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  1. Yorkshire Post comment on praise and grumble

    The rumour has been kicking about for a while now and whilst ever the players are not in the team they will persist. If we were winning with the players we have available then these rumours may well have never started but as we have been utter garbage some fans will cling to rumours like this especially with the kit issues the expensive tickets and general bad feeling around the club this season it makes fans more likely to believe these things. Personally I don't believe it as it's just too far fetched that all those players would be ok with it and not one of them would say anything, especially when they could have left in January.
  2. Yorkshire Post comment on praise and grumble

    There will always be fans on both sides in these situations. There are plenty who always take a stance against the club no matter what. I am sceptical purely because we have seen players with leg braces, we have seen evidence players we have had surgery and most of all how many professional footballers would agree to feign injury, including during a transfer window where they could leave the club, which could damage their career as teams might not want to buy them if they have had a long term injury. Additionally if this was true it is deception on a massive scale and no player would ever want to sign for us again and I cannot see that many players being a part of it and not saying something about it publicly (and I don't mean to a random fan and then posted on facebook).
  3. Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    I have just come back from Hillsborough where I happened to bump into Barry Bannan and he told me the club won't let him train because the club are going to have to pay for a hair transplant if he scores another goal for the 1st team. I took a pic with my son as proof that I have just seen him.....
  4. Hutchison - I'm fit but not allowed to train

    I can see why these rumours persist when we have so many first team players out for so long. However this thread originates from someone no one knows anything about posting that Sam Hutchinson hasn't been allowed to TRAIN. Seriously why do people choose to believe stuff like this. I am sceptical that the injuries are contract related seeing as every single one of the players were injured before the January transfer window and could easily have been sold at a massive loss rather than sit there for 6 months being "injured" whilst losing fitness and value. Would any professional footballer allow a club to stop them training or playing without kicking up a fuss. With up to 15 players out one of them would have said something rather than damage their own career with a long term injury which isn't real which would possibly put other teams off. If this was really true then obviously we won't sign players going forward because it would be common knowledge within the game that the club will give players contracts which they can't afford and damage players careers by then making them pretend to be injured. I find it amazing how easily people believe stuff then feed off it. Football fans are no different to office gossips.
  5. This is still my favourite. It's amazing!!
  6. Any highlights or positives from last night?

    Joao's scissor kick.
  7. Jacob Butterfield

    Butterfield has been a massive disappointment since he signed. Doesn't look remotely interested.
  8. No excuse for the lack of effort tonight. Just going through the motions. Not challenging, no effort and unable to pass to a team mate 5 yards away.
  9. My favourite comment from him was.......hmm
  10. Surely a man being paid to summarise a game should at least make the effort to do a little research I know we are meaningless but come on at least check our squad on Wikipedia
  11. Snodgrass tweet

  12. Snodgrass tweet

    Wishing harm on a human being is never right especially when it's a game of football. Snodgrass is however a prime example of one of the problems with football nowadays, conning the referee. Nothing wrong with him giving some verbal and nothing wrong with his tweet (i mean really who cares) but his diving is utterly pathetic. He is not the only culprit, football has turned into a farce with the ease at which players go down at the slightest of contact, it's trained into them to go down. They will roll around on the floor for dramatic effect. Some people don't seem to have a problem with the play acting, I just think grown men being paid more money in a week than Some people get in a year should have the dignity to play the sport properly rather than sinking to what is basically cheating.

    I agree. It was a total disgrace.

    Thing is the fans are paying a lot of money to go to games. As fans we should have a right to question the FA and be given answers.
  15. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    I dont think I have ever seen anything like that today. I'm actually lost for words.