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  1. Carl Shutt is God

    Let me ask this question re Winnall...

    It's called Paul Heffernan syndrome where the more a player doesn't play the better they become.
  2. Carl Shutt is God

    We are a decade away from being PL ready

    Absolutely agree
  3. Carl Shutt is God

    We are a decade away from being PL ready

    Football as many of us know it has been dead for a long time. It's a closed shop. Any team who starts threatening the top 5 just has their best players bought by one of these teams. FFP and P&S rules are out of date as players cost stupid amounts even in the championship and the astronomical wages are out of sync with the amount clubs can spend (they can't really afford to either) this is driven mainly by 3rd parties who are milking clubs for money. The only thing which keeps me interested is that I enjoy going to Hillsborough. If you take a step back football is now a complete joke where money rules, players constantly cheat, grown men throw themselves on the floor screaming in absolute agony when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them and are up sprinting 5 seconds later. It's no longer a sport like I used to play and love to watch.
  4. Carl Shutt is God

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    It's easy to quote a shock performance by a lower league team to make a point but seriously come on. Results like this are the norm it's just you hear more about the shock results. Some of our fans seriously need to have a word with themselves. We are 17th in the championship for a reason, we are not very good. Our better players are on a downward spiral, we lack any real quality to beat a team of the quality we just faced. The top premier league teams are on another planet compared to us. Couple that with the fact we are in the middle of a prolonged managerial change and having a poor season it's really not that simple as "having a go". It's disappointing and yes we were too cautious but if we had gone at them we would have been exposed and probably got hammered then the moaning would have still been the same. Lower league teams don't usually win these games and it's no wonder our fans get accused of being deluded reading some of the comments on here tonight.
  5. Carl Shutt is God

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Fletcher by a mile. Even without the goal he would have been. Worked tirelessly great hold up play. Special mention to Hutchinson too. We look so much better with him in the middle. Glad to see Fox is consistently playing well too. Nobody deserves the boos he got and he never hid even when not playing well.
  6. Carl Shutt is God

    Gary Hooper

    Shame about Hooper. He is a quality striker. He has scored 29 goals in 76 appearances for us including his loan. That is a top scoring record. For me he is our best striker but he regularly gets injured and cannot play a full season. Can't see him staying after the end of this season.
  7. Carl Shutt is God

    Just shook megsons hand!

    I saw him in Sainsburys on archer road the other week too. Didn't shake his hand though.
  8. Carl Shutt is God


    Your not wrong there is always a thread
  9. Carl Shutt is God


    We have had some shocking referees just as every other team in the league has. Their fans moan about refs too. That's football. People have to be a certain sort to want to be a ref. They choose to do it and never have to explain their decisions. Fans have every right to criticise when referees can effect games. That said I don't think anyone has blamed the ref in this thread for the result, just pointed out his ineptness. I for one cannot understand why every ref gives nothing to Nuhiu when he is constantly fouled. Referees seem to think that because he is big players can do what they want to him. Used to be the same with Peter crouch when he played for England.
  10. Carl Shutt is God


    I wasn't at the other 3 and just saying what I saw. I have also seen threads about bad refs when we have won tbf. I never understand why a thread titled "Ref" always gets people coming in defending them. It's obviously going to be a whinge. I am guessing the ref sympathizers are referees themselves.......
  11. Carl Shutt is God


    I never understand why defenders are allowed to run infront of an attacker shielding the ball then stop running and fall over and it's always a foul. Then matias stood his ground and it's a foul against him. Plus players are aloud to use Nuhiu as a ladder and nothing is ever given. Wasn't the worst ref but 2nd half he just gave them absolutely everything and was totally inconsistent.
  12. Carl Shutt is God

    Ben Pearson

    Not been able to go today but the last two times I have seen Preston at Hillsborough they have dived, feigned injury and time wasted from the start. Almost on the level of a Warnock team. Hate teams like that that. Just play football and try and put the ball in the net.
  13. Carl Shutt is God


    I'm sure Hutchinson played a lot of his early career at right back but not sure how body would cope with it.
  14. Carl Shutt is God

    thread for Club apologists

    Literally no need for threads like this trying to stir up the split in the fan base further. There will not be one supporter who is actually happy with results at the minute whatever their stance on Jos. Everyone has a right to their opinion and shouldn't be belittled for it. My opinion is be has to go because the writing is on the wall and there is no way back. May as well get on with it as each game and defeat that passes makes survival more difficult.
  15. Carl Shutt is God

    Top prices in the league.

    I am in full agreement regarding ticket prices being too high and clearly the chairman has made mistakes. This is completely irrelevant to my post. My point was that if someone feels so strongly that just about every single post they make is about the chairman or belittling fellow supporters I genuinely was interested in whether the they had done anything about it or if they are playing with their wooden spoon.