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  1. Chorleyhood Owl


    It has to be re da love by Golden earing. Which could also become a popular bondage euphemism, as in "Do you fancy a spot of re da love tonight" "Not really the central heating has kicked in and i don't want to burn my back"
  2. Chorleyhood Owl

    Online Hartlepool Ticket Problem

    Same here. This is very good, never had a problem last season but this season nothing but problems
  3. Chorleyhood Owl

    Colchester Ticket news

    Ok panic over must have had a bad person on the other end of the phone, call back and got tickets
  4. Chorleyhood Owl

    Colchester Ticket news

    Even having trouble with phone sales. Being told not on their system. Was out on hold then Cut off. Hope this isn't a sign for the coming season.
  5. Chorleyhood Owl


    I've now benn able to buy tickets online
  6. Chorleyhood Owl


    I've tried and got the same message as well. Glad to know I'm not going mad
  7. Ok i must be doing something wrong, but cannot figure it out. I'm trying to renew my season ticket online but after i login to my account and select 10/11 season ticket and it comes up with the stadium plan and i find my seat but it is greyed out. My online account is linked to my season tickets as i have successfully bought many away tickets and my seats for the cup game. So what am I doing wrongCheers in advance