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  1. Should have been replaced a while ago. Can’t see anyone taking him now with the money he’s on though, so assume he’ll be here next season.
  2. Ouanis Akachar, genuinely nowt to do with doyen.
  3. The players are a massive problem, no doubt. But I genuinely believe we are in a relegation scrap if monk stays. Players clearly aren’t playing for him and with his tactical inconsistency I can’t see where a win is coming from. We’ve just been second best to the 2 worst (by some distance) sides in the league. After the next 2 games we have a tough run and are in serious danger of being drawn in. I don’t see any way he turns it round and certainly isn’t the right bloke to be making 10/12 signings in the summer imo. We need a boost from him going now, then make sure the right man in (easier said than done).
  4. I’ve only seen them twice this season, and they looked to have a serious lack of quality, but worked hard and fought. In terrible form currently, and we certainly should have enough to beat them. The more I think about it the more I think this a huge game. If we get beaten tonight it’s going to be toxic on Saturday. March fixtures look tough, so we need to get moving again quickly.
  5. Agree with this apart from the last sentence. Monks record and experience, due to lots of short term roles, in the transfer market is very questionable. I don’t think he’s the right man to be leading a full overhaul of this squad. In addition he’s going to be doing it with half the fan base (judging by posts on here) not happy with him, which is always going to be an uphill battle. Not sure who the right person is, but Chansiri should be looking at the market now.
  6. The football is worse than under jos. I dread to think of the season ticket sales at the moment. He’s inherited a mess but clearly not the right man. It needs a leader, a character, someone to bring the fans with them. If he gets to the summer I seriously worry for next season.
  7. Hasn’t he got another year of the 25k pw contract signed after the play off final? Looks totally shot to me, don’t know if it’s confidence, but shouldn’t be near the first 11 at the min.
  8. Borner and iorfa is clearly the strongest partnership, and we move the ball far more quickly with them at the back. With lees salary widely reported at 25k pw when he signed his contract after the playoff final, it’s probably time to sell. Might be the last time to get a fee at 29 as well.
  9. I think as other posters have mentioned the lack of pace is an issue. But, to add to that it’s the slow pace of the attack at home. Every time we get a throw, free kick or Dawson picks up the ball we are so slow to get out or get the ball moving. The opposition gets 9/10 men behind the ball and we roll the ball across the back line, usually resulting in a chip from lees forward.
  10. Just reading through the bits in the paper on this, so please excuse the ignorance. But as I read it - they both signed an agreement that they could buy each other out. The prince made an offer, that matched the figure in the signed agreement. McCabe then blocked it? Sounds like McCabe hasn’t got a leg to stand on? Other than he didn’t want to sell and the princes motives weren’t as altruistic as his (which is irrelevant). Have i I missed something?
  11. Playing like this palace won’t get 10 points. Total lack of application, and possibly the worst shape youlll see in the premier league. As bad as performance as you’ll see at that level from Benteke today. United outworked them by a factor of 10.
  12. If he can keep himself off the booze, he could be a Ross Wallace type signing for us. Decent delivery, and something very different out wide, where we are short. Needs to get his head down though.
  13. Brentford also signed Pinnock from Barnsley....I could see Fulham being in for Konsa, all makes sense really, well in the world of transfer rumours.
  14. Seems like a top fella and had a great 18 months with us. He was also outstanding against United last season at their place, when our backs were against the wall. Gave absolutely everything for the shirt.
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