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  1. Indycar drivers suffer with blisters massively from steering, especially at tracks like Barber.
  2. Stumbled on this yesterday. Only one lap but the video/sound quality is jaw dropping.
  3. Nobody mentions Lewis whining on the radio about missing the free pitstop. They all do it you know.
  4. New album on its way. Very excited. This is a rare insight into how bloody amazing this guy is and what his versions of 'making music' is.
  5. good. was all a bit of banter on tram then he got off and gave someone abuse and then went flying into someone. scumbag
  6. He launched it from the platform, proper hollywood.
  7. Shoutout to the Cheltenham fan that headbutted one of ours when leaving the tram at West street stop after the match. Was exactly 5:30pm as he got off if anyone wants to mention it to whom it may concern.
  8. Seriously though, stop playing 2 minute replays when the racing is still happening.
  9. They gave him the box call as he drove past
  10. Just been to one F1 race at Suzuka. Its all about picking your spot. Presume the noise being unbearable was because they where in a stand as the noise cant escape. Its all about the weekend. Friday and saturday you can usually go anywhere you like and explore the different corners.
  11. Personally, i loved the fact a band sang in my mother tongue. They started to get play on MTV or some other music channel. Their first ever euro gig was in Whelans in Dublin, was so hoping it didnt get upsized and didnt. Great memories, enjoyed the gig. Vampires was brilliant live. Saw em a couple of times after that and novelty wore off. Last time was headlining Glasto and i was just a bit bored and left. Still some great tunes though now and again just dont really do it for me any more.
  12. Worked out I've not seen us win since August 2018. Banked on Gillingham but nope. First trip over to Hillsborough in 2 years. Will go with a nervy 2-1 win
  13. There is but its about declaring the race started and finished to prevent 100,000 people wanting refunds. If its less than half distance i guess its half points whether its 2 laps or 22
  14. Not sure who said it was a good thing. I just quoted the 'force majeure' rules. The only F1 race i ever went to ended under red flag and didnt finish but thats maybe cos someone received life ending injuries.
  15. As ive said, there was technically a race due to laps completed. Its in the rulebook. The only cheat is that if they had no laps completed and no race result classified the fans may have been able to get refunds, hence the declaration of a result is probably to protect the circuit/F1 financially. Cant argue that it wasnt physically a race as such but the rule is there for a reason. Suggestion of cheating is barmy. The fact that Max got the points is the sore point i know but would itve been 'cheating' if Lewis was in that position? Doubt it.
  16. Cheated? How and who did the cheating? They cant race on one of the fastest circuits in the world with a river running across it. They tried their best to start the race but conditions didnt improve. Do they then have a vote on who wins? No they have a rulebook. What can they offer, come back next week and try again? Impossible. Read the small print next time you go to a major event.
  17. Sorry but its the 6th time its happened. Why was it farcical, if its a hard rule in the regulations.
  18. So you didnt watch much of last years season, so you dont know how he got enough points to be level going into last race yet you want to revel in his misfortune. He didnt cheat, he was handed the advantage by blah blah last years news. Why would he not celebrate being the reigning World Champion, or he should apologise for the farce that had nothing to do with him? The sport needs competition, one team has had it their own way for far too long.
  19. Cars look like they can battle well unlike scalextric cars of past, how Max got so much slingshot distance seemed insane. Merc engines need a lot of work though, maybe they were too cautious i guess, at least they finished. Id say Gunther is raiding the minibar tonight.
  20. I think they wanted to make the most of the sun in the keepers eyes in first half, which we totally didnt capitalise in 2nd half especially how low it was.
  21. one guy was salty cos that guy was gesturing through the window at him. It looked like the window was already broke, i maybe wrong on that. In fairness that street seemed to be very interesting in appearance, like it held a lot of dark secrets lol..
  22. Strange. Ignoring the lols from last year im hoping it to be a mixed bag of results and performances each race and affected by different track types and basically a good competitive sport from a level as it can be playing field. Hoping unlike most years before last season to have to fast forward through the processions of old.
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