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  1. Tough one really. I don't think Monk is the problem, but I dont think hes the solution either. To say backroom staff aren't a factor in ffp though and chansiri always preached about putting his money in, the management team of Monk, Bullen and Weaver has to be (one of) the poorest in the league
  2. As long as we dont get all that "we go again 👊" poo straight after the game. We caused all our own mistakes to go 2 down, but the worst part is most of our players downed tools then. No one looked particularly arsed. Heads down, no talking, going through the motions. Ref killed us anytime we tried to build anything and ran like a dog fondler.
  3. Send a mini bus up to newcastle, and get darlow, atsu, gayle, dummett and anyone else who fancies it on board. Mumble something about steve bruce being a ******** on the way out....
  4. From the Bristol city game we’ve lost borner, Lees and fox. That’s gunna affect any team, let alone a squad as thin as ours. All tonight has shown is we need smart recruitment at the end of the season, and some of us still need to manage expectation.
  5. Can’t agree that set pieces generally are poor as we get chances from them. Since we’ve come back though bannan’s deliveries has been awful.
  6. Cue all the ******** wavers telling us how they always knew monk was poo and they wouldnt have played odubajo.....
  7. Cant debate it's a penalty. The annoyance is the delay in giving it tells me hes guessed, and unfortunately for us hes guessed right. On the plus side weve actually played alright in spells and the sort or morons who only post on Facebook to slag off players wont be able to bemoan every touch odubajo has in the second half. In general play hes been alright against one of the best teams in the league.
  8. Ran the channels well I thought and got us throw ins in their third to slow the game down. He could have had a go at beating his man a few times, but having conceded one the aim was to shut up shop. Hed be getting pelters on here if he lost the ball and we were put back under pressure. Hes also from italian football. Their aim is always to keep the ball until the opposition dies of old age. He still needs to adapt to the championship way
  9. Look solid without really offering much offensively. Half expect the ref to have a hand in how this match finishes though. Woefully inconsistent decision making.
  10. Having young hungry kids is absolutely the way we need to go, but equally we need different options in the squad. Chris martin is what he is. A bit of a poo house who winds up opponents, get stuck in with the hustle and bustle and wins cheap free kicks. Hed be an upgrade on nuhiu. Doesnt necessarily have to be martin, but we certainly need someone who can play that role.
  11. Forestieri was unplayable for a season, had the arse on for a season and then was injured for a season. I suspect the club offered him a contract that reflected this. I have to believe that for the money saved on ff and fletcher we can get one or two players who are of a better age and spend more time away from the treatment table. Fox....meh
  12. We didnt look too bad, and I dont mind 3 at the back, but I think a better team than forest will catch us out playing two wingers at wing back. I wouldnt be against trying a 3-4-3, with reach and odubajo playing wing back and allowing Murphy and Harris to use their energy at the top end of the pitch, getting at the opposite's full backs.
  13. Harris looked absolutely knackered from 20 minutes onwards, hopefully as the games go on he'll get a little fitter. Finally relieved to see a corner whipped in though! When they're put in with that sort of pace they just need guiding towards a corner
  14. If he was a short term appointment then I’d be putting the feelers back out for hughton. Clearly hasn’t had the prem offer he was waiting for, and the rumour is finances are holding him back from the Birmingham job. As good a manager as we could get and probably far more trusted to reshape this squad* *court case pending
  15. 57 matches played out of a roughly 150 or so? I didnt realise it was so poor. I pine for the days of bannan, hooper and forestieri playing triangles around everyone, but it would be ludicrous for a team as knackered as we are ffp-wise to pay someone in excess of 25k a week to play so little.
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