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  1. CC just spent and spent with no thinking to what we actually needed. I think he has a lot to answer for (my opinion, DC included) into where we are today. I didn't think we were that good under CC even though we got to 2 play offs. I like Moore hopefully he can turn it around. We need a clear out. If relegation means a clear out, then yes. If we clear out and stay up, then I'm happy with that. We need to rid ourselves of a failing core squad, not keep resigning them.
  2. Really? What did we achieve in the 2 go's he had?
  3. Yes Gambled, by giving all our money to CC. It failed on multiple levels.
  4. The curtains are open in the shop window.
  5. Only a club run like ours can take their record signing and try and change his game, then bench him season after season.
  6. I suppose it depends upon what you class as a summer or s swallow.
  7. One swallow doesn't make a summer
  8. More people against us . . . . . Add them to the list.
  9. We have Att. on insta, why would we need this guy?
  10. Monk did, but Pulis was our worst manager ever, he actually took us to another level of dross.
  11. Remember to factor in ALL the points Mr Pulis lost us - especially as so many said he was the saviour.
  12. Too many to pick from, we need to narrow it down, not broaden it
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