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  1. Plenty of them about mate
  2. Kop not sold out shocker

  3. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Quite often shut pubs for a few hours after pigs game so good luck with that plan. Last time that happened they had about 50 coppers around them about 11am walking into pub full of "shirters" and women.
  4. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Still don't know who this fat c/unt is.
  5. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Anyone who buys one of those deserves a slap anyway.
  6. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Must be a slow walker if it's taking the lobber 2 minutes to walk past that.
  7. Which areas are Wednesday

    Chap, high green, Ecco, cross and S6 are all Wednesday through and through, very few pigs about.
  8. Are the rumours true?

    I cringe at threads like this
  9. Flares on Sunday

    Bit of a connection between Rangers and Chelsea fans.
  10. They really are a thick bunch

    Surrounded by 300 coppers, 50 riot vans and 2 copper choppers above.
  11. We are all set for Sheffield United

    Get your head out of the sand, you should know we don't play like that. What's going to be magically different?! Derby games tend to be tight, tense affairs. When was the last time we stuffed someone? Norwich last season?
  12. Cardiff ratings

    Well spotted!
  13. Cardiff ratings

    Good assesment, but it's BANNAN!!!
  14. Tbh I think they've had that reputation for quite a long time, it's always been dodgy at bumhole lane for away fans (shouldn't be but that's the harsh reality). Those teams you've mentioned just live off a reputation from the 80's, barks worse than their bite. It was in paper other month about pigs smashing L**ds boozers up etc, they've always had a reputation but we've also got our fair share of idiots too.