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  1. And what about those poor sods who don't get paid if they are off sick ????
  2. Stood on the end with 3 other fans at Barrow in Furness late seventies.
  3. hertsowl

    Bannan - with and without

    Yes, I believe It's split between a number of good causes nominated by the players.
  4. hertsowl

    Bannan - with and without

    The Captains role extends beyond just match days. The Captain helps instill the discipline within the club. Loovens controlled the players fine pool for indiscipline and did a very good job at it by all accounts.
  5. Hi this Ki...........zzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. 2 pictures created by my son on 8th February 2009 after we'd beaten United 1-2. Tragically lost Nick the day after but a family member got the pictures signed by the team.
  7. Doesn't say much for those on here who claimed he was good enough for us as a starting striker despite evidence to the contrary. You do have to wonder what some of our experts are smoking
  8. Spurs at Wembley. Take a shed load of fans and have a big day out !!!
  9. hertsowl


    FFS .. .. can we quit all this Megson poo !!!!!
  10. hertsowl

    Streams for tomorrow

    Tried on my android version and keeps coming up with 'stream offline' ???
  11. Followed the guidance, changed my country of residence to Netherlands then used UK address and card and everything has gone through. I guess the game will appear in ifollow this evening when the stream starts ???
  12. hertsowl

    Jonjo shelvey

    Love him or hate him.......if we had Shelvey we would be in the automatic places !!! Exactly the type of player we are missing.
  13. hertsowl

    Nigel Pearson

    Was a fantastic player and captain but as a manager......he has a screw loose and is definitely not the answer.