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  1. Definitely decked him, that lad was like lightening, couldn’t even see the punch coming...
  2. Reeks of bitterness. Funny how they can name a good few players of ours and also know about the Massive thing... that they completely don’t get. I couldn’t name one of their players. Clearly some smaller clubs still see us as a big scalp in this league
  3. The north looks mint when it’s full. Best looking stand in the world.
  4. Dont know how I’m still in this as I’ve been away and forgot about it I’ll go for Middlesborough next round
  5. Who would you want then? Can’t tell at all
  6. Write what you want, the website is that poor you’ll never be able to read it anyway.
  7. Thing is, we probably used to be a bit of a push over in the past regarding transfer fees etc when we’ve been in a financial mess. However, we aren’t that club any more, we don’t need to sell. You want one of our players, give us a proper f.ucking offer.
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