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  1. People in general love to see another person fail or do wrong as it makes them feel better about themselves. That’s the reason people jump on the slating bandwagon and pat each other on the back, it makes them feel good. When in reality as society we should be wanting to help rehabilitate and give second chances to those who have done wrong. But instead they’ve done wrong and we just cast them into oblivion without even attempting to help re-educate... which is why you see a lot of re-offending in general.
  2. Next seasons 3rd Kit!!

    At least it’s got stripes
  3. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    Any chance to slate the club. F00k off Look L##ds go bum scum or those grunters and leave us be.
  4. Butterfield

    Careful I got done for saying that other week Hutch is a strapping young lad though.
  5. When shall we start Christmas?

    You want stripes back by any chance?
  6. That’s the problem that we have in prisons these days, we lock folk up and they come out just as bad or sometimes worse. It’s not just punishment but rehabilitation, however the latter isn’t happening and the same thing is happening in this situation.
  7. Wolves and Blades on Sky

    There’s always one... Bless him
  8. Forestieri

    That a video of his nearest misses? No, seriously he’s a hell of a talent and watching that video puts to bed his reputation of diving or going down easily too. It's his temperament that needs slight improvement and hopefully a willingness to play in various positions wherever needed... ideally on the right as stated by others.
  9. You just have. The thing is you can use your fancy words but still can’t make out my original post. Plenty of others have understood where I’m coming from. However you’ve picked bits from it that suited yourself instead of the whole post and took them out of context. You can bang on about intellectuality, clearly you have a chip on your shoulder about your education or up bringing and feel that makes you a superior person.
  10. ...and you wonder why you’ve a -6 rating.
  11. I think you need to re-read the whole post. You’ll then realise I was talking about the reactions of people on here. I dread to think what you think a murderer or a peadophile is in terms of serious offending. You’ve clearly lived a very sheltered life if you think it was a high level of offending. The blokes done wrong, been caught and got his deserved punishment... but let’s stone the c##t to death instead.
  12. Boxes are bobar anyway. No atmosphere and no lovely phantom farter. No queuing at half time for a beer, no chanting or pointing fingers at other fans. Executive boxes aren’t for proper footy fans.
  13. Agree with what you’re saying. BUT anyone can be subject to racism not just if you’re “black or brown”. I’m a white English male and I’ve been subject to a lot of racial abuse during my life including in this country, in fact more so in parts of this country than anywhere else in the world. It works both ways.