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  1. I think we'll win tonight. Whatever happens Semi Final Finalists, Finalists, , Winners, the team have far exceeded people's expectations, I thought we'd be a quarter final team at best. It's been brilliant and long may the optimistic feeling around the team continue.
  2. Bolton, in March.
  3. Gparrish

    Do we think George Boyd...

    I'll say from the start I wasn't exactly overjoyed with the signing, thought personally he's another guy with a few years left at this level, on good money. I don't see a role for him personally if we play 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. I think he has more of a role in a 442 or 451, but as a squad player, rather than a first choice player.
  4. Gparrish

    Jack Harrison

    Looked good in the MLS, but he did only play 4 times for Boro. Maybe being a winger or an inverted winger he didn't fit with the Boro's system or maybe he isn't good enough. I did think him going to City was odd at the time, but then City own NYCFC essentially so maybe not.
  5. Gparrish

    Big sam

    Vaughan does love a bit of attention on Twitter though, doesn't he?
  6. I don't see how Jos waving his arms about or shouting makes any difference to how the players perform. He can't control how a player performs, yes he can tweak things but he doesn't need to become Steve Evans on the touchline to do that.
  7. Gparrish

    Hutchinson. Keep or release

    As others have said we can't release him, unless you want to pay up his contract. I can't see anyone wanting to pay anything worthwhile for him with his injury record. When he's fit he's a good player, unfortunately that issue is the problem that isn't going to go away.
  8. I'll rule out players I haven't seen live, so no Nilsson, Worthington, Pearson, Sheridan, Waddle Pressman Simek Walker Thome No left back stands out in my memory. So I'll put Brunt there to fit Carbone in. Alexandersson Palmer Lee Carbone Di Canio Hirst
  9. Cracking eye sight to see from that far away that our goal was offside...
  10. Gparrish

    Player rating from today

    Wildsmith 7 Made some decent saves, especially the one from the header. Hunt 6 Worked hard, got up and down well. Sadly his final ball and composure in a shooting position let him down. Venanccio 6 Solid Lees 7 Like the Lees we know. Solid, composed, even looked comfortable with the ball at his feet, which isn't always the case. Pudil 6 See Vannacio Boyd - 5 Pretty ineffective. The two runs forward he did make he flashed that cross across the face of the six yard box, and then scored. Yet for whatever reason he doesn't seem to want to get forward, nor does he seem to want the ball. Clare 5 Never in the game Pelupessy 6 Defensively he did alright. Offers nothing on the ball, apart from 3 yard passes, hasn't convinced me so far. Reach 5 Nothing he did came off. Although the run and cross in the second half showed why he's wasted in the middle. Nuhiu 6 Made a nuisance of himself, looked to tire badly though. Joao 7 Thought he struggled to find space at times. Two fantastic contributions though, the back heel for Boyd's cross, and obvious the assist for the goal.
  11. Provisional squad or not, surely you wouldn't pick a guy who isn't fit would you?
  12. Gparrish


    He's been chucked into an absolute mess, which i'll cut him some slack for. Yet he's hardly inspired confidence has he? The defensive stability which seemed to come in at the start has gone missing. I can't see any obvious attacking game plan, coupled with strange selections and at times seemingly being allergic to making subs he's hardly helping himself.
  13. Gparrish

    Inept TV research

    That's just the Sky way, Don Goodman, Gary Birtles are Niall Quinn are the same.
  14. Gparrish

    BBC biased highlights.

    Didn't see or hear any bias.Broadcasters always talk about the bigger team, if Rochdale would have beaten Spurs, the headline wouldn't be Rochdale win, it would have been Spurs lose, that's how it is. The penalties, didn't think the second was a penalty, but you see them given every week. The shove, Upson lost me where he seemed to suggest as the defender shoved him its a penalty, but if Dawson would have done it, then it would have been fair. Alan Green though could that bloke dislike football anymore? He didn't want to be there. Moaned about the amount of items of the stretcher, moaned he couldn't see who was being subbed, you've got a team-sheet in front of you, look at the number of the bloke walking off. No wonder Atlanta United decided not to bring him back to commentate on their games.