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  1. MarkSimmo

    North West Corner

    I'm sure the NW terrace used to be called the windy corner? I'm sure the NW terrace used to be called the windy corner?
  2. MarkSimmo

    Our Support today!

    Showed our fans at the beginning then completly skipped our goals!
  3. MarkSimmo

    Our Support today!

    Take a look at this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrLucas9101?feature=mhee#p/u/0/jDhz13T0ReI
  4. MarkSimmo

    Lift to Bury

    Live at Town End, can pick up in Town if needed I am flexable regarding set off time
  5. MarkSimmo

    Lift to Bury

    К сожалению, жена будут убивать меня, если он вернулся перестал
  6. MarkSimmo

    Lift to Bury

    Sorry B.A but the wife would shoot me if he came back pissed!
  7. Hi All, I will be driving my minibus to Bury next Tuesday with only myself and my 11 year old in it. If anyone needs a lift please PM me. There are 9 seats available. Cost would be £15.00 for 2 or £10.00 each. Please be aware I am taking my 11 year old and would need to set off back once the match has finished, so no swearing or booze on the bus please.
  8. MarkSimmo

    Listen while you watch!

    Used one on the Kop, well till half time anyway. Most of the time they were advertising the service or giving "Shout Outs" to listeners. Must have been around 20 min of actual commentry.
  9. Me + 4 Driving Friday after work, staying at sister in laws in St-Budaux, driving back Sunday afternoon after Sunday roast with mother in law. 3:2 Wednesday Tudgay hat trick, header, 30 yard volly and one off his arse!
  10. MarkSimmo

    Dedication or Madness?

    Lived there for 10 Year, my wife's a "Janner" (Plymouth native) therefore I can allways get to Plymouth Away with her blessing, as long as I visit the in-laws.
  11. MarkSimmo

    Dedication or Madness?

    My in-laws live there! Taking wife and kids from Sheffield Friday eve. At least I have some other reason for driving 300 miles this weekend.