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  1. Oh dear - at least we've got a new inspiring captain fantastic!!!
  2. I agree. A decent experienced Director Of Football to help Bullen assess signings and do the mundane none football coaching stuff could possibly work well.
  3. I think that this is a problem with many of the names being put forth as potential managers. On the other hand many of the younger managers are a bit of a gamble. DC has a vital job in trying to get this next appointment right.
  4. Like I said in the first post, MY OPINION wont match yours. You can try and push your opinion onto me but I wont change my mind. Karanka IS NOT the man for us IMO. All what you have have stated after each of the above managers IS YOUR TAKE NOT FACT (with ambiguous wording). None of us have any idea what is happening at any of the clubs mentioned next to those managers. Lots of players earning a fortune in China, but many don't last long - money does not seem to be everything. Middlesbrough did have a very good squad - I have also stated which you have ignored - Karanka had very good contacts, which got him some very good players at the time. Karanka signed 47 players whilst at Boro - can he do that with us?
  5. I could list a whole host - that in my opinion are better, in your opinion they may not. Hughton (possibly already rejected) Neill (Preston) Pearson Lee Johnson Jokanovic (I've only listed ones think would potentially be attainable). Like I've stated, I live close to Middlesbrough, 90% of my mates are Boro fans and match attenders, Karanka wasn't the messiah that he was made out to be - just because he has Real Madrid on his CV doesn't make him a great manager. Tactically awful, terrible substitutions at vital times, unable to alter games, plan A - if plan A fails revert to plan A. playing 1 up front against low table opposition at home (this one really wound them up). He did have great contacts regarding signings - all comments from my mates.
  6. The next appointment by DC is vital - Hughton (great IMO), appoint Zola - back to being disliked. I really hope he gets it right, because this potentially could be our big turning point as a club and fanbase really pulling together.
  7. I was never for or against Bruce - not bothered he's gone tbh - more bothered about the way hes done it which leaves a bitter taste. I think there are better managers out there than Karanka, for us to chase.
  8. Legal, they wont dare state it due to any implications. Also, he resigned, so did they get him from a club - legal spin?!?!?!?!?
  9. Exactly. I live near Middlesbrough, Karanka's tactics were awful. Renowned for making defender for defender substitutes late in games when Boro were getting beat??? People seem to say he was a good guy, but lost the dressing room quick and had a few tantrums (I remember him walking away once, then returning the following week). He did seem to have good contacts in Spain and Chelsea (when Mourihno was there - this dried up when Mourinho left). I personally don't think he would be right for us. On the flip side, I work with a few Newcastle fans who's responses this morning have been: "Don't care, Ashley could employ Mickey Mouse as manager and I am not bothered. I will not step foot back in that ground until Ashley has gone." "Gutted, just gutted" (the guy who said this looked teary eyed). "Not surprised, cheap option, he'll be gone by Christmas" Haven't met one yet that thinks its a good appointment.
  10. Me neither, his smug voice irritated me in interviews too, always looks like he has a smug grin on his face, which is fascinating for someone who has not done anything but follow a bigger name around like a groupie. I do think they would have got us to the Premier League, not sure if they could have kept us there though. Think Bruce will struggle at Newcastle - this will be his last payday in the game.
  11. Experienced: 1) Hughton 2) Alex Neill 3) Nigel Pearson Gamble: 1) GVB 2) Sol Campbell 3) Cowley Avoid: 1) Zola (AVOID AT ALL COSTS - OTHER FANS ARE ALREADY LAUGHING AT US) 2) McClaren 3) A Chansiri Family Member
  12. Always thought Owlstalk gave everyone a platform to air their views and opinions, now if you don't agree with certain posters views, your comment is deleted - devalues the whole site.
  13. Nuhiu should be captain, apparently he's an inspiration!!! HEE-HAW
  14. You sure about that? I posted about our legendry striker being captain and its been removed???????
  15. Are posts been deleted from this thread?????????
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