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  1. The ironic thing about Brentford hitting the post was.......it came in the 767th minute of added time when there should only have been 742 minutes added on so that was actually incompetent refereeing!! And come on it's quite clear Reach's goal vs Barnsley was just a piece of incredible skill to put it over the keeper
  2. Stuart Gray sacked

    I don't get why people post stuff like this. How did they do a better job? Gray did ok to keep us mid table but it was horrendous to watch and 13th wasn't that spectacular really, I'm sure plenty of managers would have got us in the same position. Laws did well considering the situation at the club but he also had some decent players some of which went on to have good premier league careers after they left us. Megson steadied the ship and pointed us back in the right direction but when he was sacked the much lamented Dave Jones got his side playing good football and winning most of his games. Carlos has got us in the play offs twice in his two full seasons and whilst he has had the benefit of investment when you compare it to other teams and the fees being played in this league it's not the huge amount some of our fans want to make out. Personally I think Carlos's time is up, I don't see him turning it around and its only a matter of time before he is gone now. Seems to me though that some of our old managers have become much better in some fans eyes just because we are so poor this season. Its just like how mcgugan became a better player the more he didn't play.
  3. Enough is enough

    I mean the performances were not as good as the season before. We were negative and nowhere near the level of the season before. We did well and finished 4th I was happy with that. I did not want Carlos sacked. I have supported Carlos until recently but I don't see him turning it round now. This season is terrible. However I am not one to want managers sacked or over react to a defeat like many of the lunatics on this site who to be honest revel in it and revel in ridiculing people for being positive however at this point I think he needs to go as I can't see him turning it around.
  4. Enough is enough

    I think it's a bit harsh to say his time at Wednesday is a total failure because the 1st season was not, if anything that season we overacheived. People have very short memories as to where we were before then. Last season was poor performance wise and ended in a complete joke of a performance in the play offs. This season is worse and I totally agree he has to go now. Its over no coming back. No sign that he has it in him to change things and get us going again. He's done and there is no way back.
  5. Derby County vs Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

    This is a good question was it dangerous play why was he sent off? Absolutely pathetic start yet again th9ugh and no chance of coming back playing 86 mins with 10 men.
  6. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    I think it's now quite clear Carlos's time us up. First season was a breath of fresh air, with the disappointment of the play off final. Last season we never played as well and were frustrating to watch trying to win every game by a single goal and it bit us in the ass in the play offs. This season is even worse than last year and the game plan is the same as last season and clearly isn't working. Carlos has now had enough games to see it isn't working and change things but he clearly won't. We are so predictable. The league this season is not a great one and a great opportunity to get promotion but I think many fans expected us to lose yesterday. It's the way this season is going and I can't see him turning it around.
  7. To all the happy clappers

    Pretty sad Wednesday fans would use the team we all love losing to try to wind others up. If people have been more patient with Carlos than others that is their opinion which they have every right to hold. Constant ridiculing on both sides is pathetic. For the record I think Carlos's time is up.
  8. Something isn't right

    Not sure if you still think posting this in every thread is funny or your actually really weird....or you are actually Gary Megson. It wasn't that funny 5 years ago and certainly isn't now.
  9. Something isn't right

    I think it's quite clear there is no way back for Carlos now. Not just from today. The inconsistency is dreadful, we have stuttered all season and it's not good enough. It is time for a change as I can't see Carlos taking us any further unfortunately. It's the same every week with a good performance every now and again. The players are just going through the motions and need a new direction.
  10. Positives and negatives

    I sit low in the north and can't see the ball when it's at either end of the pitch!
  11. The Officials Tonight

    Linesman on the south was a joke. One offside he didn't give the player was about 4 yards off. Their keeper was time wasting constantly at 1-1 but as soon as one of our players did it he booked them.
  12. What is it with fans antagonising each other?

    Surely you can see that the reason this is happening is because of the wind up merchants who have been constantly stirring for months and trying to cause a divide? There is one particular poster who is in most threads slipping in "clapper" and "apologist" at every opportunity and that is what is getting people's backs up and causing the ridiculous threads we are getting. Both sides are becoming as bad as each other. Nothing wrong with criticising or praising everyone's opinion counts but the wind up merchants revel in coming on and stirring and that has caused tensions on both sides. I'm just going to stick to reading the Cakeball thread now as they haven't highjacked that yet
  13. How the mood changes

    The difference is that the people who are still unsure about Carlos or still want him out are here and discussing rationally. The people who come on here to stir up an argument are nowhere to be seen as is always the case because they will struggle to get the reaction they crave after a decent performance and a win.
  14. Joost the right man

    Very impressed with him. Looks composed and can pick a pass.
  15. Maybe Carlos has seen the bashing Adam Reach has got from some fans due to his price tag and is trying to protect a new signing. It doesn't say anywhere they won't be in the team any time soon in fact it states Van Aken is a player for now and the future.