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  1. That’s more like it Colin!! C’mon boro you ********!!!
  2. See me I could’ve made it big but you live with the choice you choose The signal’s sh*t but I’ll show you later nearly got me a million views He had to call it quits cos he had two kids the dream went on a back burner And everybody round here's got a cousin or a mate who’s best friends with Alex Turner... I’m tellin ya Don’t believe the hype
  3. Doesn’t matter what the result is ffs.
  4. Win games!! Loads of games like a loooads of games! Think DC should really get something set up along the lines of when he first came here, when he had the likes of Glenn Roeder on board.
  5. Glad I amused you... I’m old now though so can we have a word with this new generation of young folk who’ll be rocking up to tinpot grounds. I’m sure they’ll do us “proud”
  6. It’s not over yet. Technically. But yeah we are proper rogered! If yer sick and ******** nutty clap your hands, if your sick and ******** nutty clap your hands, if your sick and ******** nutty..... Them were days
  7. Cantley, Thomas or Speith for me. Had a few quid e/w on them too.
  8. Stupid thread. But then could DC played a blinder! Make it look like he’s come onboard and tried to buy us... chucked him a few quid, a few nice cars and a few Rolex’s sent in the post... go buy Derby and when you do, you know what to do. We can all dream.
  9. fizz off brentford. Set of ********. Always hated them just from coming across their fans when we beat them in play off semis in 2005. But tbf, excepted were down anyway.
  10. I’d say he’s improved and has a good deal of first team experience. Better than Dawson but still doesn’t fill me with confidence like Westwood. You never know with time he may go on to get better and better. Least of our worries at moment though.
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