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  1. yeah, but you are sat right next to each other and literally breathing right over the person in front of you for at least 90 mins
  2. who cares, should be a nice place to play.
  3. i think the more worrying point is looking at 200 and identifying Van Aken as the one to buy. However he has got off to a good start this time so good for him
  4. Dont understand the playing on the weaker foot, never have.
  5. just saying we arent named as one of the interested parties in that article, is that an issue? Assuming the article was written to provide relevant information.
  6. we arent even mentioned in that article
  7. Thanks for the reminder. I will go for Norwich please. Ta
  8. after one league game im not predicting anything
  9. Lessons to be learned.. why are we always 20 years behind the curve
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