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  1. Carl Shutt is God


    Totally agree. Football winds me up nowadays. If a team is winning they will do anything to win and referees do nothing. If a team is winning they buy free kicks constantly....and I include us in that. Last night in the last 10 mins Adam Clayton was running towards his goal line chasing the ball, he just ran in front of one of our players and stopped running so our player had nowhere to go but run into him. Clayton just threw himself on the floor and it's a free kick. Happens time and time again. Semedo I was the master of it. It's just annoying and breaks the game up. It's not a foul if anything it's obstruction by the player falling over but it's a free kick every time. Time wasting is just ignored most of the time. Players can take ages taking a goal kick or throw in or just kick the ball away and rarely does anything happen. Last night one of their players won a free kick then punched the ball 20 yards away whilst on the floor and nothing was said. Refs could just book time wasters straight away and it would stop players taking risks.
  2. Carl Shutt is God

    slack passing across the back

    How many times do we take short goal kicks to defenders when the other team is pressing us high up the pitch. Happens a lot this season and our players panic and don't have the composure to play that way.
  3. Carl Shutt is God

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Sam Hutchinson
  4. Carl Shutt is God

    Michael Hector...

    David Graham
  5. Carl Shutt is God

    NOW TV

    No option on Now TV what a joke it's advertised with a link to buy a pass to watch it. Have to watch villa vs Brentford.
  6. Carl Shutt is God

    Gonna be a long old season

    Not really hull were poor but still we gave them chances especially in the 1st half. We struggled against a poor side it all just felt a bit flat. The positive is we created chances Fletcher should have scored.
  7. Carl Shutt is God

    Gonna be a long old season

    It was worse than I expected and I wasn't expecting much. 1st half was shocking. Improved after the break but our midfield is non existent and full backs not good enough especially playing that formation. Fletcher should have had 3 goals though. 3 great chances. Hull were awful and we never looked like winning.
  8. Carl Shutt is God

    Sam Smart

    Is Sam Smart?
  9. Carl Shutt is God

    Calendar News

    We can moan about referees it's part of the fun of going to football. Neil Swarbrick provided great entertainment last season.
  10. Carl Shutt is God

    #SWFC Legend Chris Waddle says it how it is

    During the "golden generation" period we constantly fell into the trap of trying to shoehorn players in which meant we never got the best of many of the players. It was clear as day Gerrard and Lampard, two fine players, were not right to play together in the centre and we had no quality on the left so played Cole there and later I think Trevor Sinclair. We had the players to do better than we did and look at the top players club form they tended to have a ball winner with them who allowed them to play their game. For years we just stuck with it. All that said I think a lot of England's failing have come down to a mentality issue and not having the mental strength required to deal with the pressure put on them by the press.
  11. pic.twitter.com/SM7vohDBkD sums him up.
  12. Carl Shutt is God

    God I Miss This Team

    That goal!!
  13. Carl Shutt is God

    #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Obviously Nuhiu and Joao have triggered massive bonuses for their number of goals scored and we can't afford to play them
  14. Carl Shutt is God

    Yorkshire Post comment on praise and grumble

    The rumour has been kicking about for a while now and whilst ever the players are not in the team they will persist. If we were winning with the players we have available then these rumours may well have never started but as we have been utter garbage some fans will cling to rumours like this especially with the kit issues the expensive tickets and general bad feeling around the club this season it makes fans more likely to believe these things. Personally I don't believe it as it's just too far fetched that all those players would be ok with it and not one of them would say anything, especially when they could have left in January.