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  1. I agree it's hardly going to win him a Pulitzer, but it's not meant to. One would presume that the Star has run into a brick wall trying to get credible information from the club, so instead it has commissioned Biggs to write a column offering his thoughts on the whole situation. Not facts, just opinions.
  2. There's nothing wrong with the article. It is an opinion piece, not a piece of investigative journalism.
  3. Would like to sign Onyewu and Loovens up but I reckon both will probably get better offers and leave. Hopefully I'm wrong!
  4. I don't get down that end much as I stay up near the Marina so it's a bit of a mission. All set for tonight though with beers and snacks to watch it in my apartment - COME