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  1. long eared owl

    Lees goal “celebration”

    There was some booing at the end of the first half - Think it was maybe in response to that
  2. long eared owl

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    And Hector was with us in August ?
  3. long eared owl

    Basement Bargains?

    Gerry(ald) Sibon .....
  4. long eared owl

    Caption and Photoshop Competition

    Give us a hand with this will ya ..
  5. long eared owl

    Players Entrance Time

    Last few home games seen them come in the normal entrance about 1.30
  6. No I meant fans on 3, 5 year ticket deals - not sure he can drop prices if people have already paid ? dunno just wondering ...
  7. Not sure prices can change that much when people are tied into long term deals ?
  8. long eared owl

    Let loose the dogs of war

    Poodil ??
  9. Jaoa, Matias, Rhodes, Atty, Wallace, Reach are probs the only attacking options at the moment so Jos will have to pick teams that work to their strengths - Should be enough to see us to the end as long as no more injuries .....
  10. long eared owl

    Fox On The Run

    Don’t recognise that one...
  11. long eared owl

    1876-77 Fixture List

    Tough start - Hallam followed by London...
  12. long eared owl

    Bakers Dozen

    Start a new one ? Types of joint 1.Dovetail
  13. We need someone with a powerful hammer of a left foot