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  1. I'm delighted how bad United are. Their ultra consistent losing start is beyond my wildest dreams.
  2. As we Owls know after our miserable losing sequences under the ill fated Monk, the fans start asking questions of the manager when results are bad. Indeed, many of our fans were saying no other club would put up with the sequence of losses that we were racking up at the time. Now Wilder is on an even worse run than Monk ever managed with us. His team look disjointed, expensive signings not fitting into the his famous 'system'. Worst start in Premier League history. At what point does the Poundland Prince pull the trigger?
  3. I agree with this, pretty much my thoughts. Especially about Henderson vs. Ramsdale.
  4. I think we are moving in a different direction playing style wise. As much as I appreciate Bannan's talents, maybe it's time to move on.
  5. Other support groups are available. Contact TheCultOfPulis.com for any additional counselling.
  6. And what a beautiful sound it will be when we start WINNING games again.
  7. I want Wednesday to WIN. In every game we play. I don't care whether we play tippy tappy across the back or whether we launch it to the big centre forward for flick ons and knockdowns. WINNING is all that matters. And I believe we have just hired the man that will get us WINS on a regular basis.
  8. 8/10 on the flounce meter. In all seriousness mate, you are a good poster, take a break, watch it all unfold and then come back and tell all of us Pulis believers we were wrong if it goes titsup.
  9. Not convinced about this comment. Very disrespectful to the victims.
  10. Well it couldn't get much worse could it. Typical of Wednesday fans to write him off before we've played a game under him. Let's face it, the squad is an absolute shitshow and it needs someone to kick it into shape and playing with organisation and desire. And more importantly, get as many points as we can in our relegation battle (because make no mistake, that's the position we are in). I think we have the right man to do that.
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