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  1. Still a bully as recently as 2011 - likes it when the numbers are 5:1 in his favour like most 'hardmen'.
  2. That's the spirit! :-) Unlike those lads who organised that one let me assure you that I am not a non dom neither do I have all my royalties channelled through Holland.
  3. It was worth a try. I was lucky enough to be at the Everton game when his Dad made his debut and followed the Owls home and away during his career. I hope my kids get the same sort of opportunity at some point, even though I could take or leave the Premier League myself.
  4. OK - we can just go back to moaning about how our sugar daddy is not as generous as the one down the road.
  5. Thats modern football and I'm not here to apologise or make excuses for it nor do I want this thread to debate the morals of this specific situation of football in general.
  6. Let's crowdfund George Hirst's new contract. I appreciate the positions of both parties on this matter and I know Wednesdayites have strong feelings on this subject, but perhaps we can come together to grease the wheels of this deal as follows:- Weekly direct debits of between £1 & £5 can be set up by Wednesdayites. Target is to raise £10000 per week. Removes any concerns Chansiri has about this deal impacting our FFP model. The gesture in itself I would hope would carry significant significance with both parties involved. Hopefu
  7. Critics of Jones of which I have been one know full well what he brings to the table. Supporters of Jones claim to have knowledge of the game which his critics could never understand. His legs have gone - end of chat. In a midfield two and with just two centre backs behind him that was cruelly exposed time and time again. He is a honest pro with a good CV and the new formation allows us to get the best out of him. Hope he can play the old pro and support the younger lads in the team, but there will be no more Championship promotions o
  8. I'm 44 now and have been watching Wednesday since 1977 and am probably a veteran of 500 Wednesday matches. Some years I've had season tickets others not. I'm in the middle of a 3 year one now. Plenty of reason to walk away over the years and become selective with my viewing (Bert McGee, Larry May, Mr Tom, David Pleat, Ola Tidman, I could go on) and I have from time to time and will again in the future no doubt. If you want to walk now I don't blame you - the football has been appalling and some of the players appear spineless. However please don'
  9. And by the way I've got a season ticket for another season and the thought of watching Dave Jones & Butterfield playing together for us makes me want to stick pins in my eyes - I'm no happy clapper.
  10. I boycotted Hillsborough (eventually) when Dave Allen was in charge and still won't got to his venues in Sheffield now. However as childish as this is offer was and is it isn't in the same parish to what Allen got up too. Chansiri has led with his chin which you should never do but I can't be offended by this - not even close.
  11. By breaking play up do you mean fouling an opposition player because the bloke hasn't got a tackle or block in him. I've seen milk turn quicker.
  12. A signing on par with Larry May - absolutely flipping useless. He sums up our transfer policy over the last 18 months and he's got another season left.
  13. No axe to grind with Jones and I don't sit there knocking him but for a defensive midfielder I expect him to be around the edge of the box getting blocks in and shepherding their players out of the danger area. Last night they had numerous efforts from the edge of our box and Jones wasn't even in the picture. When they were playing one twos on the edge of our box again he was nowhere to be seen. When our full backs get caught up the pitch does he ever cover the ground to fill in for them - not once. It's always a centre back that has to step out to do that job. Yes he is discip
  14. There are 2 blokes who sit on the back row of the North Stand towards the Kop. They both look like Junior Soprano (presume they are father and son) and wear identical caps. They are forever moaning and shouting 'ger it forad' and when we work a short corner I am worried (hoping) that they are going to spontaneously combust. I am waiting for our next short corner routine to result in a goal and then me and the 3 kids are going to run up the stairs and flick the V's at them from close range. UTO.
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