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  1. Good luck lad! Some nice comments from him there.
  2. Probably... I’d rather he got slapped with a sweaty old scrotum or two though.
  3. You know what, I’m liking that more and more... My Mrs is going to kill me
  4. Dunno, but that’s definitely Matt LeTissier sat across from him in the yellow shirt.
  5. That’d have been Abdi f.ucked then
  6. Well done so far mate! Absolutely cracking scenery, keep it up mate and get some all important rest the best you can.
  7. A few years ago yes, but he’s getting on now and thought we were bringing more shrewd signings in with hungry young players. He’ll be on a big wage too.
  8. Don’t want him. But if we did get him, at least we could send D Taxis to pick him up. He’d end up like another Melo, last seen at the tram stop... is he still there?
  9. Thing is there’s always teams that seem to go under the radar and are up there. Look at Norwich, lost a lot of players etc nobody expected them to romp it... and look at them lot! I think the following will be up there; Us West Brom Swansea Fulham Forest Middlesbrough Cardiff Leeds will implode alongside Frank Lampards Derby. Stoke will be mid table losing their better players. Can’t see Huddersfield doing much, think they’ll sink back to league one, along with Charlton. Also think Barnsley and Luton will be bottom half/ mid table. Piece of p.iss
  10. Go all out and do a Wolves fizz it! What could go wrong
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