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  1. Sorry but he is crap. Seen enough 'strikers' at Wednesday who don't score goals to last me a lifetime. Bye Nuhiu.
  2. It's like waiting for the bloody air bridges to open getting a verdict on this.
  3. Because that wouldn't be any fun and we wouldn't be able to slag the club off without knowing any of the facts.
  4. The key here is that the article states 'some players'. So therefore, not all players indicating that 'some' have also been paid. Why would we pay some and not others?
  5. She did say that. However, she was confused, it was meant to be that Bristol City are 5 points from the play offs.
  6. Ultimately it depends what price/odds is being offered and for which outcome before I decide what to put my £100 on. However, my opinion is that we will get shafted with a large points deduction which will get appealed by the club and reduced to a suspended deduction and a big fine.
  7. I've been critical in the past of Barry but today showed just what he is all about. Technically excellent, always where he needs to be to tidy things up for us. I think playing alongside Lee also helps him as they work well together. MOM thoroughly deserved by just a whisker from the excellent Wildsmith.
  8. Runs the channels well, would like to see him beat a man but no complaints today. Unlucky with the shot in the closing stages.
  9. He had a horror show against Birmingham not so long ago. But agree with the sentiment, he looked assured and I felt better with him in the net.
  10. Bannan, Lee and Luongo. Quality midfield. We gave loads of niggly fouls away that stopped them from playing. And these 3 were right at the heart of it.
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