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  1. That game was terrible. I remember a 0-0 draw at home with Luton the same season, they played Steve Howard at centre half.
  2. Too young to have seen him play, i'm afraid. All I can say is having met him on a few occasions in the crown, before games, he's a really nice bloke. Happy to chat and have a laugh, with anyone.
  3. Ola Tidman gifted them their goal from what I remember.
  4. Can't knock him for listening and then acting. I'll certainly be getting mine and my dad's membership now.
  5. I don't understand the decision to be honest, the money involved is hardly going to make any difference if we're under an embargo or right up against the fence when it comes to FFP. Without going off on too much on a tangent, at times it does seem that only two sets of fans are wanted season ticket holders or those who are willing to pay the top rate POTD prices(with the membership scheme prices seemingly to push towards one or the other). I don't believe for one second the club is trying intentionally to alienate people, but in my mind there is no doubt that some of the decisions taken over the last couple of years have done just that. Maybe we've tried and no one is interested in naming rights to the ground(it might be unpopular, people will still call it Hillsborough) surely that would bring in more money than, trying to persuade people who can't attend all games for whatever reason to pay £90 for a membership or a fiver a month for audio coverage.
  6. I'm not renewing mine and my dads, £90 for a membership is just taking the mick.
  7. I think we'll win tonight. Whatever happens Semi Final Finalists, Finalists, , Winners, the team have far exceeded people's expectations, I thought we'd be a quarter final team at best. It's been brilliant and long may the optimistic feeling around the team continue.
  8. I'll say from the start I wasn't exactly overjoyed with the signing, thought personally he's another guy with a few years left at this level, on good money. I don't see a role for him personally if we play 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. I think he has more of a role in a 442 or 451, but as a squad player, rather than a first choice player.
  9. Looked good in the MLS, but he did only play 4 times for Boro. Maybe being a winger or an inverted winger he didn't fit with the Boro's system or maybe he isn't good enough. I did think him going to City was odd at the time, but then City own NYCFC essentially so maybe not.
  10. Vaughan does love a bit of attention on Twitter though, doesn't he?
  11. I don't see how Jos waving his arms about or shouting makes any difference to how the players perform. He can't control how a player performs, yes he can tweak things but he doesn't need to become Steve Evans on the touchline to do that.
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