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  1. robowl4life

    Why has Jones been banished?

    £3.1m per week with another £1m appearance fee?? Crazy!
  2. robowl4life

    What about....

    Yeah I realised that I’m a bit slow today. Nowt to do with alcohol though.
  3. robowl4life

    What about....

    Who? You what? Eh?
  4. robowl4life

    On my way back/player ratings

    Very generous. Going down if we continue like that. So vulnerable at the back it’s flipping unreal. We can’t play with wing backs who clearly aren’t wing backs... not slating reach or Palmer but that’s not there positions and it showed. Pessy was poor too. Positives are Bannan and fessi, Joao looked dangerous and Fletcher for all of 2mins looked ok. Bout it.
  5. robowl4life

    Wigan Roll Call

    Drinking already. Manc. Sat in chuffin Wigan end though with two others. So if you see some windmilling going off it’s me
  6. robowl4life

    Fair play Nando

    Reyt word is pleb
  7. robowl4life

    Nuhiu’s shirt during scrapping

    Looks like their number 5 is doing one. Must’ve noticed Lees’ proper angry mad eyes!
  8. robowl4life

    Bust up

    Be reyt
  9. robowl4life

    Wigan tickets

    Oh don’t get the whole “true fan” shiiiiit started again ffs.
  10. robowl4life

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    I thought Vim Jonk was decent.
  11. I do... cos the boozers are showing the match too. Unlike where you don’t have a choice in an arena.
  12. Tbf you wouldn’t get thousands turning up to pay £4 a pint and £5 entrance when you can just go to boozer who have happy hours running through matches at World Cup etc. Way cheaper and better atmosphere.
  13. robowl4life

    Owl too young for Hillsborough?

    Good luck ‘ard man.
  14. robowl4life

    Owl too young for Hillsborough?

    Go for it mate. Don’t listen to the morbid cu.nts. WAWAW UTO FTB