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  1. The cat was an upgrade on Dave, much more mobile and more of a threat.
  2. We are crying out for a player in the same ilk as Luongo, not sure its Paterson though.
  3. Not an option I'm afraid, too stable for us. Also, where's the fun in having a good, achieving manager - who would we boo, want out, then want in, then want out, every couple of weeks?
  4. Another new manager. To save time we should look at who should be the new manager after the man who replaces the man.
  5. We need to start assessing how 'value for money' Luongo is. We don't seem to be getting a great return. Really good player, just rarely plays.
  6. Maybe Dawson suits Exeter more than us. I hope that we don't just bring him back based on sentiment - I hope we can get a fee (if not out of contract) and move him on. Best for both parties.
  7. So many new faces, it was always going to take time. Unfortunately something many managers don't get. Hopefully we will only get better - great to be reading good news for a change too.
  8. I don't even think of Luongo as a squad member anymore. Great talent, but unfortunately made of rich tea biscuits.
  9. I think the money he is 'supposedly' earning probably plays a big part in people wanting him out, not him personally.
  10. That was a great Halloween list. Holy poo, the manager merry-go-round is really awful. Err nobody from that list thanks.
  11. Glad he's taking his chance, the starting shirt should be his next game.
  12. What was he like for Huddersfield? I never saw or heard much about him before him coming to us.
  13. Be careful what you wish for - not at all well liked by the fans up here. 'Out of the frying pan and err straight back into the frying pan' - springs to mind.
  14. I do think we are the 'team to beat' in this division - a lot of the smaller teams will up their game when playing us. This does us no favours. Also, I think that because of this, it has taken pressure off of Sunderland. Darren Moore seems like a really good, genuine, nice guy, how many of those are actually successful?
  15. Who is tomorrow's rumoured signing, I like this one in every day
  16. He's been brilliant. It seems like lots of players want to play for him too. Cant wait for the season to start - its great actually wanting the matches to come sooner for a change.
  17. 10. Very impressed, little outlay, good squad put together for this division, team with balance, positions brought in that we needed, its looking good. Well done to all. Here's hoping it all bodes well and we get promoted.
  18. Classy centre back - really great find at the time. Gutted when he left.
  19. I don't know why Sunderland are so high - Wyke has gone and he got most of their goals, they haven't replaced him either.
  20. Great to get a PL keeper in. Hopefully now Moore has a striker lined up.
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