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  1. Ticket Details For The Sheffield Derby

    Ticket prices below for Birmingham villa. You could argue that having bought in 11+ players this window their owner could have done a 'chansiri' with ticket prices. On the flip side however It's the biggest game Wednesday can play at hillsborough this season (barring an unlikely majestic fa cup run!) against our biggest rivals who we haven't played for a while. Can easily argue for going or not going, and as long as you're happy with whatever you choose, I'll be happy with what I choose. The issue is those who can't accept people taking the other option to them.
  2. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    Looking at last year's top scorers you have to say they all went or were linked away for good money. Far more money than I could have seen us realistically get for winnall. I don't think winnall is good enough to get into our team but that doesn't mean we shouldn't get the most we can for him. He won't get the goals to raise his valuation to that of an ince or an assombalonga here, so why not let derby do it for us?
  3. Can anyone recommend any streets nearby the ground that offer free parking? Any help appreciated.
  4. Nixon

    I know it's only a small section of transfer speculation in a paper but I can't imagine "owls interested in lichaj" being national news worthy
  5. Dream - ritchie Good - mbemba or yedlin Likely - Hanley I went for potential Newcastle fringe players edition...
  6. Callum Macmanaman ?????

    When we were 1 down to hull last year and we needed someone to get us closer to their goal we put on Jeremy helan. Mcmanaman is no world beater and we don't start games with 3 up top, but he's an excellent plan b as he's a completely different wide man to reach and Wallace or bannan and lee. We need that pace option on the bench