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  1. None of them lot. If I had to pick from that list, Chris Hughton.
  2. No you don’t. You’ll get positive, negative or inconclusive. If you’ve tested positive and retake a test further down the line you shouldn’t test positive. Unless you’re on about the antibody test, which will confirm if you’ve had it.
  3. How do you know? You out and about? I’m seeing it with my own eyes.
  4. There’s a great number who are out and about who shouldn’t tbf.
  5. Yeah cos everyone’s busy out and about at the moment...
  6. NHS get a blue lightcard and armed forces can get similar for discounts. Go join one of them if it grates on you so much that they’re getting a free KFC. However, I do think dependant on job role there should be some X factor pay, if the job entitles being exposed to potential hazards or in this case work in care homes etc. Realistically, a delivery driver for example isn’t putting himself in harms way as they’re all contactless with social distancing measures in place.
  7. Is this breaking news then? Back on 1st of August again St Mirren?
  8. How ever many games are missed, he’ll offer that amount for free when we’re in the Premier League.
  9. I like Reda, but surely it’d be Pudil just based on that first play off season?
  10. That’s my masturbation material sorted for this week. Especially that middle team 🤤
  11. Looks more like chuffin Huddersfield.
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