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  1. billyblack


    We had more options in FF position in my view. Central midfield for a certain role we have far less options. Just my thoughts.
  2. billyblack

    Nuhiu or Fletcher

    Do you know what i take from this thread. We have options. Some may work better than others on given days bit its a nice position to be in.
  3. Good post. I can relate and agree with everything you have said here. Although im not referring to your griping one way or the other as i hadnt really noticed amidst the noise.
  4. billyblack


    So just drop Matias for what. Playing in a winning team?
  5. I think that's the point. All SWFC dont smile when they win, as 'others' are too busy moaning as players they want to start aren't.
  6. billyblack


    Ok. Well in that case yes then maybe. From history though with us, he was best on the LHS in a 442.
  7. billyblack


    I agree. Aren't we playing 442 currently though?
  8. billyblack


    Pure speculation.
  9. You didnt answer his question, something you are good at. Politician?
  10. billyblack


    I don't have an issue with him playing FF at all. I do have an issue with him playing FF irrespective of from, tactics, squad management or whatever. Jo's has the right to manage the squad the best way he see fit in order to try and win games. I also agree he shouldn't play in a front 2. Which begs a quuestion where should he play? In reaches place? I dont think so.
  11. billyblack


    Still haven't answered my question!
  12. Yeah ok. Fair enough. Personally i wanted a fresh start that season rather than trying to pick up the pieces half way through. I also thought the Rhodes transfer and the penalty incident in the play off kind of topped it off for me.
  13. billyblack


    Hi onedavidhirst. Point im making is that some people would have FF starting irrespective of results, results are what count after all. They dont seem to have the ability to actually see whats happening in front of them or recognise or acknowledge it. Facts mean nothing. You call it an opinion. I call it stupid ignorance.
  14. Maybe so. Check my posts. Said he needed to leave on a high before it all turned sour which is exactly what happened.
  15. billyblack


    Good to read we have some fans who can actually think.