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  1. Something doesnt add up to me. I've been entering and exiting the lep end of the north for 30 years and never had an issue. I can't understand why it is suddenly an issue now especially the timing before the 1st home game. I have been to many other away grounds and it's similar or worse in some cases but I dont see other teams being punished like we are. I would love to know if there is more to the reason these measures have been put in place and what is really going on.
  2. We wont sign this many but I think we need a left back, centre back, central midfielder and another winger really. Priority is central midfield as we are very light if Lee and Hutchinson get injured again.
  3. Totally get that but even the player could not be 100% sure he said what he thought he said at the time unless I have read it wrong. Racism is quite rightly at the forefront of the news it is a huge thing to taint someone's character by punishing them for racist abuse when there is no clear evidence to say it actually happened. What about FF's career, football fans all over the world now think he is a racist, despite there being no documented previous incidents. He is now tarnished forever based on what seems to be someone's word against another's. It doesnt sit right with me.
  4. It is quite scary that the FA can charge someone with something so serious and so in the forefront of society seemingly on the basis that someone "thought" he had said a certain word. Not even a definite yes he said that word, not one other witness coming forward saying they heard it, just basing this on the reaction of a player who "thought" they heard a racist comment. It's actually unbelievable that we live in a world where people can be judged and their character assassinated on what someone thinks they may have said. The sad thing is that racism is something which needs tackling properly and punishment needs dishing out (more than 6 games I might add) but there has to be evidence and consistency. Look at Hennessey who apparently didn't know who Hitler was whilst making a nazi salute.
  5. Knowing our luck we will somehow manage to get Hughton and Bruce will be sacked in November and Newcastle will steal Hughton from us!
  6. Bruce new the situation regarding money as he mentioned in a documented interview, other than a rumour on the internet there are no solid facts he had showdown talks with Chansiri. He has a history of taking a dump from a great height on previous clubs, the way I see it he fancied the Newcastle job in the Premier League and did whatever it took to get it not caring on the impact it would have on us. He has gone about it in a disgusting manner and that is what our fans are angry about. If he had come out and said look I want to manage Newcastle before I retire and this will be my last opportunity and I know its leaving Wednesday in the lurch and they have treated me well then our fans would not react like they are to him. As it stands he is coming across as a liar and a man of very low morals who just looks after himself.
  7. Lol He would probably be wearing the Chelsea kit! We best not go for Stendal......
  8. If Newcastle have tapped up Bruce and shady things have gone on then how can the club update everyone without basically lieing to the fans? If he has resigned and this has come from a journalist in the north east originally how do you think they got this info? Someone has leaked it I wonder who?? As far as I can see only one club is out of order here and it's not us. What can they say. Yes our manager is trying to leave. Everyone would still be angry at him.
  9. No hate from me, can see why he would want to go. Doesnt mean our fans should be happy about it though. There was a bit of optimism about this season and with the backroom staff in place, players released or signed new contracts and 3 new players signed all in Bruce's vision of what is required only for him to walk out with 3 weeks to go till the season starts. Now we may not have a manager and have a slow start when we really needed a good one. Now we have also wasted a week where we could have continued to build the team and sell players etc. Doesnt matter to Bruce of course as he is happy to walk away from it and leave us in the lurch. Especially when he is going to a club where the fans literally want him out before he has even arrived and he will probably be out of work by Christmas.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Football is no longer about the game itself. Some players earning 10x in a week an ok yearly wage for a normal person Kids who haven't even got I to the first team earning more in a week than many fans earn in a year Grown men throwing themselves on the floor pretending to be hurt Cheating and time wasting which nothing is ever done about Main news stories about players dogs going missing or other irrelevant rubbish Agents leaching millions of pounds out of the game Greedy rich people doing whatever they can to make themselves even more money The top clubs hoovering up all the young talent only to never play them Clear rules which make it impossible for the elite to ever be caught up with Armchair fans with no allegiance to any club supporting the top clubs without ever going to games Celebrities pretending they are fans of the top clubs Inept referees VAR Its gradually been ruined over the the years I have been watching and if I didn't still enjoy going to Hillsborough I would never watch a game again. Its frustrating watching especially the diving, feigning injury and time wasting which gets worse each year.
  11. As soon as a manager decides they want to go that's usually what happens. He has previous at other clubs of resigning when his head is turned. Compensation will need to be sorted but if he wants out he will go. We shall see.
  12. He has a history of walking out on clubs. Its his local club, he will be gone I'm sure there are too many reports for it not to be happening. Just hope we get someone in quickly.
  13. Depends on your morals I suppose. It's not surprising at all what they have done and they had every right to but thatvdoesnt make it right when they could easily afford to pay us the compensation and we need the money. We could have just accepted the 2 million but if we thought we were going to get more in compensation then why should we?
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