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  1. Beswetherwick was awful, was he one of those fake footballers and we fell for it?
  2. I think DC is spot on with what he has said, and I don't have a problem with it. We all want to be in the PL sooner rather than later. We all want big sums spent on players (EFL say no). We all want the best players at the club (EFL hinder, see above). To get to the PL most teams that didn't have parachute payments, have over spent and it has been overlooked. Teams that fail (us and Derby) then get reviewed. Whilst making some very bad mistakes at the club in his time, I don't see how this statement really shows him in bad light, he's just been honest - which will probably get him an EFL fine.
  3. We always seem to never take a gamble on this sort of player - hope we do make a move for him. Would be ideal with 2 pacey winger/forwards either side of him.
  4. What happened to the rumours linking us with Hudlin, the 6' 9" forward? Are we still in for him?
  5. That would imply that they would need to stop vehicles, and we all know they cant stop fizz all
  6. Kim Jong Il writes our Twitter feed from North Korea - I've just read we "won 4-0" and "WBA were weak like Western infidels", it then just ends with "All hail the supreme leader" - whatever that means.
  7. If it was 2-0 to us, I'd be scared we were going to get caught cheating again - only this time on the pitch.
  8. But DC values our front 3 at £350 million - so jokes on you . . . . . . .
  9. No, both have the same weakness - the ball coming at them and being able to stop it.
  10. Any we have had an offer on - that is why we are skint and going down the league's and not up.
  11. You missed some news, he's 15 - and immediately the best keeper at the club, behind Bullen
  12. I don't know, have you seen Wildsmith and Dawson. At this moment Bullen is still our best keeper.
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