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  1. Positives and negatives

    I sit low in the north and can't see the ball when it's at either end of the pitch!
  2. The Officials Tonight

    Linesman on the south was a joke. One offside he didn't give the player was about 4 yards off. Their keeper was time wasting constantly at 1-1 but as soon as one of our players did it he booked them.
  3. What is it with fans antagonising each other?

    Surely you can see that the reason this is happening is because of the wind up merchants who have been constantly stirring for months and trying to cause a divide? There is one particular poster who is in most threads slipping in "clapper" and "apologist" at every opportunity and that is what is getting people's backs up and causing the ridiculous threads we are getting. Both sides are becoming as bad as each other. Nothing wrong with criticising or praising everyone's opinion counts but the wind up merchants revel in coming on and stirring and that has caused tensions on both sides. I'm just going to stick to reading the Cakeball thread now as they haven't highjacked that yet
  4. How the mood changes

    The difference is that the people who are still unsure about Carlos or still want him out are here and discussing rationally. The people who come on here to stir up an argument are nowhere to be seen as is always the case because they will struggle to get the reaction they crave after a decent performance and a win.
  5. Joost the right man

    Very impressed with him. Looks composed and can pick a pass.
  6. Can't wait to see the new boys at the back?

    Maybe Carlos has seen the bashing Adam Reach has got from some fans due to his price tag and is trying to protect a new signing. It doesn't say anywhere they won't be in the team any time soon in fact it states Van Aken is a player for now and the future.
  7. The amazing SWFC Cake Ball Photoshop Thread

    Love this thread. Surprised to not have seen Simonsens penalty yet
  8. What's Happened

    It's the wind up merchants who cause all the problems between the fans. Unfortunately they are succeeding in derailing every thread. I think there would be less jumping on people making criticisms if these people were not on here constantly stirring. Unfortunately not everyone can see who these people are and what they are doing. It's a shame because there are plenty of things to discuss and totally understandable "negative" views which get lost as the usual suspects jump into the thread and wind people up.
  9. What's Happened

    To be fair Winnall is the only player who seems to have wanted to leave. No other players have handed in a transfer request. Even Forestieri, who everyone seems to have decided doesn't want to be here anymore, hasn't stated he wants to leave. A lot of the "unrest" and CC "losing the dressing room" etc is just unsubstantiated drivel made up by fans choosing what they want to see, it snowballs and more and more people believe it. Win a couple of games and these "issues" will disappear. The main thing is the sub standard performances that has riled the majority up, then things like the kit become an even bigger issue. English (and particularly Yorkshire) people absolutely love a good moan and revel in negativity. Forums and social media are actually quite funny to read if you take a step back. It's like the bitching and gossiping in an office
  10. ONE win. Disaster.

    Why do you have to try and stir up an argument in every thread. It's boring.
  11. ONE win. Disaster.

    The most frustrating thing is when we try and attack and pressure teams and actually move and make space we look good but it only happens briefly in each game. Far too much of the time we sit back and play slow pedestrian football and we are 2nd to everything. He has to change the way we are playing because it must be his tactics to sit back, particularly in the 1st half, or he will be gone because we can't try and win every game 1-0 it just won't work. I thought we would improve this season because he would realise we needed to be somewhere in between his 1st and 2nd season but we are not doing enough and I can't see how it will change now. I desperately want him to do well and I am not calling for his head but he needs to react and get this team firing....starting by actually shooting at goal on a regular basis. It's fine playing cautiously against the big teams but it's the same in virtually every game.
  12. Sheffield Wednesday's greatest flair player

    Di Piedi I've gone for Di CANTO but waddle was my preferred player. Di Canio was the most skilful player I have seen play for us other than Craig Armstrong....but he wasn't on the list for some reason.
  13. Pre-empt

    The problem is the stirrers who are ruining the threads. There is room for both sides of the argument and everyone's opinion is valid. Unfortunately there are people on here who like to wind people up and they are unfortunately succeeding creating a divide where threads descend into to the same boring name calling from both sides. Let's just hope we get a result and good performance today as we need a win before a poor start becomes something more severe.
  14. Pre-empt

    Make your mind up
  15. Pre-empt

    Except he isn't saying that at all is he. But then you already knew that. Nothing better than little remarks in every thread to stir things up eh