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  1. Bothroyd definitely one. There are a lot to be fair to pick from and not necessarily hated. Just didnt want them here for various reasons. Owen Morrison - just a waste of talent Same can be said for, McGugan another I can kind of tolerate bad players who give their all, its the talented players who cant be arsed and bad attitude i cant stand.
  2. Ola Tidman. 88 appearances in 11 year career. Kind of says it all.
  3. According to wiki - His funeral was attended by over 1,000 people including John Sillett, Steve Ogrizovic, Tommy Docherty and Joe Jordan.[5] He was survived by his wife and two children.[3] didnt play for us because he was injured. Apparently he didnt play for us due to injury
  4. Right place right time striker. Cant teach that stuff. Why score from 25 yds if you can score from 2. Great player for us.
  5. That was my favourite strip hes wearing. Would love to see that back.
  6. Look at the difference in quality as well
  7. At least i know where to go for a night out then
  8. So Monk is effectively director of football and manager and not allowes to bring any of his own staff in.
  9. Loved warhurst. Some of his goals were just class as well.
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