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  1. One available meet at ground. First to claim Gets it
  2. As title. Circumstances have changed and can make Bolton match. Happy to pay or give up my Wycombe ticket for a Bolton ticket. Thanks In advance
  3. As title. Adults ticket available. Collection from s17.
  4. 2 adult tickets available for Birmingham. Will be returned to the club this Saturday if there’s no takers!
  5. Just booked mine. Lass in the ticket office said there was roughly 600 left!
  6. I know him very well. An absolute legend around local football in Sheffield. Made a big impact on my life. Fly safe Nigel Goodinson.
  7. Can someone just explain what a fact is. I'm confused
  8. It takes him ages to turn up but when Ryan does we get multiple graphs. My mind is blown!
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