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  1. So many bad managers. Jewell, Shreeves(non caretaker) and Yorath were never going to succeed the club was in an absolute state. Turner was woeful, Irvine every bit as bad. Pulis was completely baffling the wrong guy completely when you look at the squad and how he likes to play. Jos...I'd probably say its between Turner and Irvine but its hard to separate any of them.
  2. The way The Puritans are playing this season, that could be a banana skin.
  3. I really like Craig as Bond. This film has its moments i'd give it 3/5. I'm not entirely sure Bond knows what it is these days. Its lost some of the charm, for want of a better word and moved more towards Bourne etc.
  4. Yeah it wasn't as if either QB played badly either, well Ryan should have been picked twice actually. The Falcons best weapon is Paterson, Ridley is a good receiver but whether it was the scheme or what he never seemed to get much separation. The Giants under Garrett as OC (He's not the only problem) love a curl route. Saquon, I never believed he was the right pick for the Giants at number 2 and his Lev Bell dancing behind the line waiting for holes to open routine wears thin, when you know that line isn't going to do anything.
  5. The Giants and Falcons, truly terrible teams. A game full of errors and awful play. A slightly below average team would have dispatched the Falcons with ease, a slightly below average team with have dispatched the Giants with ease. A 14-17 struggle tells you how bad these teams are. two awful Olines, two awful defences, two very poor offences.
  6. The Many Saints of Newark - agree with the above, I enjoyed it. Some questions but on the whole a decent film.
  7. Easily Jones's best game since Pat Shurmur was his coordinator in his first year.
  8. Not that I've found, only started watching it, as I have a free trial which runs out this week, before the end of the second season.
  9. Ted Lasso - Didn't think I'd enjoy it but its pretty good. Nothing heavy, a few of the characters are a bit annoying after an episode.
  10. Is that the one where you could bribe the opposition, as well? If they accepted it they always won anyway. Then you'd get the newspaper saying an unnamed manager has been offering bribes
  11. Ah 0-2 seasons over....
  12. Shang-Chi - 7/10 Decent film. Shang Chi and his dad are good characters, story is good. Pacing in the second half seemed off to me and the final battle, i'm not sold on.
  13. Yeah, go quite often to my local team in The Southern Premier - Banbury United.
  14. Arsenal apparently are open to offers for Aubmeyang. I can see both sides on that one, who knows who'd they end replacing him with.
  15. Can't wait for the Giants O-line to allow defensive lineman to walk through it again. I seem to remember the GM every year saying fixing it was his top priority...
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