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  1. We had our chance to cash in and missed it. Tough. I woildnt offer him anything. That ship has sailed.
  2. Why, arent we able to sign other players?
  3. Well i will have a dig as well if that what its called. Tend to agree, may keep fox as well despite all the people who say hes rubbish.
  4. Dont know why anyone thought the ground sale wouldnt be checked
  5. Most of the damage we do to ourselves though
  6. How can you possibly know that?
  7. Me neither. Not interested in Rowett.
  8. What list, the unemployed list? Why do we need to restrict ourselves to that. Identify your man and get on with it.
  9. Just pick the manager and approach the club DC to start discussions. Its not hard. It will cost us but thats what the compensations for. Just get on with FFS.
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