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  1. Looks a bit huddersfieldy to me maybe the white collar? I do like a collar on our shirts though, they ain’t bad can live with it. GK one just doesn’t look right it maybe that’s cos there’s not a goalkeeper wearing it.
  2. Remember going there think it was early 2000’s and all their lads were giving it the big un, pwopa nawty, obviously got it back… second half they all fizzed off to other side of stand. They must have been f.ackin shakin
  3. Yeah got to be this. They’ve done it before when we’ve only been playing down road etc.
  4. Only a qualifier anyway, not even the real thing.
  5. Im gifting my seat to some bird at a Neil Diamond concert, heard she’s bringing Shearer and big Dunc with her. Could be an uncomfortable night for little Roy. Does sound decent that though.
  6. This. Always avoid Wednesday or grunters as they’ll somehow always fizz you over. It’s easier than ever to have a bet with all the apps and it doesn’t feel like you’re putting that much on, always a good idea to set up a weekly limit if you feel like you’re spending a little too much. Been there done it. As for us winning league I’ll keep my tenner thanks.
  7. You bringing some pies with thee? Only up road from me these days so might pop up. You reckon they’ll do pay on gate?
  8. Ave eard it’s off!! When’s it out we heard owt?
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