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  1. When everything goes our way, we can look almost brilliant. But when it doesn't, we look absolutely shocking. We are a very strange team this season.
  2. To be fair, Borner took the guy out and took one for the team. Definitely a yellow.
  3. It's been like this since made Hillsborough a fortress.
  4. Yes, was surprised that the ref allowed this. Bit too similar the colours in my opinion. Not that that would excuse how dire we were!
  5. Which is fair enough. But why set up with Bannan playing behind Lee and Luongo? That's not attacking intent and neither is playing one up front at home.
  6. If you take the hyphen out of the thread title, that's how I feel.
  7. It looked like a booking but not a red. Haven't seen it again, was it a red card offence?
  8. Left at half time. Utter shambles. Can we please stop with playing one up front at home?
  9. You normally post pretty good stuff and I enjoy reading your posts. Unfortunately, I think this one is slightly misjudged.
  10. I saw him on the train from Sheffield to Manchester today. True story.
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