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  1. Had this as my screensaver for years, everywhere you look its just pure joy.
  2. Funny enough, I am travelling up for the Reading game as POTGer and will be watching this on BBC as its mid week. So there is a least one AH.
  3. I was a student in Portsmouth, and travelled back for this game. A Zenith Data Cup Game! Loved it mind... First time I had ever seen us play them, & beat them!
  4. Yeah its how I have done matches alone since the Old Man passed away in 2002. Living many miles from Sheffield, (I travel by train) or take in the away games when there is a large ticket allocation. Sit in the home end at away grounds as well; did that for Reading already this season. (Drew the line at Milwall though). To be honest, attending the matches at Hillsborough I get talking to people less than the away games; everyone knows everyone else who sit around them in the North where I try to sit.(Or did try to before this season) They know the seats that are available to POTG as it were, so you don't get involved in banter going around as not a Season Ticket Holder. Not a problem, just the way it is.
  5. Stay away from 'The Tides' mate, that is one hellish rough boozer if you have the wife and kids in tow.
  6. Travelling to London on the M40 this morning near Beaconsfield, guy in a white BMW X1 goes past wearing the new Wednesday home shirt. All is good with the world when you are top of the league, WAWAW
  7. The BBC could not contain itself to get this story up on the sport website.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-49294784
  8. Well that is 42 minutes and 42 seconds of my life that I will never see again. The score predictions, all four of them went for a Barnsley win of course but 3-1 (changed to 3-0), 2-0, 1-0 and 2-1 because Wednesday always sneak something against them.. Deary me I hope we can beat them tomorrow and then tune in next week to hear the excuses.
  9. Going to be two of us at least in the home end! Come on you Blue & White Wizards! (Not the Royals...)
  10. With Ross Wallace on the wall, I am guessing Hillsborough, South Stand.
  11. Absolutely delighted for the lad. Worksop's finest..
  12. There is an U23 game away at Ipswich on Monday 25th March. Would have thought he will play some part in that game as part of his step up to a place on the bench in April.
  13. I have to say, it brought an absolute lump to my throat hearing Chris and his wife discuss how he was feeling and how it affected him. His performances for us were terrific I thought at the time, just goes to show you never what is happening in a players personal life. Well done to LFC (I never say that normally), a very important and poignant film.
  14. Picked this old Programme up yesterday and it has the background behind Ozzie the Mod Owl. Note Derek's call to arms to buy a Season ticket.
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