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  1. Yep, here are those perennial stragglers Manchester City in a pre match huddle.
  2. Do you genuinely believe it is faux outrage. For want of a better word football was already ****** and this will make it even more ****** than it was before. A "competition" which select teams are already in with no need to qualify. A "competition" where half the games will end up being totally meaningless. It's basically there to protect specific clubs so they can monopolise football more than they already are doing. There is no interest in making it better for the fans its purely greed. The only "fans" who will like this are the plastic glory hunters who don't have any real affiliation to the clubs they "support". Football sold its soul a long time ago and has attracted sharks who are just there to make as much money as they can. This super league probably will take off because there are enough foreign "fans" who will lap it up, however the people who have made these decisions have stolen football from the people who made it what it is I the first place. If they wanted this "product" so badly why didn't they make a 20 team league franchise across Europe with new clubs totally separate to the current clubs and invite players who want to play in it? No faux outrage from me, I already felt disillusioned with the constant diving and cheating, the agents leaching so much money out of the game, the obscene wages players who don't even play are earning, the ridiculous ffp rules preventing other teams catching the big few and many other things. I love going to Hillsborough I love following "my" team. My outrage towards this latest bull poo is anything but faux.
  3. Thats because most times a player is tackled nowadays the opponent falls on the floor and rolls around screaming in agony like they may require an amputation only to get up and run around seconds later. Therefore most tackles are nowadays probably classed as fouls.
  4. Players cheat on the pitch and clubs cheat off it. Football has completely lost its soul.
  5. Hopefully one day there will be a time where a footballer can just get on with his life without anyone even mentioning their sexuality, they will be in a relationship without being front page news because the person they want to be with is of the same sex. Sadly in the current times a footballer coming out as gay would be hounded constantly by the press looking to get pictures of the couple and their lives would never be the same again. Every tabloid story about the player would mention the player is gay and sadly the many neandathols who still exist in this world would constantly abuse the player. Its not surprising a footballer hasn't come out yet but we need to get to a point where no one has to come out and announce they are straight or gay as it has no bearing or relevance on anything other than that persons happiness in their own life and shouldn't be anyone else's business and we are a long long way from that.
  6. Does that really say we spent nearly 13 million on transfers.... last season? Guessing this is including fees we are paying over a period of time for Rhodes and Reach and maybe others? My memory isnt great but didnt we only sign Hector and Onamah on loan then Iorfa in the jan window?
  7. Best bit of today was when Bannan got retribution on Travis in 2nd half and floored him and whilst he was laying on the floor pretending to be injured again Bannan walked back over looking like he was going to apologise to him but just stood over and said something to him. Love to know what he said he looked angrymad.
  8. Their players reaction got him sent off. He certainly didnt stamp their player went into him with his own studs up. He was fine but acted like his leg had been snapped. Same with their number 8 who pretended he was elbowed after about 5 mins. I watched him after the ref left his side and he never once rubbed his face like he had been doing. Bored of players (including ours) feigning injury. That said there is absolutely no excuse for what is the worst performance I have seen by a Wednesday side for quite a few years.
  9. I know they do as I stated before which is EXACTLY my point! Well done on completely and utterly missing the point of the thread which had absolutely nothing to do with results of any football game that ever happened
  10. That's a fair point it takes 10 minutes for us to take every throw in.
  11. Your original point doesnt stand at all......unless you can read my mind. If we had come back and scored 2 in 96th and 97th minute I would still have observed it and may well have posted it because the point has absolutely no bearing on the result. In fact when I was typing the original post I purposely added a point about it not effecting the result because I knew someone would immediately respond exactly as you did.
  12. That's ok then no need for us to question it or even discuss it then. Just let players continue to time waste and roll around on the floor like their leg has snapped in two. For me its ruining watching the game and has got considerably worse and blatant over the last few years. We do it, every team we play does it but I dont like watching it.
  13. As I mentioned in my post this observation has absolutely nothing to do with today's result I'm talking about games in general. We deserved nothing from today's performance its was terrible. We could still be playing now and we wouldn't have scored yet.
