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  1. I watched every Bolton Wanderers game last year in League 2 (housemate is a fan and it was lockdown). They used it tika taka style there, passing out from the back, knocking it around and after a slow start (they were 19th around Christmas) it clicked and they got promoted automatically. They've carried that form into League 1 and are 3rd in the table. So it can certainly work in lower leagues.
  2. Paterson seems an odd fit as one of the wide forwards but he's coming off a decent match. His defensive abilities could come in useful if we're up at the half. If not there's plenty of options to replace him on the bench.
  3. Like the team. Going all out for the win. Brown at LB will give a more attacking outlet. Palmer will be solid at CB. Creative midfield with Byers in there. Lots of attacking options on the bench.
  4. As suspected, Moore resting Hutch and giving him a full 24 days between games. We have the squad, we may as well make the most of it.
  5. Yes. Analytics has transformed American sports. UK sports have been a bit slower, but are catching up. Still some way to go, as revealed by some of the comments in this thread Couple of write ups about xG from 2017 here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/mar/30/expected-goals-big-football-data-leicester-city-norwich https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/no-seriously-what-heck-expected-goals-xg Simon Rolfes, Bayern Leverkusen’s Sporting Director: “We always look at our xG as it provides good feedback on how our attacking play is developing. Basically, it’s good for us to have a high xG in comparison to our opponents, because it means we’ve taken a lot of chances. For fans, xG is a good reflection of how a game is going, something other stats such as possession, shots on goal, and duels won perhaps don’t always do quite so well.”
  6. It's great to be top of the league, unbeaten and without conceding a goal. Ultimately those are the stats that matter and if they continue then HMS PSL will be full steam ahead. However the odds are that it won't be quite that straightforward over the next 40+ games. For a slightly more detailed look at the performances so far I took a look at the xG stats. For those that don't know xG stands for expected goals scored per game. It's calculated by taking into account shot positions, shot accuracy (on/off target), shot frequency (number of shots), attack dangerousness and overall attack pressure (possession amount and depth of possession). It's generally understood to provide a more detailed assessment of how a team is playing than the win/loss column, even if that is all that matters at the end of the day. Top teams use it to assess their performances (and it's used a lot in fantasy football). So far Wednesday are: 18th in xG with 0.62 per game. I think many have pointed out that despite picking up points we've not actually been clicking on all cylinders yet and this would back that up. Certainly areas to improve and as the squad gels hopefully better performances will come. A note about Saturday. That game will be between the worst side in xG at Home, Morecambe, with 0.37 per game against the us, the second worst side in Away xG at 0.32. It might not be a classic for the neutrals!
  7. This is well put. *Of course* all such decisions come down to DM and the medical team. Coming on Owlstalk to tell people to stop discussing topics about Sheffield Wednesday seems a strange use of someone's time.
  8. We all love the Hutch-Iorfa partnership at the heart of our record-setting defence but we also know Hutch will need careful management to last the season. His body has already failed to make it to the end of the 4th game of the season. No doubt we'd love to see him back as soon as possible but if we rest him on Saturday against Morcambe we could get him 24 days rest. That's because the Sunderland game on Sept 4th may be postponed for international call ups meaning he would next play on Sept 11 v Plymouth. Moore said the injury was from too many games: "We think it was general soreness with Sam from the volume of games. He has had the last couple of days for it to settle down. "We did not want him to aggravate it… We have given him another 24 hours for it to settle down." Hutch probably could play on Saturday but giving him the maximum rest may prove beneficial in the long term. Plus Dunkley has just had a full 90 minutes with Iorfa and the rest of the defence so the pairing have something to build on. And Dunkley was just named in the League 1 team of the week. Just something to bear in mind should Hutch not be on the team sheet this Saturday. It may not be a sign of a serious injury, just some squad management to keep Sam upright for the rest of the campaign.
  9. Brilliant stuff, thanks for sharing. Makes a change from the usual "matchday vlogs" by teenagers walking to the ground etc Two minor points: there were actually 5 changes to the line up, he missed Johnson for Brown. And we didn't release Green, we sold him for a fee. But quibbles aside can't wait for the next one.
  10. I'm not worried about him being bullied at school. Just want to know if his hamstring is intact.
  11. @YesWeCrann any chance you can ask Moore about this and put our minds at ease?
  12. I don't have a problem with playing in the competition, what is demeaning is that the kids from the top tier teams are included. They should leave it to the clubs of the football league, not a practice tournament to benefit the Premier League backups.
  13. If he was sold I suspect we would wouldn't rush in another CB but instead roll with Hutch, Dunkley and Lewis Gibson with Palmer and Brennan as cover and Brown playing at LB should Palmer need to come inside. That's not a terrible group but the way the defense and Iorfa have started we should do all we can to keep the group together. He looks happy enough, so assuming there's no release clause we should be ok. The fact other big names Bannan and Windass have re-signed must give him some confidence to follow suit.
  14. Great thread this. Thanks for crunching the numbers.
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