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  1. Nailed on trying to get another payrise. He's such a weasel!
  2. So they're taking away more parking in the city centre when it's a pain in the *** to park as it is? To be honest, I like the idea. I'm all for green spaces
  3. Because it makes it even harder for them not to finish bottom obviously?
  4. Quite telling no one has commented on WBA big result today.....shows how utterly embarrassed we are of Wednesday
  5. Probably because he feels he hasn't been backed (despite his best ever transfer window) Not surprised though with the absolute cack he's signed. I wouldn't trust him with a single penny
  6. Disagree about points deduction. They will be in the history books as one of the worst teams ever, that's far worse to me In a few years no one will even remember our shenanigans except us
  7. Totally contradicts the notion that it isn't a barrier in sale if the council can stop / postpone the sale from going through Definitely makes us less attractive to a new owner / investor if the ground is of an interest to them
  8. Contrary to the masses on here urging us to get rid, I still firmly believe we should never have released him. Hard finding strikers who can link up play so well as well as finish
  9. Thought the same! I don't know what people are seeing saying it's reckless and out of control! I'd be absolutely fuming if that was Westwood and they got a penalty from it
  10. Tbf to Fulham, at least they're trying. United have just shoved 10 players behind the ball so incredibly hard to find space behind them
  11. Fulham all over them so far You just know what's coming
  12. Still got another 2/3 years left Would I buy one if I didn't? Yes, because I love the club more than DC, and staying away will hurt the club and myself more than it'd hurt him
  13. Awful performance, awful team selection, awful decisions from players They were really rubbish too which just rubs salt in the wounds
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