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  1. Highlights our desperate need for a pacey goal poacher. Fletcher seems to be the main target man, we need someone to play off him.
  2. Specialist left back. Centre midfielder Winger (not convinced by Murphy) Target man striker but with pace (every team is looking for this)
  3. If Westwood is getting the blame, then shouldn't the midfielders and defenders share that blame for letting the cross come in, in the first place? Also for not clearing/stopping it before it got to Westwood? It does look like a flap by Westwood, but that ball shouldn't have go to him.
  4. Nuhiu is definitely not a favourite of mine, but that was a great finish. Credit where credit us due.
  5. Some of those players may fit Monks style of play better than they have other managers - it will be worth seeing how they fair under Monk rather than writing any off under previous managers. Remember, one of those managers was Jos and nobody came out of that period with any credibility.
  6. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of his, but wanted to know if he put himself about in a different way on the international scene.
  7. Thanks. Managed to quickly look at the goals - I thought he scored the penalty, but reading here that was someone else???
  8. How did Nuhiu get on (missed game and have only seen score)?
  9. Monk was never my first choice, but thinking about it he does have higher league experience, big player experience, is young, and is a 'modern' type of manager. A bit iffy on his transfer dealings, but I'm sure this will now be scrutinised closely. Looking forward to seeing how he goes, I hope he is given time, which his previous employers don't seem to have given him. I also admire DC for not poaching or tapping up another clubs manager. Are we becoming the 'good conscience' club?
  10. Not enough lumped on yet, apparently they're waiting until it gets to Rowett lumped on levels to announce.
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