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  1. Theboylangers

    Half season tickets

    Rules are rules I suppose. The way they've been applied in this case seems open to question for the sake of a few days. My phone broke and I wasn't due an upgrade for another week, my mobile provider let me off and upgraded me as they could see from the database that I was a loyal longstanding customer. We're all family aren't we except when it suits and then we're customers....
  2. Theboylangers


    Got to be a wind up. I know you don't like Jos mate but I really can't see us ever employing our Portuguese friend again.
  3. Theboylangers

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    Absolutely this. How can we be in a better position when we've been under an embargo and that's probably the reason why our high earners aren't playing?
  4. Undecided but likely to be my dining room. I am dreading it and I don't even associate with any of the low life pig scum.
  5. My main thought is that I am bricking it for Friday. I know I should man up and stop being a big girl's blouse. But I can't help it. Sorry.
  6. My overriding memory of Petrescu is getting murdered in the 2-5 home defeat against Derby. I might be wrong though, someone on here might remember.
  7. To change the subject back to the thread and derail all you pervs, I'm not sure Petrescu would get anywhere near my erm, fantasy side.
  8. Theboylangers

    Megson v mick

    Surely it is time to bring home. #thiscitywillbeoursifthegingergeniusreturns
  9. Theboylangers

    Chansiri's recruitment process?

    I agree with the sentiment here but there's a difference in not winning in 5 and losing all 5. Because you could draw 5 games consecutively and you haven't won. Sorry to be pedantic.
  10. Theboylangers


    To be fair, Cook's reputation has probably increased since you wrote that. But still a great shout even back then. Very good manager.
  11. Theboylangers

    Unholy Trinity

    For a true quadrangle of quagmire of past managers, see Shreeves, Turner, Irvine, Yorath. Jos Will be the fifth member if he carries on.
  12. Theboylangers

    Advice for Mr Chansiri

    We're all too busy hounding the manager who is basically Mr Chansiri's fall guy.
  13. Theboylangers

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    I'm just going to leave one of my previous posts below which I got negged for 2 games ago. Looks like I was right although I take zero pleasure from it. 'Happy with the last 2 performances and results? No, thought not. It's a recurring theme, we need to wake up to it.'