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  1. boxing_day

    Team v Hull

    I really don’t think Palmer can play on Saturday. A bad performance and he’s going to get crucified by the crowd. He’s out of his depth, and the knifes are out. I’d play baker or even Boyd in front of him. Give Palmer 90 at Sunderland under less pressure.
  2. Great summary, thank you. I’m still shocked, if we are in this much of a mess, especially for next year - why hasn’t the ground be sponsored. And, can whoever suggested selling FF be thrown of a cliff?
  3. boxing_day

    The Money's got to come from Us

    I think the OP has a point, but for me the fans have committed and have provided a huge increase in revenue since DC came to the club. I think we’ve done our bit - what additional revenue streams have been created by the club? The obvious one a stadium sponsor, if we are on the cusp of ffp surely that’s a no brainier?
  4. boxing_day

    no 1 keeper and captain

    I’m surprised anyone thinks lees. Great player but not a captain. Quietest bloke in the squad, not a leader. As for the keepers, assuming Westwood is off, Dawson for me. Think wildsmiths a better shot stopper but has a mistake in him.
  5. boxing_day


    Nearly 29 and had one good season in the championship. Ipswich want 7.5m. I really hope they get him for that price, would be a really poor bit of business. Decent player but not at that price.
  6. Literally saw it with my own 2 eyes, pal.
  7. This shouldn’t need saying, but the chairman showed people the top salaries of players at a fans forum - nobody is anywhere near 60k or 50k. It’s absolutely ridiculous that these myths keep getting peddled.
  8. Great deal for the club, we’ve driven a very hard bargain and won.
  9. The deal is not off, it’s in exactly the same place it has been for 2 weeks.
  10. This might have been posted but heard Westwood to Brighton. Not sure if there is any truth. But I think they want another possible 1st choice keeper for competition for Ryan, and I’m sure with a decent fee he’d be available.
  11. boxing_day

    Rhodes to Norwich

    I’m really not going to put that on. But someone I know involved in the deal. Just check my posts from last week, I mentioned this was ongoing in another thread.
  12. boxing_day

    Rhodes to Norwich

    It’s a loan. Full transfer not being discussed for this season. Although I’d imagine there will be a buy price at the end of the season. Wages are agreed, the only thing holding it up is the loan fee, and how/when it’s paid. With Maddison all but gone with lots of up front cash I can’t see it being an issue.
  13. Our best and most important player for me. Our only genuine match winner. I’d say in a full season he’s worth a 20 point sway to us. So: Bottom 8 without Top 8 with. If he’s to go we need 2/3 replacements ready to go, and a huge fee to make it worthwhile. That means to us he’s worth circa 25m. But I can’t see anyone paying over 15m. Which is why I don’t think he’ll go.
  14. boxing_day

    Andy rhodes

    I would say I’m 95% this will happen. All but done.
  15. boxing_day

    Andy rhodes