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  1. He’s set records in his mma career, arguably brought the sport more mainstream (you say you don’t know much about the UFC but you’re talking about it which proves that point). He’s certainly been one of the most entertaining yes, greatest maybe not but tbf that’s not been mentioned? Although he has set various records and held titles at two different weight class at the same time. Like I said, he’s been there done it, needs to bow out rather than try recreate past achievements.
  2. Never said he was... however I think it’s easy to over look what he’s achieved in the sport, you don’t just fluke that. Yes, he does know how to sell a fight etc but I’d go look at his past achievements if I were you.
  3. Probably didn’t see him play on grass...
  4. I didn’t press play in fear of my car getting nicked.
  5. He’s been there done it, you can see the fire isn’t there any more. Like I said before, Poirier was the hungrier fighter, he needed that more. Fought a smart fight by taking him down and trying to ware him out, good kicks to his lead leg which Conor just didn’t react to until his leg was busted up. Fair play to him. I like McGregor but he’s done, he’s nothing to prove. Just hope he doesn’t go chasing it and ruining his legacy as such.
  6. He’s a proper tail tugger. Can’t stand the c.unt.
  7. Agreed. He’s gone next level. Not keen on the cockiness but shows his confidence. What you reckon tomorrow? Interested to see Hooker v Chandler, not really seen much in the past of Chandler but expecting big things. Part of me also has a sneaky feeling about Poirier winning, just think he’s the hungrier fighter. Conor’s been there done it but probably looking more at a rematch with Khabib. Fan of both tbh (Poirier and McGregor).
  8. Long way to go yet, they’ll be plenty of twists and turns. No doubt we’ll get a few shock results and they’ll drop points when they shouldn’t really etc.
  9. And I’m still trying to work out what I meant I was queuing for??
  10. Can’t even remember posting this...
  11. No matter how crap we are. Does anyone proper, proper miss it? I don’t always get chance these days to get down there as I work away etc. Used to have a season ticket for 10+ years and no matter what... even with Ola Tidman in goal I still turn up on a Tuesday night. Maybe it’s the fact we’re not allowed that pulls on the heartstrings more so? But got to stage now where I just want to watch my friggin team and have an overpriced pie and a half mile queue for a ********.
  12. You are now my enemy... but with tactical genius like that I fear the worst Well played lad!
  13. My time is now!! Here on the edge these's only silence. Ducked the knife and dodged the bullet 'til today I've opened up the doors. Lets ‘ave it!!! F.uck you my fellow Owlstalkers!
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