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  1. ff v winnall

    Absolute nothing story, these things happen in sport. Can't even see the point of the Star reporting it.
  2. your 1st game you went to

    First game 96 away to Oxford in the league cup, lost 1-0 last minute Nigel Jemson goal. First home game, November 96 1-1 Southampton. Jon Newsome scored for us, Le Tissier scored a pen for them.
  3. Kits Announced On Twitter

    Home shirt looks pretty much like the sondico polo shirts from last season, apart from the white sleeves obviously. I don't mind it though personally. The away one...no thanks.
  4. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    We had a similar thread a while back. I think I said pretty much the same thing, that I still love the sport. Sadly the money(not that I blame the players, I wouldn't turn down 100k a week) in the game and the culture of celebrity that now surrounds the game turns me off.
  5. I'm from the down the road in Banbury, I've got no links to Sheffield. No idea how it came about really, wouldn't change it though.
  6. Those to return

    I'd keep Keen around as third choice, with the intention being one of Dawson or Wildsmith could go out on loan and get some game time. Ideally one for the first half of the season and one for the second half.
  7. Happy enough with this, sorted quickly. We can now get on with preparing for next season.
  8. Just reading through, like most I generally only watch football where Wednesday are involved(When i was a kid i'm 32 now, i used to watch loads, The Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, Football League). I very rarely watch a Premier League game or other EFL games now. I watched Blackpool V Luton the other night and enjoyed that though. When I don't get to Wednesday, i'll pop down to my local non league side and watch them. It's not so much football I don't enjoy, I think its everything that its become in this country. The money (I don't begrudge the players that, if someone is offering them 100k a week they'd be mad to say no), this weekend it was all about the difference in income for teams dropping down a place or two. The publishing of league tables with the amount of money each club has earned over the season. The 24 hour news cycle, the twitter feeds, the culture of celebrity that its merged with. All things I've no interest in, the sport I still love, the business/money side and the constant hype and erosion of various traditions(FA Cup Final at half 5), to cater for overseas TV markets, that's what I don't like about it. At times it feels like the sport is secondary to things like Manchester United's latest training kit sponsor or the naming rights of their training ground etc.
  9. Gordon Watson

    I think he made a couple of valid points in there, especially with regards to aspects of the recruitment. You don't finish in the top 6 two seasons running if your team is full of bottom of the half players, that was a stupid comment, the sort of 'shock jock' rubbish you get on Talksport.
  10. Shopping List

    Depends on who the manager is. If Carlos was to stay, there is little or no point in getting wingers. Seeing as the midfield is generally narrow, with the width coming from the full backs. I think we definitely need another box to box midfielder, we really missed that position when Lee was out. I'd also get another centre back in to at the very least push Loovens. Two new full backs, an upgrade on Palmer to push Hunt and a new first choice left back. Personally I'd like to see a long term replacement for Wallace come in. We don't need huge numbers to come in, just a few bits of extra quality and competition. As the same time we could probably do with trimming the squad, in anyone wants our fringe players.
  11. Westwood 7 Hunt 7 Lees 7 Loovens 6 Pudil 5 Reach 5 Lee 5 Bannan 7 Hutch 5 Fletcher 6 Forestieri 6
  12. I really hope we go up for one reason

    Our time is coming don't worry about that, sooner or later he'll get one over on them. He's already seen more games at his age, than most of them will in their life. A blade down here? I know the town is going down hill, didn't realise it had dropped to that level already.
  13. I really hope we go up for one reason

    I had that all the time in Banbury when I was younger, thrown in a few Newcastle fans and Villa for good measure. I'm sure your lad will be fine, least we've got some decent players now, it was Andy Booth and Ritchie Humphreys up front when i was a kid. I wouldn't swap a second for support one of the above clubs, the coming together of fans at The Millenium Stadium and Wembley shows how great this club is!