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  1. Tbh that’s always happened, certainly has the past 20 years or so, it’s nothing new.
  2. I’ve never know any other fan base fight amongst themselves as much as us lot
  3. Unless we’re getting stuck in a bit more, but more aggression. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. Cheers mate. Good win for you lot that, bit of a journey back from down there but no doubt you filled away end as usual. Good luck for rest of season.
  5. Until I hear it from the horses mouth then I’m staying hopeful… but it’s all too familiar!
  6. Glad he’s had a wash after playing for them lot
  7. Fair point. Do any other clubs work this way that anybody knows of? I’m old school, I miss queuing at 7am for tickets… maybe I’ll still do that just for old time sake but with my fancy phone and app open
  8. Yeah but you can’t make a game… yet get billed for it. It would work with season tickets/memberships though.
  9. 1) Hooper 2) Forestieri 3) Fletcher 4) Antonio 5) Gregory 6) Wickham (first loan) 7) Joao 8 ) Windass (will be banging them in this season BELIEVE!!) 9) Dave 10)Madine (promotion season - absolute bell - end though). It was him or Chris Maguire.
  10. Tbh it’d still be organised chaos. I’m not convinced by Iorfa since he was out doesn’t seem the same. Don’t know enough about Heneghan or Ihiekwe and we haven’t seen enough of them but in my eyes it’s all to do with the organisation of that back 3, rather than them suddenly turn into poor defenders. They’ve obviously not played much together either but neither had Dean and Storey when they came in. It’s early days yet I suppose. There’s no chance of us getting Storey back but I think he played a huge part in getting us back on track last season. Get Dawson back in net too…
  11. Could she organise a back 3/4 to defend properly, especially defend crosses? If so, I’m in!
  12. Wondered how many drugs you took as I’d no idea what you were on about… then realised you were Sunderland. Just seen you drew which can’t be a bad start I guess, surely the aim is to stay up this season for your lot?
  13. Didn’t do very well at that today. Their first 2 he was shocking. Defence or not a decent keeper should be saving them.
  14. Must’ve forgot his tartan blanket and pack of werthers.
  15. In pub league… in a team who didn’t get promoted. But yeah he “was”.
  16. Said this and got shot down. Looked like a slow, heavy lump last season.
  17. fizz off Wednesday ffs. Conceding 3 goals at home on first day of season, coached by a former defender wtf is going on!? Especially with the quality we have ffs.
  18. Took mine at 6 months old to a friendly, was just amused by everything going on and didn’t take his eyes off the game with Espanyol. Forward fast to 3 years old last season, sat on kop and he just enjoyed everything going on. F*ck knows why but he loved the band, every bang of a drum and he’s turning round excitedly. By about 70mins he started to get restless though. Every kids different though, pretty sure you can get some ear defenders just incase. Now questioning if that makes me sound like a bad dad taking my 3 year old on kop
  19. Imagine a fully fit JW playing regularly in this league, who’s got a point to prove. Now that’s a scary thought for any opposition.
  20. Dawson for me, he’s the future. Stockdale is a great back up and plenty of experience for Dawson to learn off. Dawson should be full of confidence after a cracking season with Exeter.
  21. Boooooo!! Don’t spoil it for us. He’s proper ITK you know!
  22. Yeah but I know more than you. I’m proper ITK me…
  23. Genuinely wasn’t convinced by him tbf. Glad we’re not being held to ransom just cos DC has a few quid he’s allowed to spend. Hopefully learned/learning from his mistakes which is a positive… certainly seems that way.
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