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  1. Mainly because not enough people got on board. Every time a protest discussion comes up you always get the same arguments. You've got one set of supporters who I guess believe in revolution from the inside and will do everything in their power to create change, Whether that be join Wednesdayite, write letters, volunteer in some capacity or indeed protest. Then you've got the others who believe that no matter how bad things get, you simply can't change things in life, and what is most important is to "get behind the lads", turn up to every game, have their tea, grumble a bit and then go to bed. The latter group's belief is fair enough, and whilst I helped to organise the out of ground protest in late 2006, I respected these people hence the OUT of ground protest. What I didn't respect however is the abuse I received from passing fans on their way to the ground. It will come as no surprise to people that I am one of those people who do believe in protest - indeed Dave Allen did resign (faster than otherwise I believe) - sighting the pressure from fans such as myself as one of the main reasons. I believe we can't just sit back like we've always done, with protests just not big enough to avoid being branded a 'militant minority'. Will Wednesday fans finally stand up as ONE and finally take some responsibility for their own clubs' destiny. I'd like to think so but severely doubt it.
  2. Of course it wouldn't be a good thing - but it will be a good deal better than being stuck with this regime for another few years, and so hopefully someone comes in before we do eventually go into admin.
  3. I so wish I could say more about this but if I do I may get into trouble.
  4. Even if we don't enter admin now - then what? Next year, the year after that? I guess club 9 will really want to get in now just in case Admin does occur in the near future which would leave the club open to all kinds of competition from all kinds of bidders looking to get it on the cheap - and as a result many more unsavory of course (always the danger with admin). Suddenly £3m from C9 is looking very attractive - and honestly its not bad considering its equity into a 3rd tier club ridden with debt. When can we stop saying that all these people trying to buy us aren't good enough for the club? I mean the current regime aren't good enough (in my view) yet they've had years and years on the board unlike anyone else. What have we got to lose anymore? I can only see that we've got everything to gain given that any change in ownership will mean getting rid of this old regime once of for all. I know a lot of fans that are very happy with this mornings news - simply because it offers the best chance of change in a long long time.
  5. In my view its yet another reflection of this arrogant board that they are the ones who are 'disappointed' in the HMRC when it is Wednesday who have not paid money owed to them!
  6. Hola! Yes Im currently working out here at the Hospital on a 6 month contract and finish around mid July. I think your coming at just the right time - I turned up in quite a cool and wet January - still at least I felt more at home when settling in! Good luck with the move! Up the Owls!
  7. I've recently moved here for work reasons. Anyone else on here live in this region? I think there are a few in malaga right? - anyone watching the Brum game?
  8. "They have introduced a purple shirt as a tribute to their fans (maybe blue for us) (the expression 'a purple supporter' is ised to express fanaticism), and have TV/Radio competitions to which viewers/listeners can text to choose the shirt colour the team will wear for particular matches (maybe applying this to fans for us may improve visual and vocal atmosphere al la leicester away game. This bit I REALLY like: "They have also divided players shirts into small spaces which fans can fill with their own photos at a cost of £300 each. If all spaces are sold the revenue wil comfortably top £1m" (not the entire shirt - the shirt can still look surprisingly normal)
  9. Hello burome, Welcome - Im half Turkish and am catching up with family in Istanbul in a couple of weeks time. i also have family in Ankara and have been a couple of times. Got to say that I love the sheer noise and passion at Turkish matches - its like no where else, (even more intense than the much hyped Anfield roar on famous 'Europoean nights') and an experience not to be missed. I'll be closely watching the Fenerbahce match tonight.
  10. Too far north? Now this is the most northern archetypal quote I've heard in a long time. But you know Im kind of bored of players who currently cover every blade of grass but have little talent to deliver the end product.
  11. Turkiye'lu musunuz veya Ingiltera'lu musunuz? Ingilizum, ama babam Turk, annem Ingiliz.
  12. How are you lot coping after the Hurricane?
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