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  1. I'd keep him. There's a lot worse: Kachunga Green Reach Harris Dele Borner Lees Pelupessy Shaw Palmer Etc etc.
  2. I've just been for a long sleep after getting smashed this afternoon. I thought I was still in the middle of a bad dream until I logged back onto Owlstalk and saw someone advocating I support Barnsley. FFS.
  3. He tries. Ultimately though, not quite good enough. I wouldn't want him 'driving' our midfield next season.
  4. Most of them won't be here next season, for a variety of reasons.
  5. First time in our history that we'll get 100 points I've heard.
  6. I'm optimistic that we will be in the top 8 next season - if we keep the right players out of the current squad and sign the correct players to get us out of that hell hole of a league. Over to you DC.
  7. Yep. You can also point the finger at so many other results.
  8. When everyone is shouting sack Moore (or any other manager), the players aren't good enough. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST. MAJOR DECISIONS AFFECTING OUR CLUB ARE INFLUENCED BY A TEENAGER.
  9. Jeff Stelling was having a whinge about this. I can see starting games at the exact same time but you can't control what happens during the game. For that reason, I'm out.
  10. Not his fault we are down but not good enough in this league. Will likely be fine next season if he's not injured all the time.
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