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  1. 3 hours ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:


    The question I would ask is how on earth do you develop a long term micro plan for a club when the powers that be are constantly shifting the goal posts.


    Any business struggling with quality in the conventional world would not be proscribed from investing in order to try rectify its problems.


    If we are to have a plan it needs to be building opposition to curtailing the investment of those that can affordably build a quality team. Sustainability can be achieved by treating each club individually, a post purchase surcharge on wealthier clubs,  Deli Ali being a prime recent example. But there are many options to be explored to general improvement if only the will was there.


    The compliance that J-Savas is implying is that we follow convention only to be ripped off at the eleventh hour. I say reject this sitting duck strategy. Look for other methods.


    I appreciated your good philosophical points. However I would argue that even in a world without such governance issues we would still be a better (and more sustainable club) with the points I initially raised. 

  2. 9 minutes ago, j-savas said:

    I was going to start this topic in the boardroom but looking at the lack of activity /traffic there I thought it better in the matchday section. It's is quite far down the list. Could owlstalk admin possibly love it up to number 2. Our fan base off the field discussion/awareness is likely to have a far bigger potential  impact of positive change than matchday chit chat. 

    Sorry predictive text is playing havoc! 

  3. 8 hours ago, Growl67 said:

    When there’s a long term problem be it in business or sport, I think you need to look for a common denominator. Somebody or something that’s been a constant throughout the years of failure. When you find that common denominator or common denominators you don’t need to overreact but it’s important that the issue is aired and out in the open and that’s what we Owls never  do. We just pussyfoot around the issue because we don’t want to offend anybody, but I really think that the time for diplomacy has now passed and it’s vitally important that somehow someway we get to say as it is.


    Mr Chansiri’s heart is in the right place but when it come to running our club he’s been a disaster. If he’s going to stay at the helm and take us forward he needs to LISTEN and learn and we as fans need to cut the crap and say it exactly as it is so that we can give him the help he needs and he understands and can take it onboard.


    Sorry  for the lecture.

    Exactly, I feel a lot of our fans keep their head in the sand because they seem to take offensive to fellow supporters suggesting that things could be done differently. Even in this thread some have managed to arguing the throw as to how many youth players sheffield united have produced compared to us as a deflection for discussing our own shortcomings as a club and how we can do better. 

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  4. Just now, Junk Smuggler said:


    Agree. Bring in a manager with his own plan and back it but ultimately that man has to want to invest in youth - no quick fixes. We could have done that 4 years ago and be in a much richer position now. We may well have been in the same division but by investing in youth they are either a success and the investment pays off in sales or not a success and the losses are minimal.

    Spot on. And who knows, cowley was linked, maybe chansiri didn't like the fact that he would come with a significant number of coaching staff? I'm just speculating of course. 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, Junk Smuggler said:

    We need a long term plan as nothing can be fixed overnight. Think the first step it to clear the decks in the Summer, that should include not renewing the Monk contract. Why? We need to freshen up and I’d like us to bring in a fresh new manager, similar to the clubs that took the risk on the likes of a Lampard and Gerrard.

    We then need to get our own club identity, similar if you will to Brentford who many think we need to model ourselves on. They’ve been through 3 or 4 managers now where each manager comes in and doesn’t change too much as the players they sign play to a specific system and play it WELL.


    The one thing I believe will hold us back here is the man at the top of the tree. He’s doesn’t know enough about football to get the infrastructure right and won’t change. If he could sell us then brilliant, best news for a long time. Can’t see it happening anytime soon though. We’re not a good proposition right now.


    As fans we need to forget the past and look to the future.

    Agreed. Even if we'd appointed someone like the cowley brothers (like them or not) it may have arguably shown some sort of active planning and thought as to a new direction. Monk like him or not is just a typical 'he's available, let's give him a whirl' Wednesday approach, symptomatic of everything about the club. 

  6. Just now, Minton said:


    Not technically true. Actually true. Any young players they have are either bought or loaned for a fee. They spend their money on that rather than a youth setup. Which is only a few bad buys away from leaving them on a slippery slope. It's working well for them right now, but a few bad seasons and all of a sudden they are in the position of having to spend and spend and spend just to keep treading water. 


    Not for me, thanks.

    Fair enough with your opinion Minton. I hope using the world Brentford in the initial post however hasn't distracted from the bigger picture. Perhaps the example wasn't necessarily needed 

  7. Just now, Kameron said:

    A random manager has worked miracles across the city, all without directors of football and comprehensive coaching teams, his side kick is a former Rotherham manager.  

