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  1. The same man who was criticised at the start for micro managing everything, has for the last few months allowed his multi million pound business to be effectively run by Thompson, Bullen and Weaver. Whole club's a basket case at the moment.
  2. Adthe Nuhiu for me. 7ft 3 and didn't win a header all day
  3. I think Pedersen had his number very early on. One or two feelings weren't given either which could have gone either way didn't help and he resorted to flicks and tricks that didn't come off either. Can't understand why we left it so late to let him have a go at the right back though and see if there was any luck there
  4. Hes not the reason (if) we go down and he's not the reason we lost this game. 90 minutes of harris running into pedersen and everyone else kicking the ball into touch is clearly not going to win a game. Everything about this game from a Wednesday perspective has been ******** poor. That said sheffield wednesday shouldn't be the avenue to for Liam Shaw to make his mistakes anymore. We need to stay up, not aid his development.
  5. There's clearly more going on than just football, and I hope all involved come out the other side stronger for the experience. It's hard to criticise marriott too much though, as he was unequivocally what we did not need. Out went fletcher and nuhiu, and in came kachunga and then marriott on deadline day (which absolutely screams panic buy when we'd be chasing zohore for so long) To add insult to injury we didn't include a recall clause and they did, which screams we absolutely got our pants pulled down. Woeful on our part in all aspects
  6. A team in our position should have two options: the pulis/bruce/pardew/Hughes etc merry go round, or a bit of a punt on one of the world class ex-players of which there appears to be quite a few at the moment. I kind of hope we take a punt on an 'up and coming', but I don't trust the hierarchy to get it remotely right. They'll likely go option 3: unknown foreign head coach who's makes amadeu money each time he moves to a new club
  7. Rhodes or paterson had to come off. We were under the cosh and they both kept going for the same ball. Windass would have given us a ball over the top to get us out of trouble (which is the only place the ball seemed to go anyway) kachunga didn't look like he had a clue what to do when he came on. That said the quality on the ball was dog turd all night and we're probably lucky the gd hasn't been too heavily dented. We will go down though if we only decide to play 1 every 2 though. I also reserve my right to remain silent on pelupessy....
  8. Consistency will be our downfall. Pulling off a good result against Preston is a little redundant if you then fail to beat cov and drag them in. Same with Bournemouth and then Millwall today.
  9. If the options are have lazaar or don't have lazaar, then our squad is far better with him in him as opposed to having a gap. Technically a very good player. I would suspect he'll go to the Italian 2nd tier however
  10. To go two windows and still have 0 senior left backs is poor. To go into the 2nd half of a season where relegation is a distinct possibility and a wage cap would finish us, with a temporary manager, quite obvious gaps and most of your squad with the get out of being out of contract end of the season....is also not brilliant
  11. Surprised Celtic have had a free run at him tbh. If he does want out then I’m surprised a prem club haven’t offered a derisory bid just above compensation....unless thats exactly what they have done via Celtic. Shame really as he would have got his move to a big club playing as he was at the age he is anyway, but he could have done it in a way that didn’t stitch up his club.
  12. Pulis has been gone for nearly a month and wanted out long before. Add that to the fact we interviewed only weeks before as well and one thing it definitely can't be is knee jerk. Neil Thompson is not the right choice. Players are playing alright atm because Thompson isn't pulis, but we've massively flattered to deceive in last few wins. When a squad full of players unlikely to be kept after the summer start losing, I can't imagine the caretaker will be able to change much, and we'll end up with a Lee bullen crying for help press conference again and it'll be the 3rd time in one season we're i
  13. I think too much of Nigel Pearson to make our misery, his misery.
  14. I think a lot of our recent victories are very much down to luck and a couple of players probably wanting to prove Pulis' style of football wrong. To give Thompson the job knowing what's at stake if we go down is lazy, cheap and massively unfair on Thompson. He'd be given no money and instead be thrown advised recruits on him, and wouldn't have back room staff. Fwiw ivic is also very firmly in the 'terrible ideas' pot.
  15. Don't give him any more ideas on how to run a club into the ground! He'll spend all of January trialing goal music acoustics!
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