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  1. Far to many very 'Average' or 'Young' players earning far too much money these days. Some of the money being paid to players that don't play regularly or have never played a competitive game is ridiculous.
  2. No, he quickly ran out on us previously, what's to say he wouldn't do it again. Fast becoming part of the Manager-go-round, so no, lets look for something new.
  3. Surely a new manager must have authorised this, or was he a Pulis signing (pre dismissal)? Or, is DC finally in the managers hot seat?
  4. He's currently outplaying the rest in midfield - persist with him he'll only get better. Yes, he will have bad games, but which of our midfield aren't consistently having bad games. Shaw would be first midfielder on the team sheet at the moment.
  5. I think we need to keep Shaw in the starting line up. Our best midfielder at the moment. If we did get Hourihane, then he could take Luongo's spot as he's never fit for long.
  6. I would sign him, but the new manager may not want him.
  7. DC: "You there, stand in manager man" NT: "Me?" DC: "Yes, say these things to the fans" NT: "But these things make no sense and I will look stupid" DC: "Do you want your job"
  8. When you think that we have hit rock bottom, but DC manages to produce another level for us to fall into. 2021 is proving to be worse than 2020 and we're only 12 days in
  9. I can see this being DC's first question: DC: "Do you need a left back?" Candidate: "Of course, if we change the style of play or formation we . . . . . . " DC: "NEXT!!!!!"
  10. Then we went faster and employed Pulis - Even worse!!!
  11. Coleman, and people said 2021 would improve on 2020
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