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  1. Totally. I was at a non league game earlier this season.Stood watching it with my cousin and some of his mates, this season this club has suddenly got a "firm"(mostly those banned from local league clubs, apparently) Well it kicked off at this game. I've never heard anything like it, guys in the mid/late 40s and 50s talking about how great it is and its that the "youngsters are coming through". Its a weird subculture that I don't understand. My cousin isn't entirely innocent, when i was walking out him with he said about it, to which I replied, its not my thing at all. The reply came of its important though that people know they can't come here and take the ********, else they'll get a slap... I've definitely noticed this season at this level, wat more abused aimed at players, numerous times smoke bombs end up on the pitch, and reports of trouble at games(i'm talking about this non league not Wednesday, just so no one is confused).
  2. Did he used to go to games with another bloke called Roger by any chance?
  3. Stratford Town are currently managed by Tim Flowers too. Isaiah Osbourne who we had on loan under Dave Jones or Stuart Gray plays in the same league for Nuneaton, Billy Key plays for Coalville Town in the same league. My hometown Banbury are running away with the Southern Premier Central this season, 20 points clear at the top.
  4. As an Oasis fan i agree, to an extent, I do think the sound developed over their time. Noel at least experimented with his last record, which I was think was pretty decent.
  5. His solo work is very safe, for a guy who likes to bang on about "rock n roll" he loves a mid tempo song that just crawls along going nowhere.
  6. Finished The Book of Boba Fett, its ok. Kind of a mess in places. Episodes 5-6 are very good then 7 comes back down to average. I didn't really get the need for the show when it was announced but more than willing to give it a chance, i'm still not sure why it was needed.
  7. Those two blokes giving Trent Williams the bird and he just points back laughing, hilarious.
  8. A lot of work to be done on this team: Openers x 2 Jake Libby and Crawley? or maybe Tome Haines or Alex Lees A new long term number 3 - Malan is ok as a stop gap but he's 33/34? and he's a slightly above average player at this level. Ollie Pope - Is he the new Ramprakash/Hick? He looks to have everything but doesn't score. I'd give Lawrence a go at 6, would have played him at Hobart. Foakes as the keeper, is he going to average late 30s? probably not but we have been spoilt with Stewart and Prior averaging nearly 40. If he can average thirty at seven then that's fine. Chris Woakes can surely now only be picked in home test matches, I don't have the stats but his away record seems way worse than his home record. Leach is a no from me. If you want to play a spinner then play either of the Parkinson's or Mason Crane. If not Root will do in England. How much longer are Anderson and Broad going on? If Anderson is going to play one more summer and then retire(no idea if he will) then I'd say thanks Jimmy but its best for us to look at others. Wood can't stay for long periods it seems. Who Knows if Archer and Stone will play test cricket again. Craig Overton is nothing more than an emergency back up on tour. Robinson has seemingly be warned about his commitment to his fitness. If his pace is going to carry on dropping like it has towards the end of a day, due to fitness, you can't pick him. I think Silverwood has had a rough deal with covid and the rotation policy but has he shown anything to suggest he should keep his job? No. Some of his selection decisions beggar belief in this series. Root I think the time has come to change captain, although its Stokes or no one, as no one else is established and Ashley Giles can go too.
  9. I think they've definitely made strikers less effective or overpowered whatever you want to call it, in the latest update. Gone from being able to score 2/3 on a consistent basis to struggling to score one from 20 odd shots. Corners have gone from one extreme to the other, used to be to score from them(too often admittedly) to never seeing a goal from a corner. Lesser opposition always seem to score one, from their 2/3 shots in a game, very odd.
  10. Wasn't the best when he first arrived, although I thought he got some unfair stick. I think its fair to say he went onto do well for the club.
  11. Just finished the latest series of Cobra Kai, easy watch. It was already repetitive before this, surely the next series is the last. Also watching Book of Boba Fett - Needs more context before I can say if I like it or not. Hasn't grabbed me like The Mandalorian did.
  12. Got Wednesday to the PL, back to back promotions. Wage budget of 295k a week and a transfer budget of £2.6 million. Norwich and Brentford have the next lowest wage budgets £1.1 million a week....I've got a worse squad in the PL than I did in the Championship. Pretty much anyone wants too much money to join. Safe to say I'm going down this year, 9 points by Boxing Day.
  13. So many bad managers. Jewell, Shreeves(non caretaker) and Yorath were never going to succeed the club was in an absolute state. Turner was woeful, Irvine every bit as bad. Pulis was completely baffling the wrong guy completely when you look at the squad and how he likes to play. Jos...I'd probably say its between Turner and Irvine but its hard to separate any of them.
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