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  1. Does anyone saying good for him really mean it?
  2. DC missed a "0" off his promotion budget.
  3. Don't worry chansiri is skint anyway we are missing nothing
  4. So if all was well and joss played him and he scored a couple during rampant end of season period. He was in say a 5 year contract and his reputation and all. You think he was worth less than 1 game wonder Brooks.
  5. Problem is. David Brooks for example was never staying at United but a deal.was done to raise up to 12m from the PL money pit. Obviously.this happens all the time and Leicester have found a way to avoiid it Surley Brooks agents did a deal with United so the money was paid and Brooks, his family, his agents got their share at the trough. You can't tell me DH And tribe said no we want the best for George and 50k signing fee would be wonderful thankyou. We have been cheated and someone or something is responsible.
  6. = how did that happen, and how did NP and DH become complicit. Surely DH could have had £1m of any transfer fee? I really want to know the real story.....
  7. So Leicester are cheating the system and us. And 2 of our all time legends are complicit. I'm so very disappointed with this sorry affair. Football is tragic more and more often. There is much more to this than a greedy boy and his advisors. Telling me its not a setup. Like he wouldn't be going to man u if it wasn't. Rubbish
  8. Unless they cover all and a big loan fee. What's the point of risking him scoring 30 goals.
  9. Vile game its turning into, when you cant love david Hirst quite the same any more. On a similar note anyone heard a mention of Russia buying the world cup of late? No didnt think so.
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