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  1. Ok, in that case i get your point. I agree with what you say, i disagree with the principle.
  2. Why? Not allowed to have a pop because i believe its been run like a joke? Does it upset you?
  3. Because you were saying its all about the chairman and his pockets. I disgareed with it as its not all about the chairman as explained.
  4. I agree with you. Doesnt FFP try to cap it in some respect just in another way?
  5. If we broke the rules we do deserve it. If we didnt great, we move on. If you cant afford it dont buy it.
  6. We spent the chairmans money, not the clubs money.
  7. No i didnt. The point im making is the club is an entity including the current chairman. Its not just the name and chairmans pockets. The club must be able to pay for itself to a large extent. Its not just the chairmans wallet and frig the rest.
  8. They have but the amounts have never been as high. Would the Wednesday fans be happy with a mass spending splurge then going bust in the future? Accepting it as thats what it is? Or does there need to be some kind of risk mitigation in place?
  9. Nothing, but you cant just rely on them 100%. Revenue has to come from elsewhere. The club will still be there when the owner has departed (hopefully). There has to be a sustainable business model in place.
  10. Tend to agree with that to a point. However, how much risk would fans be happy to accept for their club? For example, say DC just went out and spent 150 million on players (money loaned to the club) and paid 100k a week wages. Then two years later decided to up and leave. He wants his money back as he is off playing water polo or badminton instead. Then what?
  11. Limit all squad sizes to 25 players. No loaning of players. Get rid of all agents. Agents employed by the league or Premiership only and are pooled and salaried.
  12. Absolutely. Makes you wonder why clubs bother with merchandising or sponsorship dealsor selling players for profit. Dont bother, you just need an owner with money.
  13. Cant blame the players if clubs re willing to pay it. Clubs stop paying then the wages will go down.
  14. You cant blame the EFL for clubs over spending or not increasing revenue streams.
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