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  1. 2 adult tickets available for Birmingham. Will be returned to the club this Saturday if there’s no takers!
  2. Just booked mine. Lass in the ticket office said there was roughly 600 left!
  3. I know him very well. An absolute legend around local football in Sheffield. Made a big impact on my life. Fly safe Nigel Goodinson.
  4. Can someone just explain what a fact is. I'm confused
  5. It takes him ages to turn up but when Ryan does we get multiple graphs. My mind is blown!
  6. Come on Ryan let's see the progression on that beautiful graph of yours!!
  7. Been selected to be on sky for this game. Tuesday 4th April. Quite good for us owls fans considering the low allocation we will be receiving.
  8. Sorry can't help on this. If nobody comes forward maybe the hotel will allow you to use the money as a voucher for a future stay.
  9. I bought one for myself and the missus. I miss 2 games due to work commitments. I suppose my main reasons was the possible play off tickets rush again. Also starting a new job in time for next season working days instead of the shift work i've been doing not allowing me to make as many games as I would like.
  10. I backed this when we was 3rd favourites at 5/1 and even I didn't believe there was a chance. Still don't for that matter, but it would be nice!
  11. No doubt who's matchday thread it is today! Big crowd and would be an either bigger 3 points. UTO
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