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  1. Rednapp

    Can't afford Wilder.
  2. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    I have to agree. Absolutely dreadful and almost Alan Partridgesque in the embarrassment levels.
  3. Which lines have been reduced in price? Anyone know? Genuine question, rarely see prices going down anywhere, never mind a football club.
  4. Very good, well reasoned argument and you also took the emotion out of an emotive subject.
  5. I hate it when I miss all the excitement.
  6. Sean Clare to be our Deli Ali?

    WTF ? I thought we were talking about Sean Clare. FFS.
  7. I read it. I thought it was very articulate and well written. Whether I agree with the content is a different discussion.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt 2018/19

    I would buy the black one and I haven't bought a shirt for 15 years.
  9. Chris Kirkland - Anxiety

    at Tinkerbell and marcx666.
  10. Sparkling Martini Rose wine. £25 for 6 bottles at Asda. Back of the net.
  11. Butterfield

    I wish we would make our minds up on here. Last week it was a massive mistake letting Winnall go, now his replacement has turned into Pele!
  12. Well thats put me in my place.

    Another great win. It is a strange league this year. Anything could happen but I'm worried that we've let the top 3 get too much leeway.
  13. Happy with the win and 3 points.