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  1. Glossop_Owl

    Hillsborough Capacity

    I've picked up tickets in the restricted view areas before from the Student Union at Hallam. So far they haven't been given any to sell this year so that could be why they have become available
  2. Glossop_Owl

    Matchday Munching

    Cashless system at our work. Log in, top up our staff ID cards and can use the money in any of the food outlets across campus. Its a contactless system and could maybe be something else we could use season tickets or membership cards for
  3. Glossop_Owl


    Had the same long sleeve undershirt on for all home games since November barring Rotherham which I couldn't make. Wore it to Derby and to the pub for the semi away at Brighton. Don't care how hot it is tomorrow the iron man thermal will be on under my blue and white stripes. Can't risk being a jinx.
  4. Got to agree that a fair and transparent structure is the way forward. A one year ST on the Kop in the last window was £415. Works out at at a little over £18 a game (assuming Championship football next season). A 15% increase for the next ST window would mean around £480 equivalent to around £19.50 a game. If POTG was to be around £25 mark as originally suggested then this seems fair and reasonable. Some games will be more attractive to some fans than others but over a season I'm sure the revenue would be about even. For the record I have just signed up for the 3 year deal and do think that a better structure for POTG is needed. Too many categories this year and the ill feeling that followed the announcement is what helped keep the gates down all season. A proper release of the next phase of STs and POTG prices for next season on top of the football played this term should see us start to bring the fans back.
  5. Glossop_Owl

    Next seasons kit idea

    We all know that a kit now only lasts one season. Surely any anniversary kit should be for the 2017/2018 season as our official 150th is September 2017!
  6. Shefffield Parking services are a disgrace. Live near the park and last year a resident parking scheme was implemented, £40 for 2 resident permits, this year its up to £80 and as of next year it'll be £102. No word of warning either.
  7. Glossop_Owl

    Orient Away

    Chesterfield away for me. Little lad over from Cyprus for 2 weeks and goes home on the 19th Feb. Be his 1st away game (assuming I can get the tickets of course)
  8. Glossop_Owl

    Tomorrow's game sales

    Got my tickets and taking the Mrs young lad too to his first proper game of football. Being a blunt he doesnt realise the ball can be kept on the floor rather than punting it up field.
  9. Glossop_Owl

    True supporters

    The latter furious George
  10. I know the palace game will be shown on live TV but If you were a true fan you should be at the game! I'll be there, on the Kop as I have been for the last 20 odd home games. It's a tenner so no excuses about being too much. This is it. As crap as thefootball has been this season there have been patches when we've played good stuff and could have beat anyone let's get behind the boys for one last push and make Sunday a day to remember for years to come UTO WTID
  11. Glossop_Owl

    17 years ago today

    Unfortunately I was unable to attend the match itself as my selfish cousin had decided to get married that day. Saving grace being that I was one of only about 4 wednesdayites in a room of pigs. Best wedding I have ever attended!!!