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  1. The biggest problem in this team and with these players is that NO-ONE takes responsibility. Not one of them. It's all over the place. Let's hope for a better second half..
  2. We could fight back from conceding the first goal.....
  3. Minor details. FFS, people always have to concentrate on the negatives.
  4. Moore will be lucky to last 9 months under this 'ownership'. However, I wish him all the best and hope it works out.
  5. SYP will be all over any protest. Expect plenty of £200 fines to be dished out.
  6. See my thread from 6th February. We are going down, all the signs have been there for months, probably a lot longer than that. The sooner you accept it, the less painful it will be when it happens.
  7. But, but he's got metal pins in his knees innit.
  8. There's a few things there that should definitely be Barry Banned.
  9. That's better. I admire your optimism and I hope you're right. I've been clinging onto the fact that we appeared to have improved. Today was a massive kick in the nuts.
  10. No I haven't. However, I thought today was a must avoid defeat game. We ended up getting stuffed.
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