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  1. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Put him in defence
  2. Manager

    he hasnt had the money
  3. Manager

    I would have mick mccarthy in a heart beat british managers are best at getting promoted out of this league

    He has to go
  5. Does anybody think it would be worth buying for 45 quid
  6. I know hirst waddle and viv anderson are on the football with a few others
  7. How much money would a football signed by some of the Sheffield Wednesday squad be worth. Many thanks
  8. Sorry had gloves on plus that stupid predictive text
  9. starting lx

    My young son typed this team. A bit sad going on about capitals its a Football forum not a School.
  10. Josh Sims....

    just what we need
  11. hopefully he can turn it around, go bac k to 1st seasons tactics
  12. starting lx

    westwood VENENCIO LEES VAN AKEN BOYD HUTCH(IF FIT) Bannan reach forestieri Fletcher hooper
  13. Rhodes - away?

    he'll probably score over 20 goals if he goes to wolves or sunderland