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  1. Wadsley Bridge Banner

    Get some hung down langsett road and into Hillsborough corner to greet the scruffy cnts
  2. Which United player should we be wary of

    Ronaldo and Messi from what they've been spouting off about...
  3. Let this post be a lesson

    Not got that far yet. Got stairs to deal with think sofa is best option plus missus got face on.
  4. Let this post be a lesson

    I like that! Although you're right with the don't drink business... I thought that pic was the side of a bath.
  5. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    I love the OMDT and I appreciate the effort put in but f00k reading all that in one go. Let's f00kin have it!!! C'moooooon Wednesday!!!!! UTO FTB WAWAW TCIO WTID UTO
  6. Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    Have to admit I'm feeling quietly confident, certainly less nervous than I ever have been about a derby game. As has been said I think they'll try too hard, be overly psyched up by Wilder and we'll be cool, calm and collected and pick them off. Think we'll show our class, while they'll revert to dirty tactics and thuggery. UTO FTB
  7. Half Time Score - 0-0 Full Time Score - 2-1 Goalscorers - Wallace, Hooper - Piglet Sendings Off - Piglet Man Of The Match - Lee
  8. Shirts not available this weekend!!!

    Would be nice to have a shirt before it all ends though...
  9. Physically lifting big weights around doesn't make anyone 'ard... see how they'd fair in an mma gym more like. It's a wolf pack mentality anyway, individually they're nothing.
  10. Kop not sold out shocker

  11. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Quite often shut pubs for a few hours after pigs game so good luck with that plan. Last time that happened they had about 50 coppers around them about 11am walking into pub full of "shirters" and women.
  12. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Still don't know who this fat c/unt is.
  13. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Anyone who buys one of those deserves a slap anyway.
  14. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Must be a slow walker if it's taking the lobber 2 minutes to walk past that.