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  1. I think it is regional until the final. So in the Northern region it is the last 16, but in the entire competition it is the last 32. Make sense??
  2. Not seen an official Team Photo since that 2015-16 Season. I wonder what the reason for stopping them was? (Or living away from Sheffield, maybe I have missed them?)
  3. I was sat in the home stand, and told JP at the end of the game it was'nt good enough.
  4. I remember going to the FA cup game in 1984. They (OUFC)were on a good run at the time, WIlkinson's boys roll into town and won 3-0! It was a tidy little ground the Manor (much better than the three sided shed that is the Kassam) -I was not an OxfordOwl then merely a WorksopOwl; little did I know Oxford would would be my home for 30 years.
  5. Just checked -all sold out for our game already!
  6. Definitely going to Cheltenham SK, again will almost certainly be the home end.
  7. Just bought my Wimbledon ticket for the home stand
  8. According to the Third Tier podcast, Aiden Mcgeady is the best midfielder in league one. (Well according to the Mackham contributor anyway) https://youtu.be/5glyZOKlaUw
  9. Dom Howson saying both Sylvester Jasper and Tariq Uwakwe are both still training with the squad and will play some part tomorrow night against Port Vale.
  10. Don't know why but feeling confident. Already asked myself how I am going to feel when we stop up and more importantly how to celebrate.
  11. As a Student in the late 80's went to FGR to watch them play Halesowen Town. (Had a Brummie mate who was a Halesowen fan). Never repeat never did I think Wednesday would playing a league fixture there
  12. My Audio is now up and running. Maybe there is a limited number of slots available
  13. It wasn't all plain sailing....The Nottingham Forest 0-3 relegation game at Hillsborough during 1990 was heartbreaking. Luton winning 3-2 at Derby and sending us down. (Derby messing with us again).
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