    Hi kameron. I disagree when you look at the Sheffield Uniteds overall infrastructure compared to ours. In addition I would argue that relying on randomness even in the most ideological of world decreases your chances of success in many aspects of life. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Minton said:

    Brentford don't have a youth setup. At all. They closed their academy to save money.

    Technically true, a small club that needed to do what it needed to do, but that's not resulted in a lack of youth players. We know what they replaced it with, and its intelligant, outward looking and its worked. You'd like to think a club the size of Wednesday could do both. 

  9. 13 minutes ago, Hitcat said:

    Blah blah blah Brentford, blah blah blah. Why does everyone always rattle on about Brentford? A team that consistently makes the top 10, but rarely troubles the playoffs. 

    Hi Hitcat. Brentford are a relatively small club that have slowly and carefully progressed with some very intelligent strategies. It's all cumulated in a club punching above its weight, making huge profits on transfers and now moving into an excellent new stadium next season. Its a club that I'm sure most people would envy. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Anlaby Owl said:

    Nothing is going to change on the field without the right manager. I grant you that i might be feeling a bit temperamental after todays showing but trying hard to maintain faith in monk is becoming soul destroying.  

    I agree with you Anlaby owl that a good manager is important. However a good manager is has not and will not be enough with the systemic problems and shortcomings that sheffield wednesday as a football club have had and continue to have. I addition, though still very important of course, a manager's overall role and influence in the complexity and multi facated nature of modern football clubs has, to an extent, become less important. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Nero said:

    Yes maybe my response was a bit ingracious. Probably the wrong Owlstalk night for constructive thinking.

    Your probably r


    1 minute ago, fpowl said:

    Our plan and vision should gone first then we recruit from that 


    it seems we have a different approach 

    recruit a manager

    Go with his vision and methods 

    don’t allow him time ( which he won’t have ) to make the changes 2-3 years 

    sack him 

    Cycle begins 


    all our managers should be recruited woth the skills and vision to execute our strategic plan 


    unfortunately I honestly don’t think we have one 


    I’d have though what is it now 5 years chansiri as been here 


    we’ve a ageing squad languishing exactly where we were when Stuart Gray was here mid table 


    no youth First team players in breaking through regularly ( I know uroghide and hunt was on the bench today and dawson played but both Dawson and wild Smith was breaking through pre chansiri uroghide actually seems to be only thing to shout about and Hunt is only on bench through injuries and the exclusion of hutchinson 


    do we have a youth development plan?

    Do we have a recruitment plan?
    do we have a retention plan?

    do have a sales plan?

    do we have a philosophy on how we want to play 

    do we have a 1-5 year plan and how do we measure that success 

    do we have a succession plan?


    it all seems we go into next season with blind hope and we just keep changing our direction 


    Exactly this. Should we as a fan base demand more of this or football been as it is is this too much to expect with the match to match emotional aspect of it  all? I've heard rumours that chansiri does micro-manage, this seems incompatible with a modern football club. 

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  12. 7 minutes ago, Nero said:

    'We need a plan presented to the fans this summer'

    Think youve got your head up yer own arris mate

    Not the response I was expecting Nero! But perhaps your right, it maybe too much to ask for. Any kind of plan then, even if they don't make it known. Football clubs are community assets though, so I was thinking it wouldn't be too much to ask for! 

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  13. When you look at the facts which are: Played 16, won 7 lost 6, scored 17 against 19 its difficult to remain upbeat about it. More annoying is that a team who have changed their manager every 2 weeks recently (Leeds), at the moment lie above us. Can't believe it really. Sure I'll calm down though.

  14. Anyone in Gibraltar for the match on Friday

    Yes, I live not too far away in Spain but will go into Gib if there's signs of a gathering. I've heard there are a quite a few Wednesdayites in the area but I've only recently moved here so I don't know anymore than that. Do you know which pub/bar they usually gather?

  15. The fact that MM had had to, on several occasions borrow money against the Stadium from Terry Brown is in my opinion a MASSIVE concern.


    Pretty sure we are due to make a payment around the turn of the New Year to pay back part of the millions we owe Terry Brown.


    Goodbye Westwood in the Transfer Window I reckon.....

    I don't know the full details but Im aware of the stadium being used against further loans. As you know I loathed the last regime as much as you did, but I don't think even this happened under them. 

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