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  1. Pope's dead Why you reckon Bannan started growing some on top too?
  2. Positive spin is he does play attacking football There's a reason hes had so many clubs at 40 though
  3. So basically has achieved nothing in his managerial career
  4. Yes...and precisely how some of us know monk would be an awful appointment if true
  5. The players may or may not be playing for Bullen, but what is for certain is the players did not choose to switch to 3-5-2 on Saturday, Bullen did. That alone was Bullens naivety showing through. Not only that but continues with the Hutchinson / Bannan partnership which hasn't been working for a long time now, even under other managers which Bullen will have witnessed. As for trying to lay more blame at DC, can people really blame him for seeing what happens with Bullen when the past 3 managers have been hit and miss or stabbed him in the back? Bullen had a good start with us results wise, and now gone sour, but there's nothing to say DC hasn't now decided with international break he can step up hunt for a new manager, which I hope he does
  6. Struggled today Also, hoped Iorfa might have proved me wrong but he didn't. Totally rubbish at both RB and CB...might as well offload...no wonder he cost £200k, they had our pants down
  7. Totally agree. Already shown tactical naivety on several occasions this season, and we are only 6 games in. Sorry bully but you're just not the answer at the moment Dare I say it...I also miss Hooper.
  8. The constant witch hunt against him is more embarrassing, with people too stubborn to admit when he's had a decent game In reality, he's ok for a mid table - lower champ team. Too inconsistent though. Worried about our lack of options there though. Palmer should be first choice RB with odubaj and iorfa both not good enough for RB. Reach gyas never been a LB
  9. We've not played great in any games yet, only average despite people creaming themselves over the results No offence to Bullen but we need a proper manager, is so obvious it's frightening. The comment about the Millwall game alone (justification for dropping Nando) was enough to show he's not ready
  10. Glad to see he's getting some praise. Tbh I'd disagree with OP on end of last season, he'd gone back to his old poor self by the end Thought he was very good tonight though, despite the calls of how rubbish he's been all game
  11. What, playing Odubajo out of position in LB when he's already struggling with his natural position of RB, and playing Iorfa who looks like a deer in headlights whenever the ball is passed to him? Palmer is the better out of the 3 at full back so far
  12. Box to box midfielder but has no pace...surely a concern? Know nothing about him though
  13. As others have said, it feels like good business for us that. £5m rising to £7m + 20% sell on for a very inconsistent player? Yes please
  14. Interesting a few people have said Fletcher wasn't great...only heard commentary but they was very complimentary of him saying he's had a really good game
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