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  1. Long shot but I’m after two adult tickets for tomorrow if any one has any going? Happy to collect
  2. tunein radio has 5 live extra with commentary of our game
  3. Done it on iPhone so don't know if it will work
  4. worth buying just to see james o'connors overhead kick against brentford over and over again, still shocks me everytime i see it!
  5. half time behind kop waiting to get a drink, one man for the full 15 minutes singing the lewis buxton song on his own, people laughing at him, chanting over him and yet he still carried on. fair play to the lad. he walked past us just as the second goal went in so the three of us celebrated it with him by singing the buxton song. Also in a pub back in rotherham the dj at a wedding party we were at (after missing my aunties wedding for match) was a big wednesdayite and kept playing wednesday songs for us to sing along to. All in all a top top day that will never be forgotton.
  6. Seem to remember him doing a boxing day match a few year back aswell and had a really good game I remember commenting how it was nice to get a decent ref for a change
  7. http://www.blackpoolfc.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10432~2597492,00.html Looks like our good friend will be referee for blackpool game. Whats chance's of this game being ruined by the man in the middle again? Has he ever had a decent game? I know i've not seen one
  8. went to man city Vs. newcastle and they had the same barriers to keep fans apart. lead all away fans straight to a fenced car park with waiting coaches which seemed to help alot as there had been trouble inside the ground.
  9. absolute bargain at 50k....definitely money well spent
  10. ordered mine last wednesday night and arrived friday morning
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