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  1. Just sounds like good management to me. Common sense. Who wouldn't.
  2. Wednesday and a contract situation... never... Refuse to believe that ....
  3. 5 yellow cards and sending off for the home team, nowt for the away team. Seems odd. We're we that bad?
  4. You can. Start sending people off. Soon stop then
  5. Hardly any rolling around or play acting compared to the blokes. Makes it so much better to watch. Loving it.
  6. Prefer it to the blokes game. Enjoying this tournament. Some decent football as well.
  7. Please don't ever use the words 'business sense" when talking about Sheffield Wednesday
  8. Thank god there aren't 23 other clubs trying to do the same thing eh
  9. Not sure how viable it would be given time constraints etc However., whatever you serve just needs to have the basics right. Good quality and if it should be served warm then serve it warm. Otherwise whatever you serve is a waste of time.
  10. By mistake I reckon. Thought I was off to buy some chips
  11. Hey. I used to enjoy Roxy on a Monday night..... -)
  12. Not sure why anyone feels the need to run onto a pitch in the first place
  13. Brave move and a good one. Hopefully will open the doors for others. I'm sure there will be some morons who will love to have a go at him however. Hope it all works out for him.
  14. He is 33. If the money is right take it.
  15. How about just sticking with the one we have
  16. We are a poorly run league 1 club vindicated by our recent achievements.
  17. How many managers fail to get promotion every season. Are they all failures?
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