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  1. Put pressure on that he might understand.....via his family. Twitter bomb Thai Union Group social media !!!!!
  2. Got my call on Tuesday of this week and the refund hit my account this morning. Spoke to a lovely lady and all sorted in a couple of minutes.
  3. I think the fact that it's only teams in leagues below us that are showing an interest in Matt speaks volumes.
  4. Great.....failed loan spells at Preston and Charlton. Just the sort of signing we're desperate for!!
  5. For the love of God......Please don't!!!!! Pulis will be bad enough without dragging another dinosaur into the fold.
  6. How many people can you remember resigning from a well paid job in football ?? Bloody dreaming if you think he'll walk !!!
  7. Considering that ifollow is the only means of watching your team live, the service is total poo !!!!!
  8. 20th or 21st but only because I think one or two clubs may hit Administration and be docked 12 points.
  9. Premier league since 2015, 5 years of premiership income and now have parachute payments for the next three seasons and you think they're league one or bottom of Championship....... This forum does have some mind numbingly stupid contributors !!!!
  10. The decision to not renew my season ticket after holding it for 30 years. Absolutely fed up of nearly............
  11. Was in Spain early May staying outside a little village called Bonalba. There was an Irish bar in the centre displaying these !!! WAWAW
  12. Produced by my lad on the evening of the win and downloaded by quite a few of the team at the time.
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