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  1. David Graham, not sure about the 'couldn't hack it' or whether he was just plain sh*te.
  2. Darren Potter: Couldn't tackle Couldn't run Couldn't take a set piece Couldn't track back Couldn't pass forwards Couldn't jump Couldn't head the ball Couldn't shoot Apart from the above he was just below average.
  3. And, not let them bring in their own staff, but make them work with the failed coaches we already have, and have persisted with. What could go wrong......
  4. Rightly so. Neither are world beaters, both were slated not long ago for poor performances.
  5. Player power is a scurge on the game. Don't think I've ever despised footballers as much as I do at this moment. Overpaid, egotistical, brainless goons!!!
  6. That's what I'd go with. But, I can see us starting Bannan unfortunately.
  7. People moan that Monk plays people out of position, then call for Monk to play people out of position . . . . . only on Owlstalk.
  8. Its the BBC, one of the most biased and unprofessional media outlets in existence.
  9. When you're Ronaldo you can do this, when you're Barry Bannan, no, just no.
  10. Both straight back into the first team, in place of Pelupessy and Bannan. Midfield central three of: Lee Luongo Reach
  11. Iorfa, too good for us. Wildsmith should keep his position for the weekend.
  12. None of the midfielders have offered anything.
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