  14. When are referees going to clamp down on constant timewasting and not just Cardiff today, we do it as does every other team. Little things like today we were caught offside their keeper puts the ball down whilst the ref is running to the middle of the pitch and not looking and puts it way further forward than it should be, clearly on purpose, so the ref will tell him to move it back so he can take another 25 minutes to re spot the ball and do his Johnny Wilkinson impression taking sidesteps before his kick. Teams are wasting time more and more and the referee rarely makes the effort to even speak to the players. Timewasting is a bookable offence so just book them straight away and that will stop it. It's such an easy thing to sort out but they do nothing. Tomlin should have been booked for taking the mick when subbed and earlier in the first half he walked over to get the ball when it was our goal kick then walked 10 yards with it before dropping rolling it slowly towards a ball boy in the opposite direction of the keeper. Why are refs so weak at applying these rules? Same with diving. Their number 6 flung himself on the floor in the corner late on in the game and the ref waved play on. It was a ridiculous dive so surely that's a booking. For me diving, timewasting and feigning injury are ruining football and its quite obvious what players are doing but the authorities dont seem to care. This has nothing to do with why we lost today, we didnt deserve anything, but I'm getting fed up of going to games and watching grown men screaming in agony only to get up and sprint at full speed 10 seconds later and games getting constantly interrupted. Football is now a completely non contact sport.
  15. I'd be frustrated if that penalty was given against us but it was more of one than the one given against us vs Derby. We've had loads of dodgy decisions against us the last few seasons so I'm not going to complain about one going our way. Add to that Luongo being booked when he was 3 yards away from their player and pulled out of the tackle and their lad stumbled over 3 steps later then their number 9 not being booked twice for way way worse challenges (particularly the one on Lees) then I would say Bristol were lucky with quite a few calls today and they hardly tried to win so tough luck!
  16. I think part of the problem is they have done half a job. They are allowing teams with parachute payments to use that money to fund signings and be part of their P&S rules. That money should just be for what it is originally intended for....to ensure teams dont end up with massive contracts they cant pay.....ironically like we suffered with and have never recovered from. Until they make players contracts more sustainable this will never end. The only way it would work for me is to have a wage cap in each league and contracts must have clauses for all clubs which makes them affordable should a team be relegated. No team anywhere or business for that matter should be losing over 30 million pounds over 3 years. Its utter madness and this is why football has been ruined by money, agents, greed, cheating, bending rules, diving, feigning injury, time wasting, very average players earning more in a week than most fans do in a year, media reporting stories about players new tattoos, match of the day showing players tweets on screen after games, most fans of big clubs having never even been to the city of the club they "support"........football is a simple sport which is enjoyable to watch due to its flowing nature, people loved going to see their local teams play which they had a feeling of identity with being in the community and it's been ripped apart by men in suits who dont get it and just see pound signs. Money has ruined football for many reasons.
  17. Brian Roy and Stan Colleymore ripped us to peices when Forest smashed us 7-1 at Hillsborough.
  18. The whole punishment system really isn't what it says on the tin is it. P&S rules were made to supposedly protect clubs from spending more than they could afford and put themselves in danger of administration (which was happening on a regular basis). So if a club does break these rules then they are punished.....with a massive fine or points deduction which leads to massive loss of earnings. You literally couldn't make it up could you, teams who are in financial trouble (even if they arent because the owner has money) are punished by putting them in more financial trouble. The only people who will truly suffer are the fans when their club is put back years by a points deduction, relegation or god forbid goes out of business. If the EFL want to enforce rules why dont they make the rules that the owner is the one punished rather than the club, players get punished independently but owners dont. The football world has created this whole mess by allowing a totally uneven playing field where teams with parachute payments can afford way bigger wages and transfer fees. How are teams who have been out of the premier league a long time like ourselves, Forest and Leeds meant to compete? It can be done as United have shown but that's more of an anomaly than the norm.
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