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  1. It's not about the 30 seconds after 95 minutes its about the fact there were 5 minutes added in the first place..... four would have been generous.
  2. Your quite right.....however where did 5 minutes come from? There should have been 4 minutes max added. There were no injuries and only 4 subs in normal time and one goal.
  3. I wouldn't give players a new contract based on their most recent performances. Look at Nuhiu. Last season when his contract was up he became literally the best player in the world but hadn't reproduced that form this season. I suppose it depends on the budget we have but Boyd and Matias can go for me.
  4. 4 2nd half subs = 2 mins 1 2nd half goal = 30 seconds Should have been 2 mins 30 added on. No other injuries to add on and no time wasting certainly not enough to double the length of time added on. I would like to know where the extra 2 mins 30 came from????
  5. It wasnt a foul, their player clearly dives into Matias, the free kick was taken in the wrong place to gain an advantage and there were never 5 minutes to add on in the 1st place, no injuries and just subs and one goal to add on. Then he doesnt blow and nearly half a minute after the 5 minutes is up they win the free kick. Complete joke. That said our 2nd shouldn't have counted so I guess we cant complain.
  6. Exactly this. Dawson isn't a bad keeper but Westwood is on a totally different planet. Not just his ability but his communication too. Sticking with Dawson and not playing Westwood was one of the biggest of many mistakes Jos made. It's clear how little confidence the defence have in him look at the number of goals conceded and the overall defence performance since Westwood came in.
  7. Dawson should have done better with the goal. It was savable. Onamah looks totally uninterested. Started well before the goal though.
  8. 100 million is enough to buy 16.66 Gary Madine's.
  9. Why would anyone want us to finish in 7th just because it would mean United were not in the automatic places. One of the things I have always liked about being a Wednesday fan is that we are not as obsessed with them as they are with us. Even after yesterday my blade fan mates were all over my Facebook feed mentioning us rather than celebrating getting into 2nd. Even their manager is obsessed with us. Sadly we have some fans becoming more prevalent who are obsessed with them. At the end of the day they will probably go up and chances are they will come straight back down, it could even be if things go well for us we swap places next year. They've done great this year and their manager despite being an absolute **** has done a great job with a team of ok players. I am sure next year Wilder will provide great entertainment as he is not exactly a magnanimous loser is he.
  10. Is John Terry the referee again for Saturday?
  11. For me a fit and firing Hooper is the best striker at the club. His link up play, movement and finishing are excellent however after over a year out he wont be up to speed by the end of this season I wouldn't have thought.
  12. Agree Bruce is the difference and Jos was the problem and I haven't really any confidence that with them in the team under Jos that we would have suddenly been better but I guess the decision to drop them was one of many reasons we were so poor under him.
  13. This season is lacking the quality top teams of previous years. The teams who came down have struggled whereas in the past look there have been some real quality teams. Stoke, Villa, West Brom, Swansea have struggled after coming down and inner turmoil within a club clearly has a massive effect. Shame we didn't have our play off final team this season as I think it was better than every other team in this league and would have been right up there......well maybe not if Jos was still in charge.
  14. He is a class keeper. I said earlier in the season that I felt the defence had no confidence in Dawson and it showed. Dawson is a decent keeper and will have a good career but Westwood is on another level. Having him and Hutchinson back in the side is one of the big reasons for our season turning round. I just hope we can keep him next season.
  15. It's quite scary how easily the United fans have actually lapped this up and believed it. I have even seen a post from one of them saying Hutchinson should be banned for cheating! There is no way he thought a player coming in behind him was the keeper shouting unless he has zero special awareness which would be surprising for a professional footballer. The latest peice of "journalism" by James Sheild about Rotherham and Uniteds "special" rivalry is one of the most nauseating things I have ever read. Full of digs at Wednesday its embarrassing really. Wilder is part of the problem riling the idiot section of our fanbase with his constant snidey digs and the reporting in the star is fuelling it further in my opinion by constantly doing the same.
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