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  1. Exactly, anything above this is a bonus and a two fingered salute to Steve Gibson and the EFL!!!
  2. Gaining in confidence, IMO written off too soon by some fans, if he had been born in Sheffield and a Owls fan, fans would have given him way more time to settle. Carlos sold Van Aken down the river with his stupid 200 defenders comment, just added more pressure to the guy. Well played, great block.
  3. Tells it like it is, no bullshit - another 3 points chalked off the deficit. Not our starting defence, but still kept a clean sheet, even the scapegoat put in a saving block.
  4. Westwood is hanging over us, tbh I can't see anyone taking him. Marriott was a shock, hopefully he has something to prove and gives us a good few months. I agree keeping Reach on the left. If we are keeping Bannan he needs to sign that contract, we can't watch another leave for free.
  5. I agree buddy. Good window for us, now it's up to them to get us out of this mess. Have a good weekend.
  6. I'm actually glad we didn't sign him (no sour grapes) the wages were ridiculous for someone with not the best scoring record. We've just moved one of them on, we don't need another big lump. WBA fans don't seem to fond of him either.
  7. Exactly. I like the loan deal, also if he doesn't work out we aren't stuck with him.
  8. Flint looks like cover for injuries - I suspect he will return to Cardiff once we get our injured players back.
  9. Bannan being better is your opinion. Age is against him, and we are in a bit of a mire with finances (not DC as a person, but as a club). I don't see Bannan getting any better tomorrow than he is today - whereas Iorfa (for example - not same position but I'm sure you know what I mean) will get better as age is on their side, as will others like Bashiru, Brown, Hunt, Waldock. I like Bannan as a player - I do think he is over hyped though TBH. I also, don't see how selling one player would condemn us to relegation? Bannan is not solely carrying this team - to think that is madness. Tea
  10. Exactly, he also has youth on his side to get better. He is (in my opinion) our best player and most saleable asset that we must retain (unless a silly offer comes in).
  11. The point wasnt "Whether Monk wanted to sell Bannan" it was on peoples opinion whether we should sell Bannan - your opinion - no, my opinion - yes. In the grand scheme of things its irrelevant as the club will make 'its' decision and we will see over time if the decision was correct. I do think (hope) that the club will be looking at new players for ALL positions, as we NEED to get better in ALL positions, if the club are not constantly monitoring the market for better players then there is no wonder we are in the position we are in. So in answer to your question - I HOPE that the
  12. I didn't realise that you wanted a list. I just mentioned one player that is better than Bannan at his position as an answer to your question - you now want more - will it only stop once I don't name one then you can say "ah ha see I was right"? The question you have asked also brings into question a lot of variables such as peoples opinion. I actually don't mind Bannan (I think he is a good player). Iorfa is the better player and has all the attributes going for him to be even better, Bannan is coming to the end of his career.
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