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  1. boxing_day

    Rhodes to Norwich

    I’m really not going to put that on. But someone I know involved in the deal. Just check my posts from last week, I mentioned this was ongoing in another thread.
  2. boxing_day

    Rhodes to Norwich

    It’s a loan. Full transfer not being discussed for this season. Although I’d imagine there will be a buy price at the end of the season. Wages are agreed, the only thing holding it up is the loan fee, and how/when it’s paid. With Maddison all but gone with lots of up front cash I can’t see it being an issue.
  3. Our best and most important player for me. Our only genuine match winner. I’d say in a full season he’s worth a 20 point sway to us. So: Bottom 8 without Top 8 with. If he’s to go we need 2/3 replacements ready to go, and a huge fee to make it worthwhile. That means to us he’s worth circa 25m. But I can’t see anyone paying over 15m. Which is why I don’t think he’ll go.
  4. boxing_day

    Andy rhodes

    I would say I’m 95% this will happen. All but done.
  5. boxing_day

    Andy rhodes

  6. boxing_day

    Andy rhodes

    No idea about Andy, but Jordan will be a Norwich player by the end of next week if we can agree a loan fee, wages sorted.
  7. boxing_day

    Our fire sale

    Cross is correct - top earners will be leaving. However contrary to popular belief FF and BB aren’t top earners and won’t be leaving. The top earners (or some of will be leaving) - expect several of Rhodes, lees, Fletcher, hooper, Westwood, abdi and Boyd to go.
  8. boxing_day

    9 games left

    Impossible to say. With that 11 yesterday 3 to 6 points. Add in Bannan, hutch, ff, jva for those games and 15 points is easily attainable.
  9. boxing_day

    Injury update

    We will see ff very soon.
  10. boxing_day

    Jones and Butterfield

    Not a huge fan of either but jones has done ok at times. The major issue is playing them in the same side. They should never ever be on the pitch together, the lack of mobility across the squad is an issue, but with those 2 together in midfield it makes it near impossible to win games. Even with 3 in the middle we get over run. Jones with some sort of combination of reach/Clare/Bannan could work in coming weeks, but he cannot he involved at the same time as butterfield.
  11. boxing_day

    three worst teams

    Always some bizarre results at the end of the season. We have to get a result Saturday, it needs to be played like a cup final for us.
  12. He’s been left an absolute shambles by the previous manager, and at first when he came in he made us solid - you could see what he was trying to do. However since Derby his decisions, selections, changes etc have been a joke. Last night even at 1-0 it was crying out to be freshened up. Yet he didn’t make another change, baffling. I now have no idea what he’s trying to achieve. The rotation of players is not conducive to winning games, and it’s become almost as if he doesn’t know how precarious our position is! Id rate him 2/10, and backed him until last night, but that selection, structure, changes was enough for me to turn. I genuinely think we could go down now. Lose Saturday and the trigger has to be pulled even for just a knee jerk couple of results.
  13. boxing_day

    Liam Palmer

    His performance on Saturday was far worse, put absolutely no effort in, strolling/walking back and should have been dropped. Even with the shortage of players. His performance last night was incredibly poor, but he did at least work a little harder. He cannot start Saturday though, we have to find a replacement - ash baker I’m sure would at least put a shift in.
  14. Not read the thread as so fizzed off. It was the worst first half I’ve ever seen from a Wednesday side. Unpepared and lack of quality. if liam Palmer ever pulls on a shirt again then he shouldn’t. Jack stobbs is miles offf the level required and better players on the bench. 4-0 was pathetic and deserved. It was a disgrace even with 16 out.
  15. boxing_day

    FAO Katrien Meire and SWFC

    Been in Bristol since Thursday to visit family and roads etc are fine here, safer than Sheffield when I left. M5 on the way was down to 2 lanes though and a little dicey Thursday evening. But to anyone on there way you’ll be fine once you get to Bristol.