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  1. Nothing will ever match the fa cup final replay in 93. Truly heartbreaking.
  2. According to the mirror her was on £90k per week. Crazy!!!
  3. Think it was one of the Sheffield Facebook pages a while back
  4. Did you go to Salford university? I did and that's what even makes it more special, plus the fact I also went to the Blackpool nightclub mentioned when Oasis cancelled their winter gardens gig way back when. Are you me?!??
  5. My midsummer read here in Finland. Read half in one sitting
  6. Galvin could do with a good loan move this season.
  7. Reading it at the moment. Loads of Wednesday references. "Only two clubs in Sheffield... Wednesday and the leadmill"
  8. Would like to see Hunt get some game time this season. Make or break for him.
  9. Rotherham mate saying they've signed better with their new Luton reserve
  10. Heard similar from Rotherham supporting mate but he said we offered Smith £15kpw
  11. Being there in 91 I feel it's above us but in reality winning any cup 31 years on shouldn't be sneered at.
  12. Should have held a version during world cup break.
  13. Many past managers and players have said the weight of expectation from the Hillsborough crowd can be too much for younger players. We have to trust in Moore
  14. Regular problem teams north of Milton Keynes have unfortunately. Really need to be forging links with Leeds, forest, Manchester teams to overcome this.
  15. First player I remember being truly dreadful and getting beef from the crowd.
  16. Don't know why they don't do like in the 90s and release for last game of the season. Builds excitement before the previous has even ended!
  17. Dawson and Stockdale should be enough at this level if we improve other key areas. Would imagine BPFs wages were hefty. Seems a waste on using on a gk to me. Especially if Dawson's contract is as much as rumoured to be.
  18. Forest are the sort of club we should be looking at building loan links with. Easy commute etc to Sheffield for their players
  19. Shaw would have been useful last season and perhaps could have kicked in his career.
  20. Different sport but the world championship hockey final the other night saw similar. Ref decided not to use var despite protests and that decision cost Canada the gold medal. His decision was beyond dreadful.
  21. Two managers Wednesday should have gone for; Neil and Cooper both promoted.
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