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  1. robowl4life

    Robbie Fowler

    Can’t wait for him to snort the technical area lines. Be a big change to seeing Jos just sit there like a muppet.
  2. robowl4life

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    FF and Madine up front for Cardiff then... whatever went wrong
  3. robowl4life

    Slightly disturbing

    Yeah we’re proper f00ked.
  4. robowl4life

    Hutchinson for surprise recall

    Just sounds like he’s being told to include them in u23’s, maybe to get them some match fitness back ready for January. “We must look at the positions (that Thompson has) with his young players and in the combination with our older players to find a team he can work with."
  5. robowl4life


    Wonder who Ross and Dave are?
  6. robowl4life

    György László Balint

    Orgy in Lazio... yeah oreyt, count me in!
  7. robowl4life

    Sky Sports whispers

    Anyone of them would walk into out starting 11... Oh hold on
  8. robowl4life

    Westwood to Weeds

    So a Premier League club are after our keeper who can’t even get on the bench. Wake up Jos ffs! If it’s true of course.
  9. AMG Line 2.0 Diesel 177BHP Nice but tbf it’s not extravagant for a footballer playing Chsmpionship football. I’d like to think he’s actually kept his feet on the ground.
  10. robowl4life

    Our fault again

    Blaming the atmosphere on serveral occasions... created by the fans.
  11. robowl4life

    Our fault again

    He had a good run at some point. He’s stepped up with a few worldies this season but can’t be excluded from criticism. He’s not pulled his weight on a good number of occasions, neshed tackles, drifts out of games like he’s not there when doesn’t fancy it. Then has the cheek to blame the fans.
  12. robowl4life

    Our fault again

    I knew that would be Reach before I even opened link. Posh boy likes happy clappers. Thing is, you see what sort of caliber of player you’ve really got when they’re up against it.
  13. So if Bruce did come in... do you think one of his terms with DC would be he has selection of the full squad to him? I just think Bruce would be someone of experience and have the authority over some of our players with bigger personalities.