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  1. Too long. I cant bear the 'This is Wednesday' pitiful excuse for just being cr#p.
  2. I submit accounts to the inland revenue without a problem. Of course you actually have to have the accounts to submit them.
  3. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-one-four-top-clubs-take-coronavirus-accounts-extension-2842262 just checking this, Derby and us are the only teams not to have submitted, Palace and Newcastle have now back in June and July. You can sign stuff remotely these days, dont need to be in country, its not 1950.
  4. Ok, I will play your game. How do you know it isnt?
  5. Isnt the extension for this season for the Covid issue? we are talking about the season before where we have already submitted them and now they just need amending? Covid had nothing to do with season for the accounts we are talking about.
  6. Thats my point. Worrying isnt the issue. Its just another example of us being unable to do the simple things correctly.
  7. Im not worried one bit. This isnt what this is about. Given longer to prepare them around difficulties around the appeal. Thats done. Its a quick job to amend and submit.
  8. oh yes, missed Patterson and Windass and Kachunga they were skulking at the bottom
  9. Here is the list of players currently out of contract next summer Reach Westwood Rhodes Bannan Lees Harris Odubajo Pelupessey Van Aken Penney Uroghide Brennan Shaw Render Ben Hughes Leaving us Borner Palmer Luongo Iorfa Dunkly Wildsmith Dawson 5 a side anyone
  10. Not sure how that affects finances though for that year. Has no bearing at all IMO.
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