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  1. I think he'll have a year left on his contract. Right or wrong, we may decide to cash in. Reasonable fee and wages saved. I'd personally keep him but I can understand the sentiment.
  2. I wouldn't sack him and I don't think Chansiri will either. It is imperative that we make a very good start next season though. It won't take long for the knives to come out if we don't.
  3. I've decided that I will start booing every time we score.
  4. Can't believe our fans were enjoying the fact that we were in with a chance of going to Wembley. Idiots, the lot of them.
  5. Which new manager are we bringing in? Obvs just joking
  6. We will storm the league next season. We will be promoted by February and will have a record points and goal difference in doing so.
  7. I wish we'd had a few more hat trick anomalies and a few other goals this season but I see your point. Key thing is to hold on to Gregory who definitely has another season in him and Bannan who also does. Sign Dean if we can and a decent keeper. We will absolutely ******** the league.
  8. I tend agree with with most of this. I still think it's worth persisting with Berahino. I think he will get 15-20 goals in this league next season. Granted, he gives little in the way of defensive duties.
  9. A bit like the rookie Huddersfield goalie in the play offs a few years ago. Who, incidentally, we never tested either. Poor.
  10. It's all a bit disappointing. Almost like we haven't got our tactics right. We will however, get one golden opportunity against these. We need to take it.
  11. Try and stop the head tennis and constant shithousery from anti football Neil. I know that's not easy but it's what we have to do.
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