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  1. So back on topic... Gail Platt. Yes or no?
  2. PM me. I don't have the files but PM me anyway.
  3. Du blasen? That's the only German I know.
  4. Not sure I said it has ruined my life but you carry on inferring.
  5. £39 in the South for non members. (Other prices and stands are available.) Had there been something riding on it (still could be but not likely), then fair enough. Bit too much for what will be essentially a dead rubber.
  6. To be fair, I didn't say I thought he could do a job for us. I just asked if anyone else thought he could.
  7. Anyone else think that Kieffer Moore could do a job for us?
  8. I think you've sown the seeds for a lot of grass related jokes.
  9. Absolutely this in bold. It makes my blood boil what he did. In fact, I need a lie down every time his name is mentioned. An absolute fraud of a manager.
  10. I'd keep Westwood and loan/sign Hector if funds allow. The rest can go for me.
  11. Welcome back Buxton. I for one are glad you are pasting again.
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