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  1. Carl Shutt is God


    I'm sure Hutchinson played a lot of his early career at right back but not sure how body would cope with it.
  2. Carl Shutt is God

    thread for Club apologists

    Literally no need for threads like this trying to stir up the split in the fan base further. There will not be one supporter who is actually happy with results at the minute whatever their stance on Jos. Everyone has a right to their opinion and shouldn't be belittled for it. My opinion is be has to go because the writing is on the wall and there is no way back. May as well get on with it as each game and defeat that passes makes survival more difficult.
  3. Carl Shutt is God

    Top prices in the league.

    I am in full agreement regarding ticket prices being too high and clearly the chairman has made mistakes. This is completely irrelevant to my post. My point was that if someone feels so strongly that just about every single post they make is about the chairman or belittling fellow supporters I genuinely was interested in whether the they had done anything about it or if they are playing with their wooden spoon.
  4. Carl Shutt is God

    Car crash

    I'm not disagreeing that Jos shouldn't go. Can for me. I would say there are a huge amount of fans blinded by the 2 play off seasons. This squad is not very good but is better than the last 6 games. I have seen loads of posts claiming we should be in the play offs. Changing the manager will probably be enough to stop us getting relegated but that's about it. There is not a single leader on that pitch, the players have a mental weakness and apart from a couple of players we don't have many players any of the top 6 would want.
  5. Carl Shutt is God

    Top prices in the league.

    Genuine question as you spend all your time on here making little digs at the club and some fans..... Other than post on here what have you done about it all? Have you contacted the club and made your feelings known? Have you tried to attend the fans forums to voice your opinion directly with the club hierarchy? I am guessing you have done loads to ensure we don't let the chairman "do what ours has done".
  6. Carl Shutt is God

    Car crash

    I would say his limitations are part of the problem not the problem. The lack of a decent fullback is a much bigger issue as is a total and utter lack of a leader on the pitch.
  7. Carl Shutt is God

    Car crash

    Writing is on the wall. For me it's better to just get on with making the change which will inevitably happen. A combination of some fans expecting too much of this season as they aren't understanding the situation we are in and just see that we spent a bit (not a lot compared to many others) 2 years ago and seem to think this squad is better than it actually is, players who are mentally weak, a huge issue of not having a single full back good enough for the league, no pace or strength or leadership on the pitch, tactics which I don't understand what they are trying to achieve and constant changing of the starting line up has lead to a team with no direction and a complete lack of confidence. I can't see it improving now it never does when you reach this point.
  8. Carl Shutt is God


    Full back is a real problem on both sides.
  9. Carl Shutt is God

    Car crash

    There is no point talking about the performance people's minds are made up now and there is no going back for Jos. It's just a matter of time. Sad fact is if we win and play poorly it will be all about the performance if we play well or quite well and lose the result is all that mattrers.
  10. Been better side till 28 minutes.
  11. Carl Shutt is God

    Must read

    Amazing what the results on a football pitch do to people's opinions really. It would be interesting to see this thread if we had just beaten United 3-0. There are things Luhuky can be criticised for legitimately but when results are poor it becomes like my workplace full of office gossips on here with all the bitching about anything people can try and twist into a negative
  12. Carl Shutt is God

    Sam Hutchinson's twin brother

    It's called Paul Heffernan syndrome. Where when things aren't going well those that are not playing improve constantly the less they play. For what it's worth I liked Hutchinson when he was playing and felt he bought a lot to the side but his constant injuries and bans were an issue. We are lacking bite in midfield at the minute so I can see why people want him back. Abdi, Boyd and Jones on the other hand have been constantly criticised but now are seen as our saviours by some which is frankly bizarre.
  13. Carl Shutt is God

    That 'Penalty'

    Unfortunately what happened with Duffy will always be given as a penalty in modern football (unless it's our players going done of course). Basically football players don't generally play the game in an honest manner. They assess the situation and react accordingly. If Duffy had been directly in front of goal and about to score he wouldn't have left his trailing leg in position to allow Fox to make any contact as the best outcome to him would be to score he would have tried to avoid the contact. On Friday he wasn't in a good position to score so he slightly left his leg out waiting for contact and Fox had no way of avoiding it. Football players train for these situations it is engrained in players to look for opportunities to win free kicks and penalties by whatever means possible. Players will pretend to be injured to exaggerate things try to get their opponents booked, try to waste time wherever possible if winning. How many times have you heard pundits say "he felt contact he has a right to go down" which sums up the fact it is just accepted as part of the game that players are expected to cheat and con the referee.
  14. Carl Shutt is God

    The City Is Theirs

    For me the semi final was more one sided purely on chances created. Alan Kelly played the game of his life. We created so many chances hit the woodwork twice and should have been out of sight. Last night they totally dominated us possession wise forced Dawson into 2 decent saves and then penalty but to be honest they massively struggled to create a glaring opportunity. They severely lack quality upfront which will be their downfall again this season. I didn't enjoy the way we played last night and it's not what I want to see but after conceding 10 goals in our last 3 games with players totally devoid of confidence against a side at the very top of their game I understand it.
  15. Carl Shutt is God

    Utterly humiliating watching this

    We have just conceded 10 goals in our last 3 games and are utterly devoid of any confidence playing a team absolutely full of confidence who would be top of the league with a win. What did anyone expect tonight. It played out exactly as I expected with the exception of the fact we did didn't concede. It isn't good enough the way we play but we are missing the players who have been most influential when we have been good with the exception of Bannan and Reach.