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  1. I hope we don't persist with 3 at the back, but if we do it needs to be one of dean/flint ilk. The other two would need to be able to pick a pass and step into midfield with the ball when we inevitably play against 11 behind the ball. Gibson tbf when on the pitch was able to get up and down which would make a player like him an ideal wide centre back
  2. Selfishly, I hope we get the Devon teams in bloody awful Saturdays in the year. There's 14 grounds there I haven't done (accy, Fleetwood, Morecambe, shrews, Burton, Barnsley, Cheltenham, forest Green, Exeter, Plymouth, pompey, Cambridge, Oxford, wycombe) and the only 3 anywhere near likely to go general sale are the 2 devons and Portsmouth.
  3. Unless he promised a close friend or family member on their deathbed he would finish his career at wednesday, or he was being blackmailed, I can't see us offering the money, or him having the desire to play league 1.
  4. He'll play against us next season and no doubt cause us some issues, but it's the right choice. Too many of his games this season felt like him getting up to speed. By the time he then got up to speed, he broke down again. Would better suit a Wycombe kinda side.
  5. Andy Carroll apparently left West brom because he wanted 20k a week and they said "get f#&£*%*" (do with this information whatever you will)
  6. On the pitch, off the pitch, morons are always going to be morons. Even in our last game when one of the Sunderland players had a corner (the cynic in me thinks it was initially a ploy to incite and cause more disruption, either way some of our numpties duly obliged by emptying their pockets) we had fans potentially causing harm.
  7. He was paid a Premier league wage (couldn't guess how much we paid) and was unequivocally first choice for a team in a league good enough for him to be number 1 for his country again. We owe him nothing and nor does he us, thats what a loan is. If Burnley go down, he probably plays for Burnley. If they don't, someone in the champ will pay the loan fee and wages we did this season. We all move on.....(not to that banzunu though. Anyone thinking we're getting him is crackers. He's going to the prem)
  8. Expect a flood of "very rare bnwt" away shirts on ebay for 70 quid in 3.....2........1.......
  9. Hopefully his involvement stretches only as far as a seat in the south stand, but like others have said I think his involvement is more than an opinion. Any good feeling garnered from this season could be lost a lot quicker than it took to gain it with news like this.
  10. As a wednesday fan living in the midlands there's been a few Saturday mornings where I've fancied going, only to see the category means the game would cost me 29 quid (Don't really get the point of categories in league 1 when it's wednesday I'm paying to see, not Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich, etc but that's a different rant.) When the only options are pick and choose at 29 a pop or go all in for 500, you're inevitably going to lose more fans than you gain.
  11. Not sure if any clubs offer this across the country, and I have absolutely no I.t acumen whatsoever, however I wonder if you have 10 games as a counter on your online account. You print off the ticket for the game at home and your account goes down to 9. Maybe absolute pie in the sky stuff, but I think it'd massively hook the fans that live hours away like myself.
  12. More benefits for members. Season ticket holders can bring a mate for 10/15 quid. Heavily reduced kids tickets (but in the south stand or something.) Family bundle deals. 5 game packages. 10 game packages. Weekend packages. Pair this with actually having this seasons kit in stock and we might make a bit more money
  13. As sad a sentence as this is...here goes. We haven't had a capable left back since Morgan fox. Until that gets sorted we can't go 4 at the back. Sunderland always had options on the ball when countering because they had a big, mobile striker and two quick wingers who could carry the ball. We however rely on slowly getting the ball through the thirds against teams that will generally look to recover men behind the ball.
  14. The only chant that really makes me cringe is the leeds one. I'm 34, so I couldn't give a sh** about the i.r.a or leeds
  15. Can't confess to having watched Exeter, but I think moore wants a keeper who is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Never got the impression Dawson or wildsmith could really do that.
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