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  1. A Griezmann style TV show announcement with multiple endings . . . . . . . .
  2. Andrew6666


    Abdi can't 'sit' in the stands, he'd injure some ridiculously uninjurable part of his body.
  3. Andrew6666

    Jos: DC got it right.

    No, on Casualty the person you think least likely to be ill, dies!!! A bit like signing Abdi, promised so much, but unfortunately he passed away from an eye lash injury.
  4. Andrew6666


    Where would they then keep their tampons?
  5. This sense that Jos is talking seems to imply that Carlos' transfer plans of 'buy anyone available regardless of position, health, fitness or quality' is not the way to go. Its confusing when a manager comes to our club and talks sense, he didnt have to angrily crumple a £20 note either to get his point across!!!
  6. Andrew6666

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    If he wants to leave, let him leave. Nobody is bigger than the club.
  7. Andrew6666

    Nuihu & Joao

    I can't fault his effort recently, I just hope it isn't to receive a new contract and he reverts back to his old self.
  8. I would keep faith with Wildsmith and Dawson. Both young and could potentially be our goalkeepers for years. Westwood is a saleable asset and probably on high wages, therefore I would sacrifice him to bring in funds for other areas of the team.
  9. We should send them to Siberia for treatment, they'd soon be back training in the UK - cold climate helps with that!!!
  10. Andrew6666

    Disgrace Sky!

    Could it be that a lot of people didnt see the goal due to the fact that when Nuhiu does line up a strike at goal, most people (including cameramen) start to protect their faces with their hands?
  11. Andrew6666

    Nuihu & Joao

    Is Nuhiu's contract up soon? This may explain the purple patch. I always find it strange that players seem to play a lot better and put more effort in when their contracts are coming to an end.
  12. Andrew6666

    Mick McCarthy

    Was he the manager who managed the team to relegation with the second or third lowest points total? I'm sure I remember hearing about it somewhere, possibly Sky Sports back in the day. Anywho, I'm sure Mick will be a hit at Hillsborough, he's achieved so much with Ipswich in the last few years we would be mad not to be interested. I can almost smell the glory that Mick would bring, at least I think that's glory?!?!?!?
  13. Andrew6666

    Mick McCarthy

    Most definitely, I'm just thinking ahead with big thick Mick at the helm. It could be a battle too get him with all the other top teams queuing up for him. Ipswich are mad letting talent like Mick leave, especially after all those years of errr. . . . . .
  14. Andrew6666

    Mick McCarthy

    My bad!!! Was it second or third worst? At least he's done a great job with Ipswich though. Can't wait to get him to Hillsborough, I only hope we don't have to fight off a load of other top teams to get him, I'm sure there will be a queue.
  15. Andrew6666

    Mick McCarthy

    You are aware it's 2018? Didn't Mick McCarthy also manage the Premier League team that achieved the lowest points total in a season? I'm sure you just forgot that point off your list.