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  1. That’s it! Season ticket going back! Useless, absolute joke!
  2. Going against the grain, I reckon it’d be a good move for him.
  3. I’d be dying somewhere counting moonwalking elephants in a field whilst covered in other peoples bodily fluids. But he’s not hurting anyone, certainly wouldn’t be doing it myself but crack on lad if that’s what you enjoy doing.
  4. Is anyone even that bothered about a bit of egg chasing? Can’t see an issue with us being at home and a rugby match on at lane. Will it even sell out!?
  5. It’s the year 2022 you know…
  6. Exeter away first game Port Vale home Boxing day Wazza’s Derby last game
  7. We’re winning the title I can feel it already!
  8. Do Wakey AFC know they’ve got the Yorkshire Rose the wrong way round on their badge
  9. Only really seen him against MK in play offs and thought he looked very slow and lethargic. Whether that was as it had been a long season or what I don’t know but thought he looked past it, looked a bit Sunday league. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Did he get stretchered off for landing on his head or drowning his body… tbf could be both? It’d be great to have a drink in the stands but you just know it’d be asking for trouble especially on away days.
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