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  1. Jack hunt only went for about 2 mill didnt he? Not sure how much of a dent that will make. My thoughts are we will still get some kind of punishment, whatever that may be.
  2. Apart from away to Norwich and preston in my opinion
  3. Well if all thats true i will be utterly amazed. I have no idea how we have conformed to not losing more than 35 million in 3 seasons. I will just have to wait to see the accounts when they get published.
  4. How do you know wr have submitted to EFL already? If so why didnt we just do our books on time?
  5. Simplistic yes, silver bullet no. It wont take one long club going out of business, it would take a few, however if it started to happen other clubs should take note. Its unfortunate but no different to any other business, be it footba or not. Football shouldnt be an excuse for bad business management.
  6. 3.5 mill i think. Still enough mind
  7. They should get kicked out, only way the finances in football will get resolved.
  8. Why would chelsea do that if they can get £10 mill or something in the summer?
  9. But why, he isnt good enough?
  10. Why would Norwich want Rhodes in the premiership?
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