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  1. Mulgrew

    Seen him play a couple of times this season (don’t ask) and he’s not Championship quality. He’ll get ripped apart next season. Let’s stick with Lees and potentially signing Venancio.
  2. We will beat Wolves

    3-2 Wednesday FF x2 Joao last minute winner as we catch them on the break. UTO

    It’s got to be Reach if you look at the season overall. He’s played nearly every minute of every game, he’s raised to the occasion when we were struggling big time. Although he’s not been great recently, I think you’ve got to look at the season as a whole. I know recently players have come good such as Nuhiu in particular but his performances overall don’t warrant the award. A close second for me has got to be Wildsmith. Again he’s risen to the occasion and put in some great performances and some fantastic saves. Well done lad! POS - Reach Very Close 2nd - Wildsmith
  4. lets go and pee on wolves celebration

    FF won’t go to a team where Carlos is in charge
  5. It’s called passion. That game against Wycombe when we won promotion was such a great day and it’s brilliant to see supporters celebrating with players on the pitch.
  6. Bags

    How did you get on? All ok? Or are you currently in the cells at Bridge Street, after being attacked by police dogs then tasered.
  7. Empty seats

    But would that mean we could claim through insurance and have a fancy new Leppings Lane built?
  8. Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    Seems very strange. Even when he gets fit he can’t get a game and randomly disappears. Whether his attitude isn’t right either could be something. Complete waste of wages. Pity cos it’d have been great to see him in full flow in this league, quite clearly has something about him by his premier league performances... a long time ago now though.
  9. First time post. Bit of info

    Left it in car yesterday, turned into warm liquid mush. You interested?
  10. Championship team of the year

    People have banged on about how good Fulham are for the past few seasons but they never do much. I remember last season they were supposedly going to romp the play offs, media love a bit of southern bias.
  11. Steve Morison

    Not sure mate, but from what I saw of him he wasn’t consistent enough of a performer. Bit like JJ, looks a world beater one day, the next looks league one at best.
  12. First time post. Bit of info

    Just cos some random says he’s been told (probably by some bull shiiittter in boozer) doesn’t mean he’s off to friggin Benfica. Bet anyone a soggy mars bar that he doesn’t go to Ben F00kin Fica.
  13. Booooo!!! Gi’ stripes back!!