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  1. Apologies if its already been posted but the Undr The Cosh Podcast had Geoff Horsfield on a while ago. When Francis was Birmingham manager he went to fine Horsfield a weeks wage (I think) over not coming in for treatment. Anyway Horsfield goes into the office says I'm not paying it etc etc Francis caved and eventually says OK you can buy me a bottle of red. I don't know if that's 100% the gospel truth, only two people do. Put it with some others questioning his man management and you can probably sense why his managerial career didn't really go anywhere, in the end. By all accounts a nice bloke but not a particularly strong character, when it came to managing people.
  2. Got Tudgay and Thompson(before my time) wrong.
  3. Thought he was a decent player, could also be frustrating but I think you can say that about most players. Like most players of that height/build they look awkward at times, which is counted against them.
  4. One sticks out from the season we went down to League One(the first time). Bill Green was caretaker think it was Derby, first time I heard the crowd really turn. Booing any player who touched the ball, your not fit to wear the shirt being sung. David Burrows was assistant to Green, some bloke came down and had a pop at him and the subs. Going for more recent ones, Huddersfield play off second leg that left me lower than the Hull defeat.
  5. Had to go with who I saw. I don't doubt for one moment Bestwethrick was a worse player but I never saw him play for Wednesday. Saw BBM a few times but not enough to have an opinion. My memory of Hills was he tried and you couldn't fault his effort but I didn't particularly rate him. I probably have seen worse but he came into my head before anyone else. Having said that I've gone with Carr who played one game, but in my defence he was absolutely awful, to put it politely. Agree with you about Gilbert, remember he used to get some stick on here at the time. Always thought he was solid defensively , awful going forward is my memory.
  6. There was an article on The Athletic the other day regarding Birmingham City about their owner and financial issues, which said the following "When Monk became Sheffield Wednesday manager his backroom staff, still at Birmingham were priced out of a move to Yorkshire".
  7. Lets be honest it looks like the players aren't having him anymore, for whatever reasons. Maybe its some the post match interviews he's given, maybe its cause he's fallen out with Westwood and Hutchinson. If the players want him gone, they'll eventually get their way.
  8. I'm sure it's probably been said in the 14 pages, apologies if i'm repeating. The damage was done once the prices for Chansiri's first game against Bristol City came out. The headline is then £40 to watch Wednesday. Obviously it isn't every game but its still expensive, then once people are out of the habit of going or thinking i'll go and watch Wednesday its going to be very hard to get them back, without something changing. Which lets be honest the ticket prices aren't going to change, the owner has made that clear. Personally I last had a season ticket in Carlos second season. Since then I've been picking and choosing games on a price basis. This season I didn't renew mine or my dad's memberships(first time we've not had season tickets or memberships since 1996), as we weren't going often enough to justify the £100 for the two memberships. So far been up twice this season Wigan and Brentford, both £30 on the kop.
  9. 3 in the starting 11 and the sub keeper Ollie Watkins Ethan Pinnock Rico Henry Luke Daniels
  10. Hutchinson for me. Solid defensively, shown a real drive to get forward, used the ball well. He was outstanding in my opinion. Pushed closely by Iorfa, as others have said only Hutch and Iorfa performed both halves.
  11. Jon Newsome, header against Southampton, Kop end, November 1996.
  12. Westwood 7 - Might be a bit harsh, that save from the header was superb. Odubajo 6 Iorfa 7 Borner 8 Palmer 6 Pelupessy 7 Luongo 6 Bannan 7 Harris 7 Reach 6 Fletcher 6
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