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  1. I don't think wildsmith or Dawson have improved over the last couple of seasons, and the flaws in their game don't seem to have been addressed whatsoever. Regardless of what we do we definitely need to spruce up the goalkeeping coaching department. If players are making the same mistakes over seasons then that would suggest crap coaching. No chance in loaning in a <23 year old kid and expecting them to need no coaching during the season.
  2. Maybe I've got rose tinted spectacles on whilst fondly reminiscing about my younger years, but when we were last in league 1 I thought the atmosphere was half decent and Hillsborough was enjoyable in victory and (to a far lesser extent) defeat. Since then I dunno if expectation has rocketed, ticket price rocketing up, a different sort of fan has started coming or I'm more sober, but it's just been poo . I dared to stand up for murphys debut goal on the kop and the guy behind me moaned like f*** about it for the rest of the game. The club need to do something about generating some kind of atmos
  3. Whilst meaning no disrespect to Cheltenham, supporter numbers and expectations mean Wednesday in league 1 would be a reasonable next step in his progression. If we are as tied up on transfers as we think we will be, then this sort of low wage loan will be exactly where we are looking next season. I suspect/hope to god the off season recruitment will be geared towards moore's 4231 play out from the back too
  4. I haven't watched it again (and I never will!) But I thought the terrible line was to blame for the 3rd. I don't think any of our back 3 were going to recover and the player was well inside the area, so dunkley just took him out in the hope we'd save the penalty. I've got no issue with that, it's just a shame the pen was a rocket, but it at least give us a chance. The first is definitely on him though. Don't know what sort of contract he's on, but another risky signing we didn't need to make.
  5. I do think he became a victim of poor recruitment and injuries. When he re signed in the summer we had luongo and were heavily linked with Irvine, which suggests we did feel like midfield was a weakness. Unfortunately (and criminally not even in hindsight) recruitment was ********. Added to that luongo hasn't been near a football pitch in months, shaw (rightly or wrongly) was taken out the side once celtic stuff came out and Hutchinson didn't have the legs for centre mid, then of course he's had to play more often than not. For me it's a no if we play with a two, but firstly we need players wh
  6. I must have watched a different game. Thought bannan and hutch were the least of our worries. Tactically we didn't get to grips with chair or willock dropping deep from a front 3. Urghogide like any youngster will have a poor game every now and again, unfortunately for us it came today. Wildsmith. Paterson or rhodes didn't as involved as the Cardiff game, although taking them off for harris and kachunga killed all our attacking impetus.
  7. Harsh to blame him for the first, but the second is just woeful and it kills us. Can only assume at this point that the management team trust wildsmith to play short from the back more than they do Westwood, but either way come the end of the season we need to use some of the Westwood money to get a decent keeper in (on loan.)
  8. No complaints on his performance, but I wouldn't rank him higher than any of the other 10 starters today either. He still worries me when the ball comes into our box and I still think the back 5 would benefit from more communication from him, but consistency in goal is more important. We can't keep rotating keepers around Westwood's fitness
  9. If he's shown enough at training then I can't see the harm in offering a deal until the end of the season with an option for another year based on appearances or whatever. Something different to what we currently have and at this stage I'm not sure how much Moore trusts our fringe players or he generally doesn't make many subs
  10. I could never confess to knowing the inner going ons at donny, but seeing they have players on loan from Southampton, arsenal and man City, and knowing that moore is generally positively regarded in football, hopefully we can get 5 decent loanees in.
  11. I'm not against looking at the free market, as what we currently have isn't enough. End of the season sort of deal with a huge bonus for survival. That said I was hoping for a striker or quick attacker who just never got the prem move they expected. I'm not sure we need another right back, or another right back that can fill in at left back. There's also no chance he's playing rwb in a back 5. Would be interested to know which attackers are on the free agents list currently.
  12. Much preferred that first half 343 to the moore 4231 or the monk 352. We still look horribly short of a left footed defender though. We badly needed pace off the bench today just to chase a ball over the top and get us out. We won't always play against 2 25odd million pound players who only really turn up to stick 2 in the postage stamp.
  13. Unfortunately I don't trust the hierarchy to even adequately replace if we have a mass clear out. I felt like nuhiu had to go to freshen the team up (and he didn't score enough.) I didn't rate him whatsoever but he would be in this team and carrying it.We didn't even sign a single left back
  14. I can't see atm how 1 up top works for us. Non of our 'strikers' can play on their own, and paterson cannot play back to goal. Ball was bouncing off his shins all night
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