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  1. Love Bazza me but not been funny that was a decent finish. Wasn’t owt to bang on about like sky sports have though, nowt special just a decent finish. Need more like that Baz... played much better with Lee amongst it. Let’s ‘ave it!!!
  2. Ffs. Bet we get an unknown manager appointed... make the play off final... lose then spunk millions on poo and bottle it continuously until I’m in my grave.
  3. Has some c.unt bought us yet?? F.uck reading through this thread
  4. Nah, we’ve fooooked it. 3-0 loss nailed on. Two clangers from Dawson and an own goal from Bannan. Iorfa and Joey sent off and no alcohol served at half time. C’mon Wednesday!!!
  5. He’s off then... assuming it’ll be in summer now though.
  6. Are you?? Are you really!? I’m f.ucking not! 12 points deducted will put us right in the mix. I’ve no crystal ball, but I’m sure there’s a few businessmen out there looking to get into the football world. I don’t know the answer, I just know he’s no good for this club.
  7. Down to 12/1 on 365 now, few people obviously been lumping on. We we’re 25/1 before match on Saturday.
  8. The bold bit is the point he’s trying to make @TaxiMark... I think
  9. Which betting company is that with mate?
  10. Does it wipe the slate clean even after punishment? I’d just take the hit this season but 12 points or over and it’s relegation nailed on.
  11. Did he ever mention he was mates with some bloke called Cristiano Ronaldo...
  12. Westwood probably mates with him, Irish connection he’d be safe. I’d pay to see Roy Keane fill Hutch in though
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