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  1. Hi all, Please feel free to move this or direct me to an older thread, but I'm looking for some high res quality pictures of happier times from the last 20 or so years (very few I know! Hoping to get some decent pictures of the wycombe promotion game. Any help would be appreciated
  2. He must be unbelievably toxic if he's forced arguably our best two players in bannan and fletcher to back him publically....
  3. I imagine his record generally is pretty decent tbf, but his spells always seem to go the same way. First the Bomb squad come back and team play well to show it was all the outgoing managers fault. Then after a few weeks that wears off and we go to pot. Players hide behind the excuse of bullen not being good enough and he himself comes out and says we need a manager. I’m not pro monk. At this stage I’m nothing monk. I just cannot see the point in going in circles and always going back to bullen. Whole system needs a massive shake up tbf but can’t see it happening whilst paixao and that infect the club. Will be yes man after yes man after yes man (Bruce aside) and we’ll go nowhere ps I never wanna see that burton performance ever again. Butterfield still gives me nightmares!
  4. Monk may not be the answer but bullen is definitely not the answer. I'll tombstone ozzie owl if we end up with bullen in caretaker charge for any length of time!
  5. Gutted for him really as he looked the only player of ours providing any attacking threat that wasnt "lump it long and hopefully get a bad clearance." absolutely stinking effort in the end but I think anyone else in our team gets caught because they're all slower than erosion.
  6. Hasnt even bothered to mark n.o10 for the goal. We were balls to the wall. Whys he ball watching?!? Tom Lees deeply upset me today and I thought you should all know
  7. Back monk or sack him. Let him bring some of his own guys in. Can’t give any manager one ffp overshadowed transfer window and a coaching team of bullen and weaver and expect them to get top 10. 3rd was a massive overachievement. Other side of the coin however is some of the personnel choices have been baffling and it’s always easier to sack the manager than sack the team. Absolutely has to be an older experienced manager if the trigger is pulled. Pulis wouldn’t take the sort of poo from above that jos, bullen and monk have, like I don’t think Bruce did. Maybe it’d be worth seeing if megson fancied being his assistant again? Failing that maybe dingle mick.
  8. The signs point to fletcher being kept in cotton wool until jan, but I really hope I’m wrong. Without him all our strikers are Paul heffernans.....best player at the club and criminally underused, until they play a game
  9. I don’t buy into all of this they’re bottom we should be hammering them malarkey. They’re not a Rotherham or Bolton of last season. Joe Allen played bannan off the park [whos easily been our best player in recent weeks] I’d take ince or mclean over reach most days of the week, even though both are bellends and I thought Gregory was the make a nuisance of yourself harrier we could probably do with having up top. Stoke are a bit of a joke atm and they’re down there because they’ve lost more than they’ve won, but it isn’t down to footballing ability. that said playing like dog turd did help them massively
  10. ......After watching that, I wish I was noeyedmilkman!
  11. Yeah whenever I've been stoke I've been behind the goal. Yeah I rang up the other day when a few had been returned. I cant see how any seats in the ground are restricted view and I cant see how I'm side of the pitch, unless the lady on the phone was mistaken. Strange one! Itll be one of those where I get to the ground and theres no tickets for me, there never was and my banks been cleared out!
  12. Got stoke tickets but somehow I'm at the side of the pitch in restricted view seats. Does anyone know if stoke have changed where the away end is as I was always of the impression it was behind the goal? Either that or I'm sat in the home end! I also cant see how any seats in the ground are restricted view unless maybe you were sat at the back and the roof restricted view of the far end. Any insight would be appreciated
  13. Can’t see them getting anywhere near what he earns here, so we’d still be paying a hefty chunk of his wages at best. We can pay his wages and he can fight for a first team place or we can pay his wages for him to score goals in Scotland.... unless one out/one in keeps the efl away for the time being
  14. Credit where credits due, he’s been given a team and has drilled into them his way to play. There’s not a team in this division I fear playing, and no team has comprehensively beat us, which he must at least take some credit for. It would be naive to forget though that we still have the issue of trying to shut out close games too early, taking off players who are being effectual and then almost inevitably dropping points late on. if you’d offered me top 6 at this stage though I’d have snapped your hand off, so if he can sort our shortfalls out we’re onto a winner here
  15. Would imagine the Taylor link is more agent drumming up a better contract either at charlton or elsewhere...
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