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  1. robowl4life

    Stay Safe Wednesdayites

    ...and on the left is Gollum
  2. What in fu.ckery is that!?
  3. robowl4life

    Middlewood Road

    Looks dull. dark and depressing tbh... and cheap.
  4. robowl4life

    Team v Millwall

    Come on mate don’t be daft, you’ve got to include Van Aken in there.
  5. robowl4life

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    Only on Owlstalk can a thread about chuffin Harribo sweets turn into a slagging match on sports nutrition
  6. robowl4life

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    He’s improved recently tbf to him but we do need better. I have faith Brucey knows what’s needed already.
  7. robowl4life

    No "Hi Ho"

    It’d be an hour of some Keith Lard type walking up and down the stands netting seats off and talking about removing plastic tops off a kids bottle of pop.
  8. robowl4life

    No "Hi Ho"

    Prefer fans singing it these days. Too many other clubs have nicked it.
  9. robowl4life


    Was ok today, but his final ball let’s him down too often.
  10. robowl4life

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    Alright mate, we’ve all done stuff! Nobody likes a show off
  11. robowl4life

    Unhealthy sugary snacks.

    Can’t beat a big box of morale!
  12. robowl4life

    Kieran westwood.

    And who coaches the coaches coach?
  13. robowl4life

    Steve Bruce in one word

  14. robowl4life

    Bruce on........AWAY FOLLOWING

    flipping love the bloke already. About time we had a proper manager! Best manager since Big Ron. Lets ave it!! UTO FTB WAWAW WTID Steve Bruce’s Barmy Army!!!!!
  15. robowl4life

    Warm, moist and horny......

    I’ll make that kebab moist with my garlic mayo.