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  1. We really did get the mucky end of the stick when we were relegated from the Premier League. No parachute payments and players on premiership wages at a time when wages were increasing but with the ITV digital collapse and little income in the championship meant we were in big trouble. On top of that we had no investment and unlike other teams in our situation didn't go into administration. We have paid dearly for it.
  2. They can get on with it for me. I find it funny. Last thing on my mind if we had gone up would be them. Been like it all my life. They think about Wednesday all the time bless them. If Gary Megson got us up I am sure he would be similar but I would find it cringeworthy.
  3. Your right....our manager wouldn't though.
  4. Was excellent at full back that first season when he was on loan. Always tried his best and was an excellent signing.
  5. Erm. Where is John Hills? Worthington in my lifetime.
  6. The whole thing is a mess. Teams getting parachute money is a joke it should be in all players contracts that they receive a pay cut upon relegation in line with the teams reduced income. Agents shouldn't be getting the money they are getting the last is leaking out of the game either. If we have broken rules the we will be punished but as a club we have been well and truly pooped on. Relegated from the premier league with high earners and without the money clubs are given today which was exasperated by the collapse of the IatV digital deal. Then unlike many clubs we avoided admin but paid for it by spending two spells in league 1. We then get an owner who wants to spend but isn't allowed to as the rules are changed, meanwhile some of those clubs who have been in administration have been back to or are still in the premier league reaping the money that generates. We were so far behind we had to spend to get any quality to be in with any chance but we still haven't spent anywhere near what other teams have. I know Sheffield United have done it without spending like we have but they are a freak in that things have come together and fair play to them. But then they have had parachute payments and the Tevez money so they have had the benefit of the totally unbalanced system currently in place. Football is ruined by the ever increasing amounts of money and the greedy sharks who circle where money is involved sadly.
  7. Think you have missed my point. I mean the quality this year compared to other seasons. The top 3 are nowhere near as good as other seasons although Cardiff and Huddesfield managed to go up so maybe I am wrong!
  8. I just think our team which has massive gaps in quality and our real quality players have been missing for big chunks of the season or have been out of form plus a team which contains players like Boyd, Onamah and Pelupessy etc is able to win against teams which are still going for the play offs still and outplayed the league leaders at their own ground and so easily make up ground when we were miles off. I dont think Norwich, Leeds or Sheffield United are particularly good either especially when compared to Wolves, Brighton, Newcastle etc. But then I suppose Cardiff and Huddesfield went up so maybe I am talking rubbish
  9. Just how poor is it. Even with players out and players not fully fit coming back from injury we have got close to the play offs. So frustrating that we had that spell prior to Bruce coming in where I was more worried about relegation than promotion. With a good manager we could have been right up there this season even missing some of our best players for the majority of the year. Obviously pleased with the win today and our good run but I am massively frustrated about the stupid decisions and tactics which cost us any chance earlier in the season.
  10. It's not about the 30 seconds after 95 minutes its about the fact there were 5 minutes added in the first place..... four would have been generous.
  11. Your quite right.....however where did 5 minutes come from? There should have been 4 minutes max added. There were no injuries and only 4 subs in normal time and one goal.
  12. I wouldn't give players a new contract based on their most recent performances. Look at Nuhiu. Last season when his contract was up he became literally the best player in the world but hadn't reproduced that form this season. I suppose it depends on the budget we have but Boyd and Matias can go for me.
  13. 4 2nd half subs = 2 mins 1 2nd half goal = 30 seconds Should have been 2 mins 30 added on. No other injuries to add on and no time wasting certainly not enough to double the length of time added on. I would like to know where the extra 2 mins 30 came from????
  14. It wasnt a foul, their player clearly dives into Matias, the free kick was taken in the wrong place to gain an advantage and there were never 5 minutes to add on in the 1st place, no injuries and just subs and one goal to add on. Then he doesnt blow and nearly half a minute after the 5 minutes is up they win the free kick. Complete joke. That said our 2nd shouldn't have counted so I guess we cant complain.
  15. Exactly this. Dawson isn't a bad keeper but Westwood is on a totally different planet. Not just his ability but his communication too. Sticking with Dawson and not playing Westwood was one of the biggest of many mistakes Jos made. It's clear how little confidence the defence have in him look at the number of goals conceded and the overall defence performance since Westwood came in.
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