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  1. Does anyone else feel it's gonna be a long 40 minutes?
  2. The next 10 minutes are absolutely key. If we don't concede, press them, then we could get a result here.
  3. It's almost like GM doesn't know his best side yet and is still tinkering around the edges.
  4. Another strong bench should it start to go boobies up.
  5. Interesting. Rhodes back in favour.
  6. I'm sure some of our resident experts will know. Unfortunately I can't help, never heard of him.
  7. It's a bit niche mate following the under 18's in a cup tie. Bit like enjoying golden showers and stuff like that.
  8. Not often I want a bet of mine to lose but had £10 at 100/1 that we'd be relegated. You have to view these things dispassionately.
  9. I'm sure you remember we got 3 in one game years ago. But 3 Saturday's in a row? Can't recall happening it either.
  10. A cross between brilliant and frustrating today and in general. Absolute kudos to him though for today. We would be lost without him.
  11. Absolutely quality lads and lasses. Keep it up, this is what makes Owlstalk great.
  12. Sorry Tinkerbell but my gut feeling is we will get hammered for this. I like being right but on this one, I hope I'm very wrong.
  13. Does this mean that the 'friends' we have to avoid FFP/P&S/restraint of competition, are actually the lawyers? I hope we win. If not, it could turn out disastrous.
  14. Just read through the whole thread. I genuinely don't know what to make of it all.
  15. FFS can we ban the obvious bacon warrior and his pathetic stupid username and equally pathetic threads. MODS?
  16. To be fair, we've been saying this for about 3 years (probably a lot longer) and we still don't seem to get it right.
  17. Not quite mate. Although my task is more difficult than his!
  18. Whilst I tend to agree with your assessment, I am reluctant to give Monk too much of a hard time here. The reason being, I have just started a new Manager role and my team aren't up to scratch. I can't replace them so I have to work with what I've got. I can try and make small improvements and tweaks here and there but the reality is that that they simply aren't good enough and probably never will be. I do have sympathy for Monk on that basis because I understand what he has got to contend with.
  19. Mods please merge with Todwick Owl thread, we are both saying the same thing.
  20. Came on, neat flicks, busy, creative and dangerous. Needs to start home games at the very minimum. Almost back to his old self judging on his performance tonight.
  21. There is still time but at the moment I've no idea where to even start on this team. Very very worrying.
  22. We need a spark going forward. FF isn't the same player as he was but surely the Monkmeister has to put him on at half time or at the very least, 55 mins.
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