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  1. Its all Neil’s fault! Neil and his subscription service so you can edit posts. Damn you Neil!! Damn you and your stupidly expensive servers!!
  2. I remember going in our dressing room when I was a young un… There was a photo of Jordan (Katie Price) on the wall. No wonder we were w.ank back then too!
  3. Agreed. It’s one or the other, if not a combination of both.
  4. It’s not just me who genuinely thought he played left mid/attacking mid?? Yet we play him at back…
  5. Happy new year my fellow fight fans
  6. Dustin wants it more though… that’s the thing that sways me otherwise I’d agree. I’m enjoying the prelims never mind the main card. Reckon Sean will sleep him early on btw.
  7. There’s no way im staying away for this it’s on record but im goning to try
  8. I’m sure we’ll survive. It’s not like we’ve gone a six hour operation to remove a tumour or decided not to wear a mask in Meadowhall ffs. Get a f.ucking grip.
  9. Double, double jabbed though… until Boris decides to do another booster.
  10. You can tell who doesn’t go to home games nevermind away ffs! Reyt joke, everyone celebrating with the players who were joining in. No trouble in those scenes with opposition support or players. Can’t we celebrate without snowflake brigade crying about running onto some grass!
  11. Fizz me!! Just seen highlights and seen fans run on to celebrate. Looks completely harmless and just a laugh ffs! By sound of it on here we were steaming into Crewe family stand, windmilling against some toddlers ffs. Get a grip ffs. Harmless fun, let people let off some steam with everything that’s continuing to go on in the world.
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