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  1. Nice result that. Hopefully we can pick up 3 pts at the weekend.
  2. Doesnt make it wrong either. Seems pretty split on here. If it gets appealed and we win great. If not we just suck it up. Im sure our new signings before the window closes will raise spirits.....
  3. If it was there player red carded for same offence i wonder if we would be saying it wasnt a red then
  4. I like the guy. Should start every week.
  5. does that mean there is an agreement between parties on here?? Write that down, you wont see it again on Owlstalk.
  6. I watched the Leeds v QPR game at the weekend. Thought they both played with purpose. I quite like watching Leeds play, most of their players look similar to me, but they all seem quite/very young, work their socks off, high tempo, high pressing, all work hard for each other. Create sheds load of chances, if they had a decent striker and not Bamford they would be comfortable at the top I reckon. They may lack experience sometimes but their style of play is non stop. OK we got a result at their place but I would take their style over ours any day.
  7. That's nowt is it. Cup of tea will sort it...………………...
  8. Its not hard though is it. Any idiot can spend money. You don't need sense or intelligence to spend money. Intent means nothing without careful thought behind it. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/lotto-lout-michael-carroll-pictured-21162752
  9. I think Redgate was appointed temp CEO when the sale first happened. Then Katrien got appointed CEO, Redgate was then made back to Finance Director. Then we lost Katrien. So we just have Redgate as FD I believe. We have other staff obviously but nobody else on the board i believe. It was interesting looking at West Broms board, the major shareholder (owner), looking at his description seems to take a back seat and he has a board to run the club. Yes it costs but employing those people should actually save and make you money over time. That's why they are there. I really have no idea what DC is doing and I cant fathom his approach at all. Makes zero sense to me.
  10. I know mate. It was a flippant response. I agree with you a 100%
  11. £180 mill to sell. sure. buyers must be queued down the parkway to jct 33
  12. aye, or west brom as an example https://www.wba.co.uk/club/board-of-directors/
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