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  1. Who needs a CEO anyway, vastly overrated....................
  2. if we manage this really really carefully and be at the top of our game we will be able to let him go for nothing
  3. They do play in other games, not just first team. Should still be able to spot his talent and potential, its all they day every day
  4. Didnt know how good Shaw was going to be? Are the coaches blind and dumd and unable to articulate to DC? They only see Shaw just about evey day of the weel.
  5. and yet despite all that, the club have never recruited properly to build a team to get the most out of his talents.
  6. yes indeed. we know the rules. We know what we had to do to keep him. Its our fault, not his. Good for him.
  7. there are only 6 teams in the entire football league who have scored less than us. its not hard to see why we cant win games and will almost certainly get relegated. Having a team with no 'proper strikers' (sorry Rhodes) in and just makeshift jack of all trades ones this is what happens
  8. No guarantees at all. What i do know is, with the exception of the youngsters coming through, the other seasoned pros have all got older and failed. We seem obsessed with hanging onto the same players over and over. Let them go.
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