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  1. It might not be a lot of money to you but £11 is the kids lunch money at school for some.
  2. Keeley is my favourite. A mate told me she even has a group dedicated to her on Facebook.
  3. WTF? Can we get back to the stats please lads and lasses? I've seen enough sweaty bum cracks this evening.
  4. How long would you have banned him for, just out of interest?
  5. I think it's an interesting thread to be bumped. I've been wondering what the previous stats were at this stage of the season (I know I could have probably looked them up myself but I prefer others to do the work for me ). Like @Bez says, the key now is relative consistency. Repeat what we've done over the first 3rd of the season, we are likely to be top 8, possibly top 6. For me, we can afford to lose one game in 5 but we have to avoid those dreaded draws, especially at home. I think 88 points or so will win the league this year, 72-74 might get us in the play offs. It's certainly all to play for, we have a mean defence but a slightly goal shy attack, bar a couple of games. We need to take it 5 games at a time and aim for W3 D1 L1 as a minimum. Given our current form, this may well be possible and see us in the mix for certain top 6 and possibly top 2.
  6. Not even a debate for me. 3 points for us. Be nice to win the rugby thing but won't affect me either way.
  7. He is fantastic and by the end of the season will be worth at least 10 million. And I'm not joking here, I rate him that highly.
  8. If I could plus this x 1000 I would. Brilliant.
  9. Don't normally comment on the commentators but my goodness, they are soooooo biased. It's like a Leeds love in.
  10. Not sure this formation is working. Bit under the cosh.
  11. I couldn't fault Dawson's performance tonight. That is all.
  12. Are we worried? I thought we battled our way to a result tonight but a second goal would have killed them off. First half I thought we controlled but seemed that Stoke sussed us out, similar to the Cardiff game. Of course not complaining about the result but I think we make it more difficult than it is. Need to set a better shape to counter teams in the second half, we ran out of ideas.
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