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  1. Just seen one of them cars with a big red bull can on the roof on penistone road with the reg plate “5WFC 4 EVA” BELIEEEEVE!!!
  2. On radio earlier heard Bazza, Hutch and Hunt pretty much in succession mentioned… thought fizz me they were only in play off final what seems 2mins ago. It’s 6 years ago nearly… wtf
  3. Good enough to be doing better than this. Manager that’s the problem.
  4. Its all Neil’s fault! Neil and his subscription service so you can edit posts. Damn you Neil!! Damn you and your stupidly expensive servers!!
  5. I remember going in our dressing room when I was a young un… There was a photo of Jordan (Katie Price) on the wall. No wonder we were w.ank back then too!
  6. Agreed. It’s one or the other, if not a combination of both.
  7. It’s not just me who genuinely thought he played left mid/attacking mid?? Yet we play him at back…
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