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  1. The whole punishment system really isn't what it says on the tin is it. P&S rules were made to supposedly protect clubs from spending more than they could afford and put themselves in danger of administration (which was happening on a regular basis). So if a club does break these rules then they are punished.....with a massive fine or points deduction which leads to massive loss of earnings. You literally couldn't make it up could you, teams who are in financial trouble (even if they arent because the owner has money) are punished by putting them in more financial trouble. The only people who will truly suffer are the fans when their club is put back years by a points deduction, relegation or god forbid goes out of business. If the EFL want to enforce rules why dont they make the rules that the owner is the one punished rather than the club, players get punished independently but owners dont. The football world has created this whole mess by allowing a totally uneven playing field where teams with parachute payments can afford way bigger wages and transfer fees. How are teams who have been out of the premier league a long time like ourselves, Forest and Leeds meant to compete? It can be done as United have shown but that's more of an anomaly than the norm.
  2. Completely get what your saying and you are of course right. However as a club we have really had it rough, relegated from the prem before you got loads of money for doing so, then the collapse of the ITV digital deal leaving us saddled with contracts we couldn't afford, didnt go into admin like so many others and tried to pay our way which left us rotting in league 1 twice, we finally get an owner willing to spend like so many other clubs have done but the rules have been changed and we are not allowed to spend like other teams who got a rich owner. You can see why our fans are feeling disgruntled. However that doesnt in anyway make anything we have done which is against the rules ok, it's just a massive frustration which is made worse watching teams like wolves break the rules but become untouchable because they are in the Prem. The fact the EFL and Prem are two separate entities and the parachute payments make the current FFP rules totally unworkable.
  3. Absolutely right. You have however ommited a 3rd and important point. The premier league, which is where all this lunacy started. When teams are getting so much money in the premier league and then massive parachute payments then restricting the total allowed losses teams already in the EFL can make, particularly long termers like ourselves, Leeds, Forest etc, have completely had it as we would never be able to compete and eventually it would be a completely closed shop with a portion of teams already receiving parachute payments and any in the future just hoovering up all the best players as they would be the ones who could afford to pay the wages. Money, greed and an unworkable structure has basically completely ruined football. The owners bend the rules off the pitch and the players bend the rules on the pitch diving, feigning injury, timewasting, trying to argue with the ref to undermine them. It feels like at every level people are trying to bend or break the rules and get away with it. There is no such thing as the spirit of the game anymore. I absolutely hate what football has become and as I've said before I only follow it still because i love wednesday and going to Hillsborough.
  4. Bruce is no fool....just a manager with a long history of jumping ship. He has done it countless times. I see it that he is coming to the end of his managerial career and saw one last shot at being Newcastle manager and one last guaranteed shot at being in the premier league. And Newcastle are a much bigger club than us nowadays.
  5. That play off final defeat could be our most expensive defeat ever. To be honest this whole sorry saga just highlights the ridiculous rules and regulations in football and how much money is ruining the sport. The fact that the Premier League and leagues below are two separate entities where teams who get up to the top division cant face punishment whilst there after breaking rules to get promotion just encourages teams in the championship to massively overspend. The fact teams getting relegated from the prem get obscene amounts of money in parachute payments just encourages championship teams to massively overspend. The split of money between the divisions is not enough for clubs to spend the money they need to pay the wages players are now commanding, premier league reserves earn absolutely obscene amounts of money. Football is a sport which only exists because of the fans, the fans, who may earn in a year less than some players earn in a week, are the ones who really suffer. Players at the clubs punished will just move elsewhere and still get paid obscene amounts of money and wont care one bit about their former club. Football and the way it is structured is absolutely messed up and overcome by greed. Match of the day showing tweets of players after games, papers printing stories about players lives like a gossip column, fans supporting teams they just watch on tv who are in another country or city and thinking they get football. What the hell happened to our sport?
  6. To be fair today we created enough today to score 6. Fletcher header straight at the keeper, Fletcher hit post, Murphy beginning of 2nd half should have scored, Murphy also hit post and then we scored two. It's our lack of finishing teams off which is killing us. A team which is going up would have finished off Cardiff, Blackburn and Swansea. We panic if we are one goal up.
  7. Last time Nuhiu was due to be out of contract he turned into Ibrahimovic so hopefully he will have a storming 2nd half of the season and score the goals to send us up!!
  8. Its actually quite bizarre the magnitude of the restrictions. Look at Bramall Lane on match days. Queens road is impossible to drive up because one lane is full of parked cars. More trouble at United games, more arrests, same issue of away fans coming out amongst home fans yet there doesn't seem to be any restrictions on them at all. I simply dont understand it. I've been walking out of the north stand onto leppings lane for nearly 40 years and never experienced many issues at all other than a bit of shouting and pointing every now and again.
  9. I would love to sit down with some of their fans and re watch the match so they could point out where our players were fouling them.
  10. Sam Hutchinson is the only player I have seen get booked for being fouled. He was incredibly weak. Something has to be done to help refs though something which will prevent players from cheating at every given opportunity.
  11. Fulham's constant 2nd half (it was more than 10 mins) time wasting and diving actually did us a favour and fired us up and made us push more. To be honest I am sick of all of it it just ruins football. Weak refs. How can a tough guy like Mitrovic be rolling around in agony with his head only for a man to give it a rub and he is perfectly fine. It needs sorting starting with using VAR to combat it in the prem.
  12. One thing which really bothers me is that the report after the original EFL decision stated that they found the accuser more believable which is a major part of their decision. Forestieri is not from this country and speaks limited English. There seems to be no other reason than believing one persons word over another despite the fact Forestieri has been playing in this country for a long time and there are no previous accounts of racism during this time. Even when the accuser was asked what was said he wasnt 100% sure at the beginning that Forestieri had definitely said what he thought he had said. For me it's a dangerous precedent that a player can be found guilty of racism on the word of one person. Racism is so high profile at the minute (quite rightly) that for me there has to be more than one persons word that someone has been racist in order to punish them. This will stick with Forestieri for the rest of his life, he is now racist in the eyes of every football fan and even wider audience across the world based on one other persons word. It's a lot more than having to miss 6 games and losing some money it's about character and being labelled as a racist is a very serious matter.
  13. Something doesnt add up to me. I've been entering and exiting the lep end of the north for 30 years and never had an issue. I can't understand why it is suddenly an issue now especially the timing before the 1st home game. I have been to many other away grounds and it's similar or worse in some cases but I dont see other teams being punished like we are. I would love to know if there is more to the reason these measures have been put in place and what is really going on.
  14. We wont sign this many but I think we need a left back, centre back, central midfielder and another winger really. Priority is central midfield as we are very light if Lee and Hutchinson get injured again.
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