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  1. wiseoldowl

    penney may be off

    Has anyone heard owt about his contract talks.
  2. I would never change a winning team
  3. wiseoldowl


    Then we would know where we stand.
  4. wiseoldowl


    Does anyone know if we are under a transfer embargo. It's worrying because of no incoming transfers.
  5. wiseoldowl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Probably but it was too late burned their bridges
  6. wiseoldowl

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Only reason he left i think is carlos bought a lot of strikers so gh didnt get a look in he last season should have been on the bench so then he might have signed but its done now so who cares im more interested in the players we have got
  7. wiseoldowl

    New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Put him in defence
  8. wiseoldowl


    he hasnt had the money
  9. wiseoldowl


    I would have mick mccarthy in a heart beat british managers are best at getting promoted out of this league
  10. wiseoldowl


    He has to go
  11. Does anybody think it would be worth buying for 45 quid
  12. I know hirst waddle and viv anderson are on the football with a few others
  13. How much money would a football signed by some of the Sheffield Wednesday squad be worth. Many thanks