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  1. Bored of George Formby bands? Off the new album, Black Lives at the Golden Coast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg-yJlOPimI Theyre back and theyre not black(and red)
  2. Im so pist they aint playing here.(yet) Lost count the number of times ive seen em. Not sure if im gonna make the trip to Belfast to see em at Tennents fest. Stops your heart beating for 168 seconds.........says it all for me.
  3. i saw 4 cows killed by lightning last week. sad
  4. Im gonna miss out. Im pretty gutted. My mates have just moved into a new house and are gettin marriedd so its just gonna be impossible for them to afford it. I got the email the other day though, it was from an odd email address, looked like spam apart from the subject. There were 3 bits of info though, one that says 3. The debit card details for the transaction, including security code 4. The delivery address, with postcode, that you would like the tickets sent to. Didnt quite get that bit. Anyway, good luck.. Ive been twice and loved it, its not a music festival, thats an added extra.
  5. Save the world, stop the cheerleader from fckin crying every week.
  6. This is gas, hes naming the new album after his interpretation of Ecky Thump because his wife is from Lancs. Get your Goodies records ready for ebay!! I personally cant wait, says its gonna rock like the first album with bagpipes in there somewhere too.
  7. Bankers opposite central bank for me tonight!Should be on in there.
  8. Anyoneknow a pub that will show the game tonight? I realise the glasgow derby thing is on which will make it pretty hard to find somewhere. This sucks
  9. Match,Sky,Dublin pub,Anyone?(may bring a blade from home, hes a decent guy, just bad taste in football teams)
  10. Usually about €3.80 to around €4.50 for GuinnessUnless ya go for the posh stuff like Erdinger its either €4.50 or €5Not much choice otherwise. Lager $hite or Smithwicks $hite
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