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  1. 1954 just 2 days off: Sat 2 Oct BLACKPOOL............... 2-1 19 32,107 Albert Quixall, Jackie Sewell
  2. Die, die, Piggy, Piggy, die, Singing die, die, Piggy, Piggy, die, Singing die, die, Piggy, Die, die, Piggy, Die, die, Piggy, Piggy, die. Not heard it sung much. Funny how two-faced some of our morons are.
  3. Only international rugby where they have several - go down to any local rugby club such as Sheffield Tigers and they only have one physio. Would work perfectly well in rugby and no reason why it wouldn't in football - 'injuries' would soon die out once players got used to the fact that the game wouldn't stop. The Owls players are just as bad if we take the blue & white tinted glasses off. Nearly every player playing at all levels goes down with his hands to his face and/or holding his head in agony, only for the trainer / physio to come on and treat a leg injury. Cheating, whinging lobbers - rugby players just generally get on with it, no matter how hard the impact.
  4. Eh? Were you at the same game? Whilst it's good to see him back, the number of times he drifted into the centre rather than being in the RB position was alarming, as was the number of times he was skinned on the outside. BFC had worked out he was getting turned and played most stuff down that side. Good job there finishing was poo . Hope it's just down to lack of match practice
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