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  1. I think thats called getting ahead of yourself
  2. billyblack

    To the Jos out brigade

    Couldnt agree more, happy with the point
  3. billyblack

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Get some money on it then, ease the pain
  4. billyblack

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Worse budgets than ours, i feel sorry for them then
  5. billyblack

    This side after international break

    Thought Baker played ok myself
  6. billyblack

    This side after international break

    But we have onomah Oh wait
  7. billyblack

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Errm, our transfer policy and stragey is going to cause the financial meltdown. Not getting relegated.
  8. Sack the manager, obviously a clown
  9. Always a poignant day that always puts things into perspective of whats really important. It was very busy today, seemed to be a lot more people than last year including lots of kids which is incredibly important IMO. Hope your day was as expected too.
  10. Just getting ready for the parade myself.
  11. Well i appreciate the effort, they look lovely, they really do. You also kept in the lines sona gold star for that as well. There is a bell curve for every situation and you are obviously in the top percentile for expecting a win on Friday night. Good for you, i admire your optomism. Enjoy the rest of your sunday.
  12. billyblack

    The Big Issue.

    Ok, let me rephrase my anser, walking the dog at the time so hard to type as well. If i had the option of staying in the championship by the use of sticking plasters and not really addressing the issues we have, or fixing the club properly and dropping into div 1 to have to do it, then i would take the latter. Fixing the club would make me happy. Is that better?
  13. billyblack

    The Big Issue.

  14. billyblack

    The Big Issue.

    Take it as you like
  15. Did you use crayons or felt tips?