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  1. Hope they lose every game but I do think they’ll be ok if they sign a striker, certainly a far harder season regardless. I think Fulham, West Brom, West Ham look very weak, which will save them. Some of their transfer business has been bizarre, and not really added much to the promoted side at all. Ramsdale replacing Henderson makes them a lot weaker, probably to the tune of 5-10 points over a season.
  2. For me he’s always been a middle of the road championship cb. Not comfortable enough on the ball enough to play at a higher level, but generally does the basics well. His forms declined over the last 12 months but he’s certainly capable of doing a job. He’s never been a leader though. My big problem is the contract he’s on. Which isn’t really his fault, over 25k pw is utterly ridiculous. But makes it impossible to sell and even when he was at the top of his game too much of a risk. That contract is up there with the worst bits of business we have done since Chansiri came and set the
  3. The league looks to me even weaker than the last 2 seasons. Some really, really poor sides that will struggle to add anyone in the current climate. It still depends on our additions, and for me the gk situation is a worry, but my personal expectation is we stay up relatively comfortably. Then be set for a push in 21/22.
  4. For me we should be looking at a lot better. Friends with a guy whose an Accrington fan, and told me when he joined he’s a real big problem in the dressing room. I look at our results and Wigan’s results since he joined, and find some correlation. Lots of other factors yes, but he doesn’t fit with the stuff monks said about creating the right dressing room imo. Worries me if this is the market we are playing in.
  5. I do agree on the youth part but it needs to be balanced. The lack of character in the side is a big concern for me, hence I think Morsy would be a decent signing. Also agree on Slattery, looks a real prospect but I think it would be loan, but certainly one worth going after. Not seen the other 2 play so couldn’t comment on them.
  6. Yes but I’m not sure the city lad is ready for 46 games in the champ. Luongo doesn’t look like he can play 46 games, so we will need more in there, and he’s available, probably the best we can get.
  7. Think we should be in for Morsy, leader, fighter and probably Wigan’s player of the season. He’s 28 so no resale value, but would add a lot to the squad. If we play with a 3 next season, he, luongo and Bannan would be a decent trio.
  8. I bet there is absolutely loads within the 3 year parachute period. First season though it’s pretty rare.
  9. Apparently so, can’t remember most of them now though: West Ham 10/11 QPR 12/13 Norwich 13/14 Burnley 14/15 Newcastle United 15/16
  10. In the last 10 years 30 sides have been relegated only 5 have gone straight back up.
  11. League will be weak again next year. The sides coming down will struggle, lots out quickly and a very short turnaround. Very few sides coming down succeed year 1 as it’s such a difficult transition. Shocked people are calling out Bournemouth as a threat, I would be surprised if they finish in the top half, real issues in a very old squad. Sides coming up look as weak as you’ll ever get in the champ, add to that sides like Barnsley/Luton staying up, and it’s incredibly open. Hope Fulham go up in the play offs, as they would be strong again. Sadly we don’t look set up to tak
  12. There is no way he should be given the opportunity to continue, it would be a disaster. He’s shown nothing to indicate he should still be in the role and building for next year. The lack of organisation, and shape for a team at this level in the defensive transitions is frightening. Particularly as monk was a cb. That coupled with our predictable nature going forward will see us down next year under monk, point dedication or not. The only thing I’d give him credit for is the attacking corners, we’ve clearly done some work there. His inability to man manage is the bigges
  13. Agree with you in the main, especially if we are sticking with the 3-5-2. Bannan sat deep in a centre 2 doesn’t work but in a 3 it can, you’ve only got to look at United and Norwood, provided you’ve got good fullbacks it can be very effective. Disagree on windass though, scored a few goals but came with a reputation for a reason and caused issues wherever he’s been. He’s not shown me anything to suggest he’s a long term starter. Not a fan of monk but if he is changing the culture a signing of windass, in my opinion, would be a very poor decision long term.
  14. On the outside seems very strange, they had 1 point in the league at the end of September when they took over. A toxic dressing room, losing culture at the club, and kept them up with games to spare. Must be a lot more to it.
  15. Should have been replaced a while ago. Can’t see anyone taking him now with the money he’s on though, so assume he’ll be here next season.
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