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  1. It would probably boost our chances of signing him if he doesn't realise..
  2. For those that say the pulis plan is anti football and dinosaur, I was happy enough to just see a plan. Personally thought the ref blew at the end for handball. Ayew to me looked like he was going to try bundle it goalwards and use the high foot as an excuse. Easily the stand out player on either team but jesus christ does he moan. Not sure what van aken's doing for the goal. Cant believe that any championship centre half (regardless of position theyre playing) would let ayew turn and then get onto his left foot in the area. Criminal. Reach played his best g
  3. Maybe adding 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but we were rumoured to be chasing zohore for a long time. Then on deadline day marriott comes in and zohore goes to Millwall. Monk himself reported that he tried to sign Jackson irvine, but he turned it down and we loan in izzy brown - an injury prone midfielder who plays a very different role to Irvine. The Huddersfield coach comes in and days later we sign two ex hudds players. Absolute circus of a recruitment strategy is putting it nicely
  4. Not sure if teams can still sign free agents? Today showed we are still horribly lacking pace. Couldnt get out our half because there was no one to chase down a throwing or just run us up the pitch Without knowing exactly what he was released for, mendez-laing I can't imagine would cost the earth. Montero? At Swansea last season. Not a world beater but I'd imagine would take a 7 month deal and would be a decent option. The options off the bench look depressing. An actual left back too please!
  5. You've got a very pulis-ball squad, no transfer window and no pot to ******** in when it does open. Without the deduction we'd be like 20th? In the league. We need a manager to keep us up this season as going into league 1 with the wage cap and that would be cataclysmically bad for us. We're not the draw many on here think we are. I think its a sound appointment for the situation
  6. I get the impression the Cowleys were sold a bit of a dud at Huddersfield. Promised things and then the new (ex agent) owner wanted full reign on transfers and a head coach rather than a manager. Seeing as we're closer to Lincoln nowadays than we are Huddersfield it still wouldnt be a bad appointment, but more importantly our dictator style ownership probably makes it undesirable to them and most people on that list. There won't be (m)any managers on that list that'd take over the team rock bottom in the championship with a one paced side and minimal wiggle room financially or free reign to ch
  7. Those complaining about him needing a body or two in midfield to do the dirty yards probably also moan about the fact that fletcher joao hooper etc have been replaced with windass Paterson etc. You can't win a game at this level with 11 runners, yet some of our fans seem intent in hounding out the one consistently fit player with a bit of a brain we have
  8. Nigel Pearson has done enough at Leicester and Watford to get a far, far better job than ours. If you take off the rose tinted specs we offer zero appeal. Interfering and/or clueless owner. Crap advisors. Strung up by ffp. Old players on massive wages. No one coming through. A fairly one dimensional squad built to play long ball with very little pace or resell. I don't even think you could tempt Tony pulis into this job and the squad has been built for his football. Paul Cook will think he could get a better job in the champ. Maybe, you could tempt the Cowleys if they were given a long contrac
  9. For all the stick the fans give signing Stevie May, he was a punt (that didn't work out) that we made money on...
  10. He's an awful wingback, but I can't imagine he's ever confessed to being a wingback. If we are so insistent on playing 3 at the back, and not bringing in a proper striker (Paterson is not a proper striker either,) then I don't know why we've gone 352 and not 343. Windass, kachunga, reach and harris could all play in that front 3. Far too many square pegs in round holes at the minute, and harris arguably stands out as the squarest peg
  11. I can only hope we're having to wait until the end of the window for a couple of quality loans.....
  12. A team who bought Perreira for 9 arent then getting 8 for Zohore. Therell be a lot of to'in and fro'in on this deal but he'll eventually go somewhere on loan as he won't want to lose any of that 50k a week and west brom will want to recoup some money to spend it elsewhere. Probably one for deadline day.
  13. Theres a lot of players still available and many more on loan when prem clubs finalise their squads. Leko isnt the messiah, I just hope we're working hard behind the scenes and rumour mill to bring in better than windass and da cruz
  14. Can’t imagine the serie b sides hes gone on loan to previously have paid that (If true.) I’d guess they’ve probably paid at most half of that. At 7.5k a week I’d loan him back as an option at left back or left wingback.
  15. Would be interested to know what sort of money Lazaar was on at Newcastle. Clearly talented with his technique but never struck me as particularly arsed about playing football.
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