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  1. Right back: Buxton, like Reda, earned his chance. I personally think he's done better than some have said on here; but opinions aside, Lee hasn't been available anyway. Buxton picked up a knock preseason, so started the first few games not quite fit. Lee is now in the same place I think - i.e. even if he is back from injury, he hasn't had a preseason, so won't be fully match fit. As an aside - the last few games have seen our fullbacks up against some of the best wingers around. Putting different players in there would've had little effect. Mattock n Lee will get their chance I'm sure.
  2. Left Back: Reda earned his chance to show that he can make the step up, and although he's not been perfect (see rough with smooth thread...etc) he's done a reasonable job and provides an additional aerial threat at set pieces. DJ obviously thought that we needed as much pace as possible to cope with Fulham. Dan Jones is the quickest we've got. He did well, so as the same applied against Palarse, have him another shot. I'd expect Mattock to be given a shot at it soon.
  3. 7 pts from 4 = 1.75 per game So we're not in course for 2pts per game; but we are on course for a top 6 finish. Plenty of football to be played before we get all carried away though. I'd've taken your hand off for 6th place before the season started and still would really. I do think we've got a strong chance; but let's not underestimate how much of a challenge that is for a club that has just come up from League One. A mid-table finish would be an achievement to be fair. Be reyt! UTO!
  4. we don't have to worry about that rule until next season ;)
  5. just read the DJ comments thread. I reckon he means COG. Fans love him, but he's not a DJ type of player I don't think. My prediction: COG out, Bothroyd in.
  6. I think half the posters on here get the names wrong when they put their player ratings/verdicts out there!
  7. baller: kid off the streets that has caught a MASSIVE break
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