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  1. https://youtu.be/5W5ZEK9jnwg Love a Brian Clough story!
  2. From the north stand I thought he was pushed and could have been given but let's be honest we didn't deserve to win. I was more bothered about nothing being done about the constant time wasting which started in the first half. The goalkeeper went down at one point with a leg injury but was fine taking a goal kick, they wasted so much time about 8 minutes should have been added on not including adding time on for the goal and subs but then we would probably have lost 3-1. I never understand why officials do nothing about time wasting, that along with diving, has gradually ruined watching football over the years for me it's just become accepted.
  3. Yep, here are those perennial stragglers Manchester City in a pre match huddle.
  4. Do you genuinely believe it is faux outrage. For want of a better word football was already ****** and this will make it even more ****** than it was before. A "competition" which select teams are already in with no need to qualify. A "competition" where half the games will end up being totally meaningless. It's basically there to protect specific clubs so they can monopolise football more than they already are doing. There is no interest in making it better for the fans its purely greed. The only "fans" who will like this are the plastic glory hunters who don't have any real affiliation to the clubs they "support". Football sold its soul a long time ago and has attracted sharks who are just there to make as much money as they can. This super league probably will take off because there are enough foreign "fans" who will lap it up, however the people who have made these decisions have stolen football from the people who made it what it is I the first place. If they wanted this "product" so badly why didn't they make a 20 team league franchise across Europe with new clubs totally separate to the current clubs and invite players who want to play in it? No faux outrage from me, I already felt disillusioned with the constant diving and cheating, the agents leaching so much money out of the game, the obscene wages players who don't even play are earning, the ridiculous ffp rules preventing other teams catching the big few and many other things. I love going to Hillsborough I love following "my" team. My outrage towards this latest bull poo is anything but faux.
  5. Thats because most times a player is tackled nowadays the opponent falls on the floor and rolls around screaming in agony like they may require an amputation only to get up and run around seconds later. Therefore most tackles are nowadays probably classed as fouls.
  6. Players cheat on the pitch and clubs cheat off it. Football has completely lost its soul.
  7. Hopefully one day there will be a time where a footballer can just get on with his life without anyone even mentioning their sexuality, they will be in a relationship without being front page news because the person they want to be with is of the same sex. Sadly in the current times a footballer coming out as gay would be hounded constantly by the press looking to get pictures of the couple and their lives would never be the same again. Every tabloid story about the player would mention the player is gay and sadly the many neandathols who still exist in this world would constantly abuse the player. Its not surprising a footballer hasn't come out yet but we need to get to a point where no one has to come out and announce they are straight or gay as it has no bearing or relevance on anything other than that persons happiness in their own life and shouldn't be anyone else's business and we are a long long way from that.
  8. Does that really say we spent nearly 13 million on transfers.... last season? Guessing this is including fees we are paying over a period of time for Rhodes and Reach and maybe others? My memory isnt great but didnt we only sign Hector and Onamah on loan then Iorfa in the jan window?
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