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  1. I had to double glance then, as I thought in the L.E.E it said Ranieri! It’s a sign!
  2. Tony Pulis has made an alright career out of having a particular brand of football. He’s certainly not a poorer manager than bullen or Holloway. That said, that brand of football is impossible when your team is full of players like bannan, reach and forestieri. We’re not particularly flush and I’m not convinced Pulis would suddenly change his philosophy, making it a truly baffling appointment.
  3. If it had been a player we'd signed in January for free and were now selling for a few mil it'd be good business and money to be spent elsewhere. It's not the end of the world providing that we replace with similar quality, and dont feel tempted to go down the unknown foreign head coach yes man route. Would expect some compo for the Steve's he brought in too.
  4. Some very average young English players have gone for silly money in recent seasons. Longer term (depending on the fee) this has to be the plan - buy low and selling high. An England u21 international getting no where near the spurs team is not a bad place to potentially turn a profit on.
  5. To say my last game was Blackburn, fizz me it was like chalk and cheese! Yes we could have held on to the ball a little better last 20 and as much as I dislike nuhiu it was a strange one to bring him off as I thought he won his fair share, but I felt like I had my Wednesday back tonight. The right 11 on the pitch worked their testicles off for each other and our fans in turn got behind them like I haven't heard for a while. Play like that each week and we'll put a few teams to the sword for sure! It's a great sign we're gutted about a point at west brom
  6. I always use to find buying Sheffield to derby day return and then derby to wherever around birmingham as a separate day return saved a few quid. Hopefully a snippet of information useful to somebody
  7. My own 2 pennies, possibly shaped slightly by last night forestieri should never play in a front two. Playing as a two means he has to play back to goal and I don't think it suits him. He also wanders which means you have one striker on their own. If that's nuhiu, fletcher or hooper, it means it's not the most mobile of striker. If we insist on 3 at the back I'd much prefer 3-4-3 pelupessy and Hutchinson do the same sort of role, so to put both with bannan who plays quarter back to me is negative and defeats the point of having 3 in midfield. Kieran lee when fit replaces one of the first two which helps, but if there's no Lee there's no point playing 5 at the back and then these three. Palmer was ok last night, didn't do anything astoundingly bad or good, but to go into the season with him at rwb screams that were happy to just get this season out the way and sort the finances out. Also did anyone else pick up on Hutchinson shouting back at a fan in the second half? Lost the ball in their 3rd to which someone had a go at him. He told them to "shat'ap"(my cockney ain't great) seemed odd a pro footballer would do whilst the game was still playing, but surely just frustration all round
  8. Hi all, luckily or unluckily ive never been to Mansfield, so no clue where to park or drink. Can any tell me if I’ll be alright to park on the retail park, or am I best going for a side street? Also where’s good to catch a swift half before the game? Many thanks to anyone who can help
  9. I seem to vaguely remember Djourou did actually end up at Swansea with Carvalhal? No hold on....maybe scrap that idea
  10. Not sure if any of you are into podcasts but jon parkin and Chris Brown do a podcast, this week with the sedgehammer himself! Few interesting bits about his time at Wednesday, well worth a listen. May break up the day with something to do inbetween refreshing for info on the new kit and slating sean clare and George Hirst . Link below. Listen to Ep. 7 | Chris Sedgwick | Possession Of A Firearm by Under The Cosh #np on #SoundCloud Hopefully the link works. I'm not paid for plugging this podcast but would happily take any donations.
  11. With our then recruitment team loving an older player with questionable fitness on a multi year contract, I'm only confident they would have got it as wrong as they actually did in reality on a much more catastrophic level! A shot in the dark would be like Johan djorou on 35-40k a week to be injured
  12. We’re a little amateurish behind the scenes but I’m not sure even we would leave a 7 figure sum asset’s treatment solely in the hands of someone who doesn’t own the player. I suspect they’re treating him and he’s still there doing the rams tv media stuff because a fee was agreed either at the start of the loan or during. Add to that the tribunal money from Clare and Hirst and I can’t really see where we’re making any money on transfers unless it’s kw or one of the Crown Jewels. Abdi could possibly go on loan to serie b or the Swiss league (we pay most of his wages) matias to Portugal (again we pay most of his wage) and Rhodes to a lower middle champ team. I think the money saved on loovens and Wallace and the transfer fees in would sort us out a few freebies and prem loans. Lee back in midfield, fletcher competing with nuhiu, hooper competing with joao. Van aken and pelupessy more comfortable with the championship and The team generally fitter. I am not too unhappy with that
  13. We're not going down and were not going up, so be creative. Even if 3 of them are inevitably stretchered off in the first 15 minutes I want to see ff, joao, abdi and matias on the pitch at the same time. I'd even buy some novelty shirt that showed I witnessed such an occasion!
  14. For whatever reasons the 11 we put out most games in 2018 isn't good enough for this league. I know they're by far the best team in their league on paper, but how many of our 11 today would Blackburn start over their own? Armstrong and Graham or Nuhiu and Joao? Dack and Whittingham or pelupessy and Clare? Couldnt see them being interested in stobbs, Palmer or fox either. Reach aside we've got a very poor side and we'll continue to lose games to championship sides until a few of the championship players come back. Short term - expect to get beat most weeks Long term - get more football people in and around the club. If you buy a club with little football knowledge, don't have the playing side run by someone with no knowledge of the league supported by an estate agent ....And breathe
  15. From a Wednesday perspective, assume someone like bannan earns something like 20k a week and it becomes obvious a demand of 15k a week is lunacy. From the perspective of a Chelsea, a man City or recently an Everton, 15k a week is a pittance as these players will get loaned out until they're decent or released. We can't compete with these sort of wages and to be honest, not a lot of clubs can, hence the downsizing of more academies in the professional game
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