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  1. 24 no age to be dealing this, good luck David. All the best
  2. He has been our problem for years, not his fault at all though. He is probably our best player but in my view, we have never had the system or squad to utilize him properly.
  3. We may have been ok if we had submitted our accounts properly
  4. End of the day. Its spending what you don't have. Plain and simple. No sympathy at all.
  5. I dont believe anybody has to make themselves known publicly, but the details in the user accounts should be there and held accordingly. If people dont want to use that platform thats up to them. People not wanting to open themselves can join sites where ID's are verified. Then all the scummers can just abuse each other as nobody else will be listening
  6. Agree. Whilst ever there are human beings we will never be devoid of crime, greed, hate etc But we can make it more difficult step by step.
  7. I understand the police cant fix this problem, they can only enforce the punoshment. Education is the answer, whilst we wait for the next 50 or 60 years to come fruition mind, we need to do something. Social media companies doing their part is one thing i agree. Dual authentication would also work. Works for banking so why not social media? Cyber policing could be expanded. The other question is, if you had been racially abused, whatever your race, there was evidence to prove it and you had reported it, what would you want done about it? Never happened to me but there are plenty it has. They cant or shouldnt wait 50 or 60 years for education to catch up.
  8. Genuine question. If racism has no place in socciety and the police cant or shouldnt fix it, whats the answer?
  9. Agree, they could check and ask you if you wanted to post that, like moving money between bank accounts etc (just to check make sure you hadnt been hacked of course)
  10. Apparently voting to leave the EU made you racist in some eyes. Go figure.
  11. Everyone has opinions and that wont change. Saying your opinions out loud is this something else. I believe behaviour and words can be measured. If somebody called you a c#nt (and im not talking about your mate in jest) im pretty sure that can be defined as acceptable or not.
  12. Dont these same people tell you how fast to drive, that murder is wrong, and all the other laws that are out there?
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