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  1. billyblack

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Underachieved not getting to the final...... really? You can only play who you are scheduled to play. Made no difference in the other groups. Germany, spain, brazil, argentina didnt make it to the semis either yet England underachieved!
  2. billyblack

    Rhodes fails to score on debut

    Pony being 3rd or 4th out of 32
  3. billyblack

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    No they wouldnt
  4. billyblack

    Potential new signing...

    Sam Smart Sam Smart (born 16 July 1998) is an English footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Basingstoke FC. Youth Career Started his career at Basingstoke. Basingstoke Finished the 2017-18 season with 20 goals and 28 assist in 41 games. Linked with a trial at Sheffield Wednesday in July 2018. International Has represented England C. Club career Years Teams Apps Gls 2017- Basingstoke 41 (20) National team 2017 England C 1 (0)
  5. england v sweden will be the dullest game ever. proper boring war of atrition. last man to sleep will win it. still a semi spot looms so fingers crossed thought maguire had a great game tonight
  6. which is why with lampard they just needed to play one and the other is a sub. not diffficult. just that no one had the minerals to do it
  7. as good as your last game or maybe your last season
  8. since when have we ever sold a player for decent money?
  9. billyblack

    George Hirst to Manchester United

    Thats about the 8th club he is signing for now. Just get on with it FFS
  10. dont need to replace hooper at all. New CB for me and a new LB please. apart from that i have no idea. depends on fornation next season
  11. billyblack

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    to be fair we did sign him and then not play him very often. no wonder he was hacked off. then sign another striker straight afterwards
  12. all about the money mate
  13. The last time i got genuinely excited about watching England was 96 and 98. For me we have never replaced the likes of sheringham, gascoigne, beardsley etc Golden generation never showed up and we always played awful formations trying to accommodate lampard and gerrard. why we just couldnt have one as a sub i will never know. I took a nigerian work colleague to watch England at Wembley 3 or 4 years ago. He is football mad. Boyhood dream to watch England at Wembley. After an hour or so he asked to leave. Thank you i thought, the game was drivel. I think it was 0-0 against Denmark or Norway. Just awful. If i watch the world cup it wont be to watch England who bore me consistently, it will be to watch to see what other teams can do.
  14. i think all apart from rhodes were decent signings. some better than others but only waste of money for me was Rhodes. it was unnecessary in my opinon