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  1. Theboylangers

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    Naughty realist, this is like plussing your own posts...
  2. Theboylangers


    I did Miss Scarlett up the wrong un. Apart from that you've missed nowt.
  3. Theboylangers

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I agreed with the signings. Not sure the fans bought into the excessive wages we have paid to get these 'superstars' to sign for us. Who the flip is/was the accountant at the club who should have been shouting we are going to end up in trouble if we sign loads of players on 25k per week (wage figures not FACT).
  4. I wish I could plus this more. Seen enough of both to think that neither should be first team choices. Fine as back up though. Disappointing that this currently seems to be the market in which we are working, especially given the survey question. I expect that we will do some business but I think it needs to start happening soon to reassure the fans that we are going to be fully prepared for the new season.
  5. Theboylangers

    What they up to?

    Agree, although some on here won't respect you for your research.
  6. Theboylangers

    Back from Lincoln

    I'm not certain but I guess he was referring to Carlos who created the mess, not Chansiri ?
  7. Theboylangers

    Remember when

    103 seconds of pork.
  8. Theboylangers

    That survey

    Not convinced about Chansiri and even less about the ridiculous survey; loaded question if I ever saw one. I still think we will buy/loan a couple of players but they won't be anyone we've ever heard of. However, I still believe that we can be competitive in this league if our best 16 are injury free for most of the season.
  9. I agree with you. Wonder if we'll learn from the Winnall situation last and put a recall clause in?
  10. Theboylangers

    OITP was one of the best days ever.

    What a tremendous effort from all involved. This is why we are truly a family club.
  11. At last we get the stripes back. Thanks Wednesday, it's not been the same without them.
  12. Theboylangers

    The Star Green 'Un app

    Tell us what you really feel, don't hold back.
  13. Because you can then charge massively over the odds if a bit of posh sounding snap is on offer.
  14. Theboylangers

    What about this scenario???

    We'd never hear the end of it, a bit like we don't let them forget the Boxing Day Massacre. On that basis, I'm out.