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  1. hertsowl


    Nice to see quality not improved. Very stop start for me but no other choice where I am.
  2. hertsowl

    Season ticket holders

    ST holder for the past 35 years and have travelled 340 miles round-trip for each home game for the past 20 years. This year I've been to 1 home game and won't be renewing. Got a lot of things I can do on a Saturday between 9.00am -8.00pm which is the normal home game hours for me !!!! To be honest, I haven't missed it this season at all.
  3. hertsowl

    Who will be Wednesday's hero?

    The SUFC gateman who'll open gates at the away end just after half time to let us leave when we're 4 down !!!
  4. hertsowl

    Can we afford to sack jos??

    If the 'frozen out players are missing due to financial issues and limitations McCarthy, Megson, Moyes or Bruce wouldn't be bringing them back into the squad as DC woukdnt allow it !!!!! I can't believe not playing some of our players is a Jos decision.
  5. hertsowl

    Millwall Score prediction

    0-3 and still deciding whether to drive up from Hertfordshire or not....
  6. hertsowl

    Paul Lambert

    What part of ' WE CAN'T SPEND ANY MONEY' do people have a problem understanding ??? Pay off the current incumbent....costs money !!!!!! He won't be going anywhere.
  7. I have used the exec box facilities (both paid for and as a guest) annually for a period of approx the last 11 years. At the start the standard of service was excellent. You got looked after from the moment you walked through the door and the costs were competitive. Over the course of the last 10 years, the quality has gradually decreased whilst the costs have increased. The last time I paid for a box the place was in desperate need of decoration, staff had a 'couldn't care less' attitude and the catering offering was poor. Paying £2300 + VAT for an inferior product was not my idea of fun and hence I'll never do it again at Hilsborough.
  8. As someone who, for the past 10 years has paid for a box 1 game per season, for the past 30 years has had 2 season tickets (which aren't always used) and for the last 20 years has travelled a round trip of 330 miles for each home game, I agree 100% with this comment. It's becoming increasingly likely that this will be my last season following the Owls live due entirely to the way the club is being run. I have a lot more things I could worry about than Wednesday and it would free up my Saturdays for something more enjoyable
  9. hertsowl

    Fans ripped off

    Oh Christ....I'd forgotten that the schools have finished for summer !!!!
  10. hertsowl

    Memories of happier times..

    Why?? He's gone so just let it drop......unless of course It's just an excuse to drum up more traffic for your site
  11. And what about those poor sods who don't get paid if they are off sick ????
  12. Stood on the end with 3 other fans at Barrow in Furness late seventies.
  13. hertsowl

    Bannan - with and without

    Yes, I believe It's split between a number of good causes nominated by the players.