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  1. Depends on how bad a game they have and their mental strength. Sometimes it's better to drop a player to protect them sometimes it's better to give them more chances with the right instructions.
  2. This is true especially when it's the keeper who is "injured". The authorities need to do something to stop teams breaking momentum by pretending to be injured but I have no idea what can be done. It ruins the game totally for me. The ref today wasn't the worst but wasn't great. Booked Stockdale for kicking the ball away but their player booted the ball to the halfway line when they kissed the resulting chance from the free kick and the ref ignored it. He completely lost the plot after about 65 mins.
  3. https://twitter.com/giorizzo1991/status/1530636283206320128?t=kSA3mEAl7fYljyblODd9hQ&s=19
  4. I think you are completely wrong with this. Ron Atkinson took us down...... The thing is that nowadays people are so impatient that they demand instant success and most managers don't get any time to prove they can rebuild. Sometimes managers get a bit of luck (along with skill) and you get a Wilder or Bielsa but this is not the norm. To me this is what most clubs are looking for but it is so rare the majority of teams spend their time sacking managers every season and a half because there is no instant success. In todays game Alex Ferguson would not have had the career he had because he would have been sacked prior to getting it right at Man U.
  5. I doubt it, our players are getting grief for going on holiday and enjoying themselves.
  6. This thread is bringing back terrible memories of that dark day in Sheffield Wednesday's history when Marcus Tudgay was seen smiling whilst driving out of Hillsborough after we had just lost a game.
  7. Which 7 championship regulars do you mean? You have stated Peacock-Farrell is a Premier League keeper even though the only season he stated first choice in the championship Leeds bought a keeper half way through the season to replace him and he has as far as I am aware played one premier league game and conceded 5 goals. He has received plenty of criticism this season playing as a league one player and needs to improve if he is to become a premier league or championship regular. You have used two centre backs as a reason who both signed in January when we then had automatic promotion form once they signed (although Dean only played 7 games). You then used a striker who has been injured all season as an example. Its not that I don't like the answer I just don't agree with it. Your quite entitled to your opinion just as I am entitled to disagree. In my opinion the team is being overated by some fans as a stick to beat Moore with. Moore is certainly not immune from criticism but I think he deserves to stay on as manager.
  8. Well you clearly haven't read my post properly or not understood. How many Premier League games has Bailey Peacock-Farrell played for Burnley? He may go on to be a Premier League player but from what I saw last season he isn't ready. Comparing him to Henderson is laughable. You have further proven my point....Storey and Dean joined us in January and then we had automatic promotion form. Windass was injured all season. If you genuinely think we had a squad full of championship players (available all season) then that's your opinion. My opinion is that many people are over rating the squad and ignoring facts such as key players being injured and players not been paid as they are so entrenched in their views about Moore. It's not that I don't like the answer to the question it is that I don't agree with it and from your answer I can't see anything to back up your opinion.
  9. I am genuinely sorry you went through that.
  10. Of course tactics matter I never said they didn't and I too have been critical of Moore regarding tactics. It's not as simple as just because a player has played in the championship in their career they are that standard at this point in time. Bannan certainly is but is aging, a lot of the players who we signed from championship clubs couldn't get in a championship team which is why we managed to sign them. How many of our squad would be signed now by a championship team to play as a regular starter or not as cheap back up? Mentioning Dean who we signed halfway through the season at a point our form became automatic promotion form is kind of proving my point, a time when Luongo became available too. And claiming Peacock-Farrell is a Premier League keeper is laughable how many games has he played? They sent him here to develop, he was replaced as no. 1 at Leeds because they didn't think he was good enough for the championship. I bet there are loads of players in league one who once were at a premier league club but didn't make it. My opinion is that some fans are vastly overating our squad to use as a stick to beat Moore with just as they are using last seasons relegation the same. These fans conveniently forget that the players were not being paid the club was in turmoil and our manager had a life threatening illness and missed quite a few games (I have even seen one poster claim that they once had pneumonia so they are not having the fact he was ill as an excuse for relegation because obviously all cases of pneumonia are exactly the same). Moore is by no means perfect there is a lot he needs to do differently and next season will be make or break for him but there are some people on here who clearly made their mind up early and will not listen to a single balanced view. In my view he has earnt the chance to try again next season.
  11. I keep seeing the fact most of our team is full of championship standard players. I'm interested to know which players in our squad are actually championship standard.
  12. Most laughable thing was after they spent the entire game timewasting his answer to it was to speak to their captain about it which took over 2 mins, he then spent 2 mins having a go at Byers for complaining about it which took even more time up. Added to that their keepers "injury" the 6 subs, countless times he had to tell them to get on with it plus their defenders falling over "injured" yet he only added 4 mins on? It's quite simple as soon as a player wastes time book them and they won't keep.doing it. I can't get my head around why referees do nothing about it when every team, including us, does it every game.
  13. https://youtu.be/5W5ZEK9jnwg Love a Brian Clough story!
  14. From the north stand I thought he was pushed and could have been given but let's be honest we didn't deserve to win. I was more bothered about nothing being done about the constant time wasting which started in the first half. The goalkeeper went down at one point with a leg injury but was fine taking a goal kick, they wasted so much time about 8 minutes should have been added on not including adding time on for the goal and subs but then we would probably have lost 3-1. I never understand why officials do nothing about time wasting, that along with diving, has gradually ruined watching football over the years for me it's just become accepted.
  15. Yep, here are those perennial stragglers Manchester City in a pre match huddle.
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