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  1. For us it’s a big game, as they always are. For them it’s enormous, a must win. A defeat would be a massive dent in their promotion hopes. Absolutely all the pressure is on them, they expect to win and need the result. This could be another catalyst like 2012.
  2. Palmer at lb and iorfa at rb. Fox is the slowest of the 3 and with the way united overlap he can’t start, as he’ll get caught out.
  3. No chance. He’s coming back from injury and part of the first team at Everton. He wouldn’t drop to the championship as prem clubs would take him, along with clubs in every top league in Europe.
  4. A friend who is a copper has told me they have had leave cancelled this morning for the 4th. So I’m certain this is true.
  5. Is this confirmed? How many Monday night championship games do sky have? Don’t they normally show prem games on the MNF? Seems a bloody strange choice if true? The process for this as I understand it is sky tell the club, and make the police aware. The police can agree or disagree. Then it’s confirmed. So what’s the source? If the police have confirmed and agreed then I guess leave would be cancelled and people will know.....
  6. May have been in for Holgate as well. I have no idea, but as I said we definitely, along with United asked Hudders about vlp’s avaliablity over a week ago. Lots of hudders players available and being touted round as they try to freshen the squad - would surprise me if we look at other players there.
  7. Im not on twitter but Wednesday, boro and United were all in for him.
  8. Van la parra is the player we asked about and missed out on.
  9. Love this ‘FACT’ Bruce signed him for Sunderland, and only managed him for 3 months in that time Westwood broke into the team replacing mignolet, with Bruce commenting it’s because of how hard he trained! Bruce then tried to sign him twice after. The lad is clearly a united fan trying to stir the pot realising we are now on the up again. Really deserves to be hounded I’m afraid.
  10. Could definitely see James Bree on loan. Just coming back from injury, dean smith looking to add players in his position (so I don’t think he wants him), and a position we need to strengthen.
  11. Absolutely embarrassing from him. They hardly had a shot. We were there for the taking and tactically he got it all wrong. His use of Norwood and not taking him off made it so easy for us. They got in decent positions but used him as a quarterback that allowed us to set our shape. Instead of getting players on the ball and running at us. He cost them the result just like he did in jan.
  12. His lack of effort on the pitch this season has been unreal. But what’s even more surprising is after his performances at qpr and Birmingham he kept his place (qpr being the worst performance I’ve ever seen from him). What does that say to other players?
  13. For me he’s got two real floors that limit him as a player - decision making and his engine. Playing as a wing back exposes both of these to the limit and he just can’t play the role, as he can’t cover the ground, and is never sure if he should commit. As a rb he’s capable at this level and is playing well at the moment. I think a team (allegedly) looking for promotion needs better but he can certainly do a job, as long as he continues to play the traditional rb role.
  14. I disagree. It’s the shape of the team, and a flat back four which is why we are conceding less. We all just want the 3 points and we will get more with ff over the season in side. Especially if we continue to play the flat back four, with the players we have. The crazy thing is I believe we could be top if we’d set up like this at Wigan. I think we’d have got an extra 5 points beating them and hull. Small margins.
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