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  1. robowl4life

    Red Button Coverage

    Very generous that!
  2. robowl4life

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Blaming chuffin cameraman!!
  3. robowl4life

    Red Button Coverage

    Is this cameraman f00kin pished!?!
  4. robowl4life

    Red Button Coverage

    F00king zoom out a bit camera man you tail!!
  5. robowl4life


    I’m happy with Dawson as no.1 Think he’s done well. The clean sheets haven’t come because of other reasons, not cos of Dawson. He will drop the odd clanger here and there though, all keepers do, the best keepers in the world do. Let’s just not jump on his back when he does, Westwood has many times before.
  6. robowl4life

    Red Button Coverage

    You’ve just got sh.it eyes mate
  7. robowl4life

    Any live stream for tonight

    Gutted. I’ll have to find a boozer then, what a shame
  8. robowl4life

    Any live stream for tonight

    Can you use red button feature on sky go on Xbox?
  9. robowl4life

    We Aren't Happy Bunnies

    I’m not happy about not being happy. Rather be like that than be a happy clapper.
  10. robowl4life


    Thought he was quite poor Saturday but grew into game a bit. He’s very hesitant on the ball at times and choice of pass is questionable, but that could just be a confidence thing. However, the role he plays clearly allows Bannan freedom but at times he seems to be out of his depth (Joey not Bazza).
  11. Be reyt. They went running up middlewood road the last time we played them on a Friday night.
  12. robowl4life

    'i dont wear red'

    Well at least wear a different colour on match day if you look good in anything!
  13. robowl4life

    How have you coped without footy?

    Overrated imo. Came unstuck other night unfortunately.
  14. robowl4life

    Song for Onomah

    Prefer... Onomah do do do do do Onomah do do do do do
  15. robowl4life

    New song let’s be the first!

    Cracking bangers