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  1. Not read all of this thread, so someone may have mentioned it already. But its only £32 for membership at Man U. £36 at Liverpool And dare I say it £30 it the S**hole down the road. DC - You've got it all wrong mate!
  2. Big if. But if hooper is fit then he's nailed on top scorer for me
  3. So where is the Wednesday pub in tenerife?
  4. Got a cracking prospect - Think he will turn out to be a star this season! WAWAW
  5. If he was available we should snap him up 100%. Raw pace is the one thing we are lacking. His work rate was never in question, so I think he would fit in perfectly. Get it done CC.
  6. Struggle to get just over 20k at those insane prices! Sad day for the pay on the day casual supporter.
  7. I love the club but gonna have to give the season ticket a miss for next season. Will probably get a members card and pick and choose my matches. I naively thought that there would be a reduction or at least a freeze on the prices. People are saying its only gone up by £40 or £50 but when its all said and done I have got a pay freeze this year but everything else has gone up in price. NOT HAPPY! WAWAW
  8. Have a word with your mates and get them to go online again. I managed to get 2 x tickets for a tenner on line with my season ticket. WAWAW
  9. I prefer the post match music "singing the blues" :-)
  10. I would definitely give Maguire n May a chance together up front. With Drenthe starting on the wing. We need to change it. Otherwise the best we can hope for is a draw. WTID
  11. Only problem I can see is who the hell is gonna supply the crosses and make chances for this loan player?
  12. Got betamax version in the loft when we beat QPR at home. Think we won 7.1 and Chamberlain scored a screamer.
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