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  1. With Ross Wallace on the wall, I am guessing Hillsborough, South Stand.
  2. Absolutely delighted for the lad. Worksop's finest..
  3. There is an U23 game away at Ipswich on Monday 25th March. Would have thought he will play some part in that game as part of his step up to a place on the bench in April.
  4. I have to say, it brought an absolute lump to my throat hearing Chris and his wife discuss how he was feeling and how it affected him. His performances for us were terrific I thought at the time, just goes to show you never what is happening in a players personal life. Well done to LFC (I never say that normally), a very important and poignant film.
  5. Picked this old Programme up yesterday and it has the background behind Ozzie the Mod Owl. Note Derek's call to arms to buy a Season ticket.
  6. QPR Away 10/04/18 (This followed the Fulham home defeat a few days before). When I don't attend a match we do ok!
  7. That can be the only reason Duncan Ferguson got as many jobs as he did in the early days.
  8. Chris Fairclough when at Forest - heard it announced on Radio 1 that he joined; the next thing CF was saying he was 'Embarrassed'; story never resurfaced.
  9. Oh and now Dixon gets involved.... Alan Nixon ‏@reluctantnicko 8m8 minutes ago Could be wrong but this Derby and Forestieri has something of the Andrea Eagle about it. #stalkinghorse Think real target is someone els
  10. The WoolShed Parnell Street. Better food than the Living Room and certainly an older crowd. (The LR belts out music 24/7) http://www.woolshedbaa.com/dublin/
  11. Complete tangent - but me and Mrs Oxford are flying into St Johns Newfoundland to see friends next month, then on to Toronto. If you know St Johns - any recommendations on where to eat/drink and what to do for a long weekend?
  12. Yes I will probably be travelling alone. Seems like most of the Owl Talkers this morning are living in Oxfordshire. I am in Headington. Already got my travel plans sorted.I reckon the Oxford Tube/X90 to Hillingdon. A pint or two in The Swallow near Hillingdon then on the tube to Wembley. Cannot believe its 23 year since I saw the Owls there or that we will have played 830 games outside the Premier League! Come on you Blue & White Wizards - I am soo proud this morning.
  13. I would think Greer partnering Goldson is nailed on. They will miss Dunk no two ways about it.
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