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  1. I've just paid 2 grand for this collection. Thought it was a bit steep. I think I might have paid over the odds.
  2. Genius. If you've done this yourself then you've won Owlstalk tonight.
  3. We are coming to the point of the match where will see if we have learnt the lessons from last season in terms of conceding late goals.
  4. He always had the talent. It was the application that was lacking.
  5. I am praying we win just because of the shithousery on their free kick from which they equalised last year.
  6. Key now is to frustrate them for the first 20 minutes of the second half. FFS don't concede straight after half time Wednesday.
  7. Ah well. Win some, lose some. On this rare occasion, I think we won.
  8. Wildsmith in goal, Kachunga in place of Windass or Rhodes. Apart from that, I agree.
  9. I think the season is almost ruined before it's started. It's difficult to acknowledge that it's extremely unlikely we'll be challenging for the play offs and instead face a season long relegation battle. I just hope the appeal gets it reduced but I can't see it.
  10. My favourite bit is the 'given the moving feast of Covid-19 ramifications'. Lovely wordsmithery.
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