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  1. I hope he’s ok, he landed a bit funny after taking that other players leg clean off. Proper Sunday league tackle that the crack pot. Loved the yellow players reaction to it though, hopped around for 10mins before flopping on the floor like a fish out of water.
  2. Hutch will probably get injured during the warm up and big Dave will probably fall over numerous times claiming he was fouled. So glad we’ve moved on from that big lump.
  3. Can’t beat a bit of blue for the dads...
  4. Who actually gives a poo !? If that’s all had to worry’s about I’d be a very happy man.
  5. I've had a few of them recently. Back in day on here you could say what you felt like. It’s becoming like North Korea on here.
  6. I’ve got a semi on now... win against Brentford and it’s going to get messy.
  7. We used to have a “nice” team. We now have a team of winners. ...Winners with shark eyes
  8. Just chucked a few quid on the inevitable...
  9. Got me looking on eBay now... Own up, who’s called him big Dave? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362590349975 As if the photos with a crappy signature go for £35-45.
  10. No Ola Tidman or Jon Beswetherick... I’m out!! We had some poo back then chuff me! Still had a season ticket and travelled away regularly though.
  11. Spot on. Said it a few times before, but it’s no longer a working mans game. I’ve lost love for the “beautiful game”... which it no longer is. Got to admit I feel more and more out of touch with football in general, less interested in it. Sky, PPV, ridiculous transfer fees, wages and men in suits that know nothing about the game has ruined it for me. I’ll support and follow us no matter what though, but going down to ground every other week just got too pricey for me a few years ago unfortunately. So there’s no chance I’m paying out on footy PPV’s ffs.
  12. Good way of selling out all our boxes for silly money and sorting our accounts out... Good thinking DC
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