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  1. This. Get them told @HOOTIE AND THE poo TU
  2. And say... “Can you do that then Gibbo, eh!?” Loadsaaaa moneyyy
  3. I’d say other way round, Hector then Westwood but agree it’s clear these two need tying down (not in a kinky way), I mean contract wise, although I would tie them down in a kinky way.
  4. If he doesn’t sign, it’s all @Mycroft fault for refunding his Club 1867 the tight t.wat!
  5. Lots of pigs and Leeds scum bobar on there... some decent stuff other than that though.
  6. I can’t see us being able to rebuild. People seem to be burying their heads about us being in financial trouble. Saying that, I’ve a feeling DC May have something up his sleeve and can’t see Bruce having signed knowing we’d have nothing to spend. Time will tell tell I guess. Plus we’re still only 6 points off play offs...
  7. Penney and K. Lee playing c’mon Wednesday!!
  8. RIP to the 96 terrible tragedy. However, it’s clear that it’s a very sensitive subject as it’s our club involved and seems to get overshadowed with the events what happened. And it does get people’s backs up and understandably so, without going into the various reasons. Myself included sometimes. But let’s not let this thread spiral into that.
  9. Went with little uns today. Got to say it was a decent few hours, especially lads taking pens against Pudil. Got 60% off purchases at shop too so happy days. Cheers to staff and players who were great with kids. Well done Wednesday!
  10. Pity I didn’t notice this earlier, might be worth going down with little un anyway.
  11. Ask a Man U fan who their rivals are and Leeds would be way down that list...
  12. Just seen a load of Qatari businessmen sharing a bargain bucket in KFC on Penistone road and some bloke at the drive through with the number plate N3YM4R... BELIEVE!!
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