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  1. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Yes, been saying that for weeks. We have to sell and now
  2. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    We had offers, he refused them
  3. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    I believe so yes with a cap an wages probably, i dont see how you can resign a player on £20k a week for example if you if can only offer 10k a week? If we head down signing youngsters then 10k a week should be ample anyway
  4. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Yep. We were 7th or 8th when we signed Rhodes werent we? Hardly in danger of relegation. Mind you, im certain in one of his statements his aim was promotion
  5. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Why? If you can afford a new contract you can afford to offer wages to other players out of contract. We need new players, not these ones
  6. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Its still the clubs problem to resolve irrespective where it came from
  7. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Been saying it forever yet people keep saying we are going to sign this player and that player, Bruce will sign players etc... no he wont and no we wont, we cant, has the penny actually dropped with people yet, we have to sell players and i dont care who they are, we just need to balance the books
  8. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    Solve it together, doea that mean we have to buy the players off the club to balance the books?
  9. billyblack

    Chairman’s statement

    We cant afford them and who would we want to keep anyway?
  10. billyblack

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    One nil at luton away who were second in the division last time who looked at, great recors at home and should have beaten us at Hillsboro you mean, is that the Luton you mean?
  11. billyblack

    Well done Nuhiu

    Its an achievement half of our players cant manage
  12. billyblack

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Yes thats the guy
  13. We have loads of money for wages, hence all our signings we have made