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  1. Thing is. We knew all that anyway. I hope the relegation makes DC just sell up and hightail it of here. The guys a danger to everyone.
  2. Why?? How many managers do you need to realise that this role isnt the issue that needs fixing.
  3. There must be about 8 mins of injury time this half. Im sure Mike Dean will add 10 secs or so
  4. there were so many other players to pick from????....
  5. I dont think he he has stripped anything. However what he has done is let the clubs asset depreciate to next to nowt. Hence with no assets of tangible value and running at a loss i'd say the club is worth a pittance.
  6. This game isnt shaping our next 5 years. The running of the club has shaped our next 5 years.
  7. Dont expect everyone to agree with it. Its just my view and i have explained why.
  8. If we had got the full -12 we would be down already
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