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  1. Andrew6666

    Alan Nixon

    Give him a week and he'll be wanting to go back to the jungle.
  2. Andrew6666

    Kenny Jacket

    Is the barrel really that empty?
  3. Andrew6666

    Alan Nixon

    Exactly. With this board selecting them too, I just hope I can pronounce and spell their name.
  4. Andrew6666

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    He can grab the badge all he wants, but he can't score. Awful excuse for a footballer.
  5. Andrew6666

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    Nuhiu no, no, no, no, no, no
  6. Andrew6666


    I see. I hope Nuhiu never plays for us again, he is awful at best.
  7. Andrew6666

    How has Jos not noticed this??

    This is what I dont get with Jos - why not just stick with a formation (obviously the 3 at the back). It must be mayhem for the players at the back to keep guessing how they are going to line up each game. I dont know another team that changes formation the number of times we do.
  8. Andrew6666

    January Transfer Window

    Don't forget it will be all Jos' fault.
  9. Andrew6666


    You do realise that you have possibly the worst striker that football has known in that line up. Nuhiu needed a contract so decided to oil his girder legs for a couple of weeks at the back end of the season. The only line up that Nuhiu would get in, is a Pig fans pi55 take of our squad. The fact that Nuhiu got a new contract and keeps getting game time is actually making me think that the clubs contract negotiator is a blade.
  10. Andrew6666


    Nobody is that bad. God, I shudder when i see his name - awful player, just awful!!!
  11. Andrew6666

    Roy Keane

    Would be an awesome appointment - just to hear his comments on how poo the squad is. Could you imagine what Keane would say about Abdi.
  12. Andrew6666

    Jos Out (Again)

    Nuhiu on again FFS - sorry, but Jos out, just for this alone.
  13. Andrew6666

    The constant changing in defence

    Our only cert being that Nuhiu gets game time - he must be shafting Jos, there's no other explanation.
  14. Andrew6666

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    I'm not a Jos hater, but the fact that Nuhiu gets game time means Jos should be sacked. I honestly can't think of an aspect to Nuhius game that he is above below average.