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  1. 5-0 away at Bolton in 90’s... Boothy hat trick
  2. Same. It’s an odd season so far, I think with the whole Bruce thing and then having no manager for a while... then the dodgy accounts/stadium stuff going on... it just seems to go on and on and I think everyone’s just waiting for the next punch to come. So it’s hard to be upbeat as such, plus there’s a long way to go yet... if we’re in the same position come February I think we may start to BELIEVE!!
  3. Is that an open or closed window? I’m guessing it depends on the result too...
  4. If we win this, they’ll probably just give FF another 6 game ban cos they’ll have face on. But seriously, if we win this we’re definitely due some compensation!
  5. We’ll go to court and use the Chewbacca defence... we’ll sh.it ‘em!
  6. That mcburnie cost them lot £20m alone. Plus I bet he’s on at least £40k per week...
  7. Tell you what though, we’ve had some chuffin good keepers!
  8. Big Pressy probably beat Neil in a pie eating contest or sumat
  9. D I Caniooo, D I Canioooo... and Carbone best players I’ve probably ever watched. Probably saw Waddle and Hirst in their later days tbf. Got to squeeze them 4 in a team.
  10. Lee - Ian Brown in Stone Roses cover band FF - Halfords bike section Fletcher - mechanic Nuhiu - doorman (the oreyt one) Hutch - doorman (the scary one) Bazza - Double glazing salesman Westy - call centre team leader Lees and Borner - Brickies Palmer and Iorfa - Labourers Winnall and Rhodes - D Taxis drivers Dawson - Personal trainer Fox - man and van Joey P - works in Asda and part time stripper.
  11. I’m pretty sure DC and his lawyers can make this, err, “disappear”. F.uck the EFL. UTO FTB
  12. So if anyone hears a lot of moaning/groaning/screaming followed by a large splash and sigh... it’s Vulva banging a jar of chutney out the old sh.it pipe.
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