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  1. Trained today so not injured.
  2. This was the man I wanted us to go for. Given time he will get Stoke up the league playing good attacking football as well. Nice to see they did not go down the route of Moyes, Allardyce etc...
  3. Jos is currently taking training so somebody better tell him he's sacked cos he doesn't seem to know.
  4. Still the love the dancing steward when he gets his 3rd
  5. How I would line up if everyone is fit: Westwood Lee Hutchinson Lees Pudil Reach Pelupessy Bannan FF Joao Nuhiu How I think we will line up: Westwood Palmer Thorniley Lees Pudil Reach Hutchinson Pelupessy Bannan FF Nuhiu
  6. The new kit has arrived for the Kit Man, it arrived for him about 2 weeks ago. They are being printed etc.... with numbers Guess the retail consignment can't be far behind.
  7. Anyone would struggle as the team aren't at the training ground for the first 2 weeks, they have gone to a training camp in the UK.
  8. It also looks like Uruguay (my dark horse tips) could bore their way to the latter stages, very strong in defence and with Suarez and Cavani in attack clinical with such few chances created, they do however look very weak in midfield from a creative point of view. They remind me of Portugal and how they won Euro 2016.
  9. I think Portugal have a lot to be wary of with their final game versus Iran. Yes a point will be a enough but the Portugal defence looks very suspect especially in the left back area. Also Spain will get knocked out as soon as they face a decent attack, very shaky at the back and their ball retention has not been as slick as usual.
  10. Home Shirt is stripes on front and a plain blue back, Black Shorts and Blue Socks.
  11. Brazil will win it. They have an attacking line up the envy of the world and a more solid european mentality at the back now with the new coach. England will get out of the group stages and reach the 1/4's and then they will meet one of the big boys and then we will see how our young team can do. Offensively we are looking well but defensively we can easily be got at with an inexperienced back line. Dark horses for me are Uruguay.
  12. 1. Leeds 2. SWFC 3. Pigs 4. Huddersfield 5. Bradford City 6. Hull City 7. Barnsley 8. Rotherham United 9. Doncaster Rovers 10. York City
  13. Nuhiu is a massive presence in the dressing room and a very popular person with the rest of the squad. Losing Semedo in the summer was a massive blow to the team morale etc... don't underestimate players like Nuhiu and his influence off the pitch.
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