some absolute cvnts on here!
  9. jordyowl

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    I'd say the blocks that have 'w' and 'f' on the Kop unless the whole bottom part of the Kop could be done
  10. jordyowl

    Lego Hillsborough

    Just a little reminder these are still available
  11. The legends and current teams are now up for auction on eBay Link here Legends team includes: Pressman, Pearson, Worthington, Nilsson, Walker, Sheridan, Curran, Palmer, Waddle, Hirst and Dooley Current team includes: Westwood, Hunt, Pudil, Lees, Loovens, Reach, Fessi, Bannan, Lee and Hooper
  12. jordyowl

    New Kit

    The kit design was only signed off a month ago... dont know that the process is after that but can imagine itll be pre-season training before we even see what it looks like
  13. jordyowl

    What price would you pay?

    We weren't brilliant in Carlos' second season but finishing 4th stop us moaning about it
  14. jordyowl

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    Multi game tickets are a thing in the MLS so don't see why it wouldn't work and family tickets are thing for a few British clubs as well.
  15. id rather have cancer than snodgrass