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  1. He's behind the ball when its played. He's onside.
  2. You missed out the "sale" of the ground in that year. S3 (or S4 before it was dissolved) must have the financial guarantees as well otherwise it traded insolvent.
  3. Actually the rules allow for differing year ends and also, like Wednesday did in 2018, extended years. For Wednesday it had the effect of lowering losses for 2018 but front loading for 2019.
  4. Except they paid €40m for him on a 6 year contract so €26.6m will still be in the accounts, therefore the sale of him will only net €53.4m - but I am sure they will know that.
  5. Depends what your definition of a journeyman is. For Coutts, United is his fourth club, as it is for Basham (also had a loan spell at Rochdale), Fleck has played for three clubs including United (also had a loan spell at Blackpool). Duffy - United are his fourth permanent league club (he also had 2 loan spells). O'Connell his on his third permanent club (although he never was released by Blackburn without actually playing a game although he did have three loan moves whilst there) Might agree with you about Sharp and Clarke. But how many clubs make a journeyman? If you are including the l
  6. I think you might be a bit mistaken with the journeyman comment. Their side on Friday night was: Blackman - 24 (it was his birthday on Friday - on loan from Chelsea) Baldock - 24 Stephens - 27 Basham - 29 Cameron-Vickers - 19 (on loan from Tottenham) O'Connell - 23 Coutts - 29 Fleck - 26 Duffy - 32 Sharp - 31 Clarke - 32 Subs - Brooks (for Sharp) - 20 Lundstram (for Duffy) - 23 Average age at start of game - 24.9 Average age at end of game - 23.1 This compares with Wednesday's team yesterday:
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