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  1. No-one can judge Jos on his time so far here. In some respects we’re playing better football (in the last 3 out of 4 games) than we produced under Carlos in his last 18months. & look what he’s working with, with no disrespect intended to the current crop of starters - if Jos had the whole of Carlos’s squad at his disposal physically fit & football ready - only a handful would be pushing for a start. apart from a couple of times where I’ve not understood his reasoning for decisions - on the whole he’s done well with what he has....... for me DC not allowing a free transfer here and a loan there before the window closed is much more concerning!
  2. Soooooooooo -u saw the Barnsley game, the longer it goes on, the more people are losing their bobbar - saying ‘abject performance’ and such like - we had enough chances to win 3 games & 1 of 2 shots against flew into the top corner - yet Carlos is the devil! - it’s bonkers! 2 consecutive seasons in top 6 - and he’s being treated appallingly - yes, we’ve been inconsistent and yes, we’re not converting our many chances & yes I agree the football has stagnated - but it’s hardly the Sturrock, Shreeves or Yorath era - now that was purely poo ! I genuinely think we’ve gone as far as we can under CC, but there is no guarantee that things will go well for a new Manager. So if we were to make a change, we’d have to be looking for a top end name, to give us 1/2 a chance of moving forward - that’ll cost money - I’m not sure if managers pay etc counts towards FFP - but if we are scratching about for £ to improve the squad, who are we going to attract with peanuts!? DC has made it clear he’s not making a change, yet the buffoon element of the support still remain intent on making it harder than it needs to be for CC. & In so damaging everything in ‘feel good’ and hope that we’ve built up over the last 2 years. It’s got a feeling to it, that between DC’s inexperience in football, the element of fan base that is infighting and turning on each other & fighting over differing opinions in the last 4 games - DURING GAMES, we are self destructing spectacularly! As I say it’s just my take, only one of many opinions - I’m just interested to see who is in the same ball park as I am! Cheers!
  3. I'd have to go with getting some proper competition going at CB to challenge Lees & Loovens + either a good creative player in the MF somewhere OR A better quality LB to really make Pudil work harder!
  4. Went to the shop/ticket office today and renewed. Took the 10 month option - but I feel that the working class sport is being taken away from the lifelong fan. £70 down payment (inc fees) then 9x £39.50 in the cheapest part of the ground is getting a bit out of hand. Where does it end? What will it cost us loyal ST holders of over 25 years once we reach the Premier League? For the <20 goals served up at home this year - is £395 + fees really value for money? This could be my last - as food on the table, clothes for the kids must take priority. I hope Mr Chansiri and the club generally can at least acknowledge that us fans are not a limitless resource they can just tap into whenever! I can feel my matchdays slipping away from me I'm afraid! - it's not just the entrance fees but it's travel, shirts, matchday pie and pint.....
  5. He wasn't the only player to give the ball away today. Drenthe, Maguire, Loovens all nearly cost us today but we got that bit of luck that's recently been lacking. BUT... this is the Championship, if these players were better they'd play at a higher level. Simple! I'm just happy to celebrate the win tonight
  6. Just got this from a blade: "Oh how we laughed all season wendy fans have showered evans with abuse then they sign mattock who committed the same offence on a 3 year contract no double standards then." Not knowing anything about this, I checked his past and only found something about him walking free after a charge of Affray was brought. Anyone any more the wiser? Or is it how I think, a load of gonads???
  7. Just looking about on the web to see if there was any news on the retained list and found this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Beevers#section_1 Mark Geoffrey Beevers (born 21 November 1989) is an English professional football defender playing in the centre back position for Sheffield Wednesday. HideCareer He was called up to the senior squad for the FA Cup 3rd round tie with Manchester City on 7 January 2007 after impressing for the reserve team, although he was never brought off the bench. He eventually made his senior debut against Southampton on 31 January 2007 when Wednesday lost 2–1.[1] Beevers made his first start of the 2007–08 season in a 2–0 defeat to Leicester City on 6 October 2007. Beevers replaced the injured Michael Johnson at half time, and his excellent performance earned him the man of the match award.[2] Beevers gained another chance in the first team on 6 November 2007 in an away game at West Bromwich Albion, who were flying high in the league and the highest scorers in the league. Beevers lined up alongside Richard Hinds in an inexperienced centre back pairing, however Beevers played with the temperament and quality of a player far beyond his years and helped to earn the Owls a 1–1 draw.[3] On the 28 December 2007, the Daily Mail reported that David Moyes was planning a bid for Beevers to prepare a long term replacement for David Weir and Alan Stubbs.[4] Beevers scored his first senior goal on 6 January 2008 in an FA Cup 3rd round match against Premier League side Derby County[5] which sparked more rumours he would be leaving for a bigger club.[6] On 17 January 2008 he was placed on standby for England under-19s upcoming game against Croatia on 5 February 2008.[7] On 28 January 2008, Sheffield Wednesday announced that Beevers had signed an improved contract keeping him at the club until 2012.[8] On 3 March 2008 Beevers was announced as the winner of the third annual Wickes Young Apprentice Trophy.[9] On 23 March 2008, Beevers was called up to the England under-19s squad replacing Chelsea's Sam Hutchinson. He went on to make his debut as a second half substitute in the 3–1 win against Russia on 25 March 2008.[10] Beevers was voted as the club's player of the year at the end of the season by fans.[11] On 31 August 2011 he was loaned to League One side Milton Keynes Dons. The loan ended on 31 December 2011.[12] Mark Beevers returned to Sheffield Wednesday and reclaimed his place in the promotion chasing side, but could not earn a further contract and is now a free agent after being released. I know it's Wikipedia, and to take it with a pinch of salt, but I would be disappointed should this be true. I still think he has great potential and given the right coaching in a positive environment he could be worth something to the club. Thoughts??
  8. In the mid 90's I used to travel away with the Hoyland Owls, from the Queens. I managed to get myself fondly known as RAT ARSE!!! Those were the days!
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