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  1. Doesn't say much for those on here who claimed he was good enough for us as a starting striker despite evidence to the contrary. You do have to wonder what some of our experts are smoking
  2. Spurs at Wembley. Take a shed load of fans and have a big day out !!!
  3. Megson

    FFS .. .. can we quit all this Megson poo !!!!!
  4. Streams for tomorrow

    Tried on my android version and keeps coming up with 'stream offline' ???
  5. Followed the guidance, changed my country of residence to Netherlands then used UK address and card and everything has gone through. I guess the game will appear in ifollow this evening when the stream starts ???
  6. Jonjo shelvey

    Love him or hate him.......if we had Shelvey we would be in the automatic places !!! Exactly the type of player we are missing.
  7. Nigel Pearson

    Was a fantastic player and captain but as a manager......he has a screw loose and is definitely not the answer.
  8. Nigel Pearson

    Why would he be any better than Carlos ?? Pearson was crap in his last position and is a bit of a kn0b
  9. Blades Vs Fleetwood.........old news pal. Only one talking point tonight and it'seems got f000k all to do with Blunts !!!!!
  10. I think he knows what you mean !!!!!! Mate, mate, mate, mate........FFS !!!
  11. Whatever it takes...

    Though it pains me to say it, I wouldn't be too confident against Leeds. They are looking very strong !!!!
  12. Even when he tries to put a serious point across MTPO still sounds like a prat.
  13. Boxing day dilemna

    Best case !!!! If we lose though I doubt you'll feel like a full Xmas dinner. Nightmare scenario.
  14. Boxing day dilemna

    You"really going to be eating bloody late if you sort out the veg during second half. Game won'the finish until 9.30pm.
  15. Lavery highlights the difference between us and the Blades. Not good enough to get into our team yet the Blades are 'creaming' themselves about him being a great player who should be the first name on the teamsheet. If they get promoted let's hope Lavery is the standard of player that they rely on because if it is they'll be going straight back down.