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  1. Same here mate. Never back Wednesday in a bet... school boy error.
  2. Some f.ucking reyt drama queens about.
  3. Didn’t want to play anyway, sh.it game... Not bitter or owt... f.ucking useless taffy c.unts.
  4. 0-1 Wednesday Last minute winner from Winnall on as a sub. ITK
  5. You’ve got to ease off the pace here and there and have some more relaxed periods. It’s knowing when to up the tempo and knowing when to have a laugh. It’s good to see him in high spirits, got to keep his morale up.
  6. Doesn’t quite look like your average gym queen does he!
  7. Good line up. None of this out of position business poo, Reach back out wide and Lee and Bazza covered by Hutch. Let’s ‘ave it!!
  8. How bigs the hill? What sort of slope does it have to it? Quite like a nice concave but for £32.99 I can’t be too fussy. Ps. Are there any sheep on the hill?
  9. Another simpleton with zero sense of humour.
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