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  1. I've logged in and it says "no events found" for me. Any idea why?
  2. "However, his brand of football was unappealing to many Boro fans, with the side scoring just 49 goals in their 46 games. That was the lowest tally in the top half and three fewer than relegated Rotherham United." On the back of the above stats I'm still confused.
  3. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/tony-pulis-sacked-by-middlesbrough-16289069 Also if Monk's un doing was a lack of goals, why go for someone like Pulis. I'm confused as to the rational of all of this.
  4. I appreciated your good philosophical points. However I would argue that even in a world without such governance issues we would still be a better (and more sustainable club) with the points I initially raised.
  5. I was going to start this topic in the boardroom but looking at the lack of activity /traffic there I thought it better in the matchday section. It's is quite far down the list. Could owlstalk admin possibly love it up to number 2. Our fan base off the field discussion/awareness is likely to have a far bigger potential impact of positive change than matchday chit chat.
  6. Exactly, I feel a lot of our fans keep their head in the sand because they seem to take offensive to fellow supporters suggesting that things could be done differently. Even in this thread some have managed to arguing the throw as to how many youth players sheffield united have produced compared to us as a deflection for discussing our own shortcomings as a club and how we can do better.
  7. Spot on. And who knows, cowley was linked, maybe chansiri didn't like the fact that he would come with a significant number of coaching staff? I'm just speculating of course.
  8. Agreed. Even if we'd appointed someone like the cowley brothers (like them or not) it may have arguably shown some sort of active planning and thought as to a new direction. Monk like him or not is just a typical 'he's available, let's give him a whirl' Wednesday approach, symptomatic of everything about the club.
  9. Fair enough with your opinion Minton. I hope using the world Brentford in the initial post however hasn't distracted from the bigger picture. Perhaps the example wasn't necessarily needed
  10. Hi kameron. I disagree when you look at the Sheffield Uniteds overall infrastructure compared to ours. In addition I would argue that relying on randomness even in the most ideological of world decreases your chances of success in many aspects of life.
  11. Technically true, a small club that needed to do what it needed to do, but that's not resulted in a lack of youth players. We know what they replaced it with, and its intelligant, outward looking and its worked. You'd like to think a club the size of Wednesday could do both.
  12. We'll have to agree to disagree Hitcat. In many peoples eyes Brentford are already over achieving and developing further, is that not enough to be impressed no? I know which model I'd prefer.
  13. Hi Hitcat. Brentford are a relatively small club that have slowly and carefully progressed with some very intelligent strategies. It's all cumulated in a club punching above its weight, making huge profits on transfers and now moving into an excellent new stadium next season. Its a club that I'm sure most people would envy.
  14. I agree with you Anlaby owl that a good manager is important. However a good manager is has not and will not be enough with the systemic problems and shortcomings that sheffield wednesday as a football club have had and continue to have. I addition, though still very important of course, a manager's overall role and influence in the complexity and multi facated nature of modern football clubs has, to an extent, become less important.
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