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  1. Great band Small Margins - Particularly liked their hit 'On the left side...'
  2. Must be staying - Was buying new wardrobes in Ikea on Friday ..
  3. There was some booing at the end of the first half - Think it was maybe in response to that
  4. Last few home games seen them come in the normal entrance about 1.30
  5. No I meant fans on 3, 5 year ticket deals - not sure he can drop prices if people have already paid ? dunno just wondering ...
  6. Not sure prices can change that much when people are tied into long term deals ?
  7. Jaoa, Matias, Rhodes, Atty, Wallace, Reach are probs the only attacking options at the moment so Jos will have to pick teams that work to their strengths - Should be enough to see us to the end as long as no more injuries .....
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