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  1. DC gave us a vote earlier in the season... we chose to keep ticket prices etc high and spend and keep players.
  2. robowl4life


    What you on about!? It’s f00king aaaages away ffs!! Got all July to get through yet! I’m still searching high and low for a chuffin beach towel ffs!!!!
  3. robowl4life

    Sheffield Wednesday Beach Towel

    Where the chuff are these beach towels to buy ffs???? I’ve a manky old one with dubious looking stains on it
  4. robowl4life

    Was the person who made this drunk?

    F00k it then, I’ll just have to stink instead.
  5. robowl4life

    Was the person who made this drunk?

    Spot on. And the tag has got our new badge etc on it. On a a side note, I bought the 1986 retro shirt from shop other day and it’s proper quality! Best stuff the shops had in in ages.
  6. robowl4life

    League Cup Draw This Friday

    Pigs away nailed on. ITK.
  7. robowl4life

    The Arctic Monkeys

    Some people are proper sensitive to this sh.it! Proper touches a nerve with people! Most on here saying they’re blunts are having others on @Pulsar I think (or certainly thought it was well known they were Wednesday).
  8. robowl4life

    The Arctic Monkeys

    No mate, that’s deffo a blades shirt Cookies wearing.
  9. robowl4life

    The Arctic Monkeys

    No mate, they’re all big blades 100% ITK. They were never on soccer am either, you just imagined it.
  10. robowl4life

    The Arctic Monkeys

    Over 4 years later to respond but nobody seems to have answered your question. It’s Burberry by looks of it... and bet he waxes his chest.
  11. Ain’t going nowhere. They can go roger themselves.
  12. Makes a coffee for the guy who makes the tea...
  13. Never say never! BELIEVE!!!
  14. robowl4life

    whose selling this pile of poo ?

    £10?! Is it that lad on here who built Lego Hillsborough?
  15. Yep. Years and years ago sat on kop as a little un. Threw ball back to Alan Quinn for a corner. Felt reyt proud of myself... it was a reyt throw!