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  1. Absolutely embarrassing from him. They hardly had a shot. We were there for the taking and tactically he got it all wrong. His use of Norwood and not taking him off made it so easy for us. They got in decent positions but used him as a quarterback that allowed us to set our shape. Instead of getting players on the ball and running at us. He cost them the result just like he did in jan.
  2. boxing_day

    Nuhiu... Off off off

    His lack of effort on the pitch this season has been unreal. But what’s even more surprising is after his performances at qpr and Birmingham he kept his place (qpr being the worst performance I’ve ever seen from him). What does that say to other players?
  3. boxing_day

    Liam Palmer

    For me he’s got two real floors that limit him as a player - decision making and his engine. Playing as a wing back exposes both of these to the limit and he just can’t play the role, as he can’t cover the ground, and is never sure if he should commit. As a rb he’s capable at this level and is playing well at the moment. I think a team (allegedly) looking for promotion needs better but he can certainly do a job, as long as he continues to play the traditional rb role.
  4. boxing_day


    I disagree. It’s the shape of the team, and a flat back four which is why we are conceding less. We all just want the 3 points and we will get more with ff over the season in side. Especially if we continue to play the flat back four, with the players we have. The crazy thing is I believe we could be top if we’d set up like this at Wigan. I think we’d have got an extra 5 points beating them and hull. Small margins.
  5. boxing_day


    Of course we could, but there are comments in this thread alluding to we won because ff didn’t play. Which isn’t the case. We won the games because of the tatical changes. The shape we played in the first 3 didn’t work, it’s been rectified, and fair play to the manager.
  6. boxing_day


    Good that we have got 3 wins on the bounce, but I do think all 3 will finish in the bottom half of the table. The proof of this side will be in the next 2 months. However, simply say ff not playing is the reason we won these 3 games is frankly bizarre. Who knows, we may have won all 3 more comfortably with him starting 11. I personally think he would have offered a lot more than matias has going forward and a similar work rate. The big difference is the shape though. That’s what’s changed in these games, we are far more rigid, that’s not to do with ff. Its a tactical change. We’ve been more narrow without the ball, pressed the ball 10 yards higher and tried to move it forward quicker.
  7. boxing_day


    No chance of him leaving this windows unless the offer is massive imo. Several factors in play, I know some people will find this hard to believe but the player doesn’t want to leave. Fees are also inflated in jan, so we are likely to receive more if he leaves then. He is also contracted until 2020 with a further year possible. There is also the pr side, and lack of ability to replace in this window (jan gives us a lot more time). The difference to p&s would be negligible selling now (in comparison to jan), so just wouldn’t make sense. So, I could see him leaving in jan, yes but now? No. Back to the op, be very interested to where you’ve heard that info?
  8. boxing_day

    Sam Hutchinson

    We were on top in the last 10 of the first half. We looked like getting back into, he took Hutchinson off and we didn’t have a kick. We have miles bigger problems then him. He’s one of very few leaders on the pitch. The decision to take him off was a shocker in hindsight.
  9. boxing_day

    The Star - Were after a CB

    James Collins available for free. We need a leader at cb. He’s done pre season with West Ham, so fit and ready. Im not one for signing older players over and over but we need someone to organise on the pitch. He’s a fighter and would make a difference off the pitch as well. Dont know about wages but I’d be straight on the phone to him for a deal until the end of the season.
  10. boxing_day

    Alex Hunt

    He really wasn’t helped early on by the way we set up. Totally over run. I think he needs to bulk out a little, and more time in the 23s, but there were encouraging signs. Really impressed by Kirby though. Looks ready to be around the first 11.
  11. boxing_day

    Team v Hull

    I really don’t think Palmer can play on Saturday. A bad performance and he’s going to get crucified by the crowd. He’s out of his depth, and the knifes are out. I’d play baker or even Boyd in front of him. Give Palmer 90 at Sunderland under less pressure.
  12. Great summary, thank you. I’m still shocked, if we are in this much of a mess, especially for next year - why hasn’t the ground be sponsored. And, can whoever suggested selling FF be thrown of a cliff?
  13. boxing_day

    The Money's got to come from Us

    I think the OP has a point, but for me the fans have committed and have provided a huge increase in revenue since DC came to the club. I think we’ve done our bit - what additional revenue streams have been created by the club? The obvious one a stadium sponsor, if we are on the cusp of ffp surely that’s a no brainier?
  14. boxing_day

    no 1 keeper and captain

    I’m surprised anyone thinks lees. Great player but not a captain. Quietest bloke in the squad, not a leader. As for the keepers, assuming Westwood is off, Dawson for me. Think wildsmiths a better shot stopper but has a mistake in him.
  15. boxing_day


    Nearly 29 and had one good season in the championship. Ipswich want 7.5m. I really hope they get him for that price, would be a really poor bit of business. Decent player but not at that price.