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  1. Erm... how many free kicks have flown into the wall or gone blazing over?! Its easy taking a free kick at goal without a wall... add a wall and it doesn't become so easy.
  2. What happened to the most important thing of 11 v 11 trying to win a game of footy? Now it just seems it’s all about men in suits talking money, not giving a poo/not knowing poo all about the game itself.
  3. 1) Newcastle I think? 2) Di Canio 3) Chris Waddle 4) Wycombe - promotion season 5) Can’t remember, tend to be a bit tipsy. 6) Hillsborough... Wembley weren’t a bad ground. 7) Hamshaw v Watford or Tudders v pigs a close second along with some screamers from Brunt and Wallace in there. 8.. Brighton home play offs, Wembley (before the match), Wycombe promotion season. 9) Des Walker 10) Not sure where it’s gone wrong, but I’ll blame pigs for starting it all off with the whole Tevez saga lol. But seriously, probably something o do with men in suits who know nothing about the game.
  4. Tbf what’s the point of doing up the ground until/if we get promoted to PL? I’m all for doing the stadium up but I’m sure you get funding when promoted to update stadium to a certain degree. Surely then would be a better time to update. At the moment we’ve more pressing matters than that... however can’t see why he can’t get a lick of paint on kop. It’s almost turned a Huddersfield blue ffs.
  5. Never mentioned about it being easy. I fully believe we’ll stay up. Looking back at past seasons changes nothing for the future. It’s a very average championship next season, it’s all to play for. I reckon we’ll finish around 18th.
  6. Teams haven’t always gone down starting on minus points. It’s a fresh start for hopefully a refreshed squad. Looking back at previous seasons and taking 12 points off us means nothing. We won’t go down and I’ll stand by that.
  7. I’d rather have a few “meh” seasons than drop. For the financial impact it would have on the club too, I think it’s important we stay in the championship. Yes, it could be a laugh down in league one again but it could also turn into a Sunderland.
  8. That’s the attitude! Some right doom and gloomers on here. We’ll be ok, won’t be going for promotion but we won’t go down.
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