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  1. I'm in the minority as voted against it in the survey, mainly cause I didn't see carrying on with the existing budget as a guarantee of anything, although I accept in theory a bigger budget gives you a better chance of competing at the top end of the league. I probably sound stupid for saying that but that was my thinking at the time. I know one of my friends certainly thought so when we spoke about it.
  2. I can see it being that some fans are allowed back next season, I don't think we'll be seeing 60/70 thousand at Old Trafford or anything. Happy to be proved wrong and hope I am, just think you've got to get the numbers of people vaccinated and see the data from that before you can have thousands packed together at sport/gigs/festivals.
  3. If the ref used foul and abusive language he should be punished for it, like a player should. Only problem being players aren't are they(Not saying Judge used any language)? Its just universally accepted that a player can f and jeff away.
  4. Last two episodes have been superb. The format is interesting and I get the premise but the first three episodes didn't do anything for me really.
  5. 100% this its better to have someone come 3,6,10 times a season than not at all. Once people are out of the habit and spend their time doing something or their money on other things its going to be a lot harder to get them back. Especially with the uncertain economic times we live in and are likely to have for a while.
  6. Watched the first two episodes of Wanda Vision. The style of it grated on me and although the second episode was better it hasn't grabbed me but I feel i've not much of a choice but to watch it, seeing as its going to feed into Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Also one of the episodes is 29 minutes with 6 minutes of credits, pretty poor that.
  7. When they're good they're really good but then you get some like Andy Johnson, Alan Rogers, the kid who was at Crewe and basically wasted his career. When they get away from being too heavy on the drinking side generally they're pretty good.
  8. I find it can be hit or miss. Some really really good ones but then you get some like Andy Johnson and Alan Rogers off the top of my head where they're awful. Leon Knight was so bad it was good.
  9. Would love to see a Mandalorian based game.
  10. Yeah it does set it up well. Intrigued as to if they bring G back in season three, considering he's a big reason that some people who aren't Star Wars nuts watch it and is a pop culture giant. I wouldn't say I'm a fanatic I like SW but I'm not an ultra nerd about it but that relationship was a big part of what got me invested in the show. I think my issue with it was any tension that it was set up was instantly dismissed when.....happens. In all honesty I didn't really need to see him but I understand why and it makes sense. I think the sadness of the end was beautifully done, cho
  11. Gparrish


    I've worked it out! I let my Director of Football do the contracts, he's obviously trying to get me sacked, as my new signings wont be with me till January.
  12. Gparrish


    Nope. I've got a transfer budget of £40million, doesn't matter if I've bought them or got them on a free I can't register anyone till January 2022. I can't make loan bids for anyone (got no one on loan) as apparently I'd have too many loan players. Had a few players kick off about broken promises, when I haven't made any promises. Should also say beta not beat in my original post...oops
  13. Gparrish


    I go through spells of playing this game, so I started this save in the beat. Got Wednesday up through the play offs first season, now I can't register any signings until 1/1/22. Absolute joke
  14. The Pre Match handshake line up, just get on with it. Gobbing everywhere. Thinking its acceptable to get in a refs face calling him every name under the sun, you wouldn't do it on the street so why is it ok on a football pitch? WWE wrestling at set pieces. Moving kick off times purely for the overseas TV market Short sleeves and gloves... Played for the penalty uncontested drop balls
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