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  1. Adam Reach

    More involved in the centre. Seems to now be a go to man since playing centrally.
  2. Adam Reach

    In the centre, more time on the ball. Wasted out wide.
  3. Can't we just claim the insurance on this cretin?
  4. Jos out !

    We should have tried to get Slavisa Jokanovic in as manager. Experienced in this division and plays attacking football.
  5. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    I'm still not convinced this Abdi character actually exists.
  6. Almen Abdi

    Abdi makes Donnelly and O'donnell seem like ever presents in the team.
  7. We need a mass clearout before we let another manager run amok with cash. Carlos just signed anyone - I cant actually understand the madness to some of the signings, just pure madness!!! I would sell/release: Westwood Fox Wallace Abdi Fletcher Nuhui Rhodes Forestieri Jones Loovens Hutchinson No time for sentiment, a new squad needs to be assembled.
  8. Steven Fletcher Mystery

    I was hoping that this post meant he'd been kidnapped and we can claim the insurance - how disappointed am I now!!! One of the worst signings we have made in terms of financial layout. A Sunderland fan I know laughed when I said we had signed him - he said he doesn't know how he has remained in the top divisions for so long. When you are paid big bucks, you would expect to have to provide some sort of return?!?!?!?!? Carlos has a lot to flipping answer for!!!
  9. Personally I would have liked to see Rhodes and Westwood 'sold'. We don't play to Rhodes strengths so what's the point in keeping him, just so someone else can't have him. If we could have got money for Westwood, I would take the cash, he isn't getting younger and Wildsmith is a top prospect and should be number 1 for the season. For all the people on here pee'd off,just think how Cardiff fans will feel when they realise Marine is flipping poo poo and they splurge £6 million on him!!! So it could be worse.
  10. Palmer and fox

    Isn't there anyone in the 'Development Squad' or the youth side that can play wing back - either right or left. The left side does seem to be a big issue.
  11. McLaren

    Was Schteve there becaush he schpeaks Dutch
  12. Reach has to play more central and be used more for me. I think he could be a really good influential player in the middle. I hope that we continue with 3 central defenders. My main targets would be to bring in 2 pacey wing backs, one left and one right.
  13. Sentiment needs to go out of the window. We have a squad that has failed to gain promotion from the Championship to the Premier League twice (last years was probably the weakest championship for years). Yes we have reached the play offs but you dont get a medal for just being there. We need to trim our squad to enable Jos to bring in 'his' chosen players to fit 'his' chosen system. I hope we can move a few on and bring some new fresh faces to the squad. I dont think anyone in the squad is unavailable for the right price. We could also do with trimming the average age.
  14. He is better than Fletcher and Nuhui. He should start with either Hooper, Rhodes or Matias.
  15. Judge

    20 months out with a double leg break - that's probably why I missed him, and have done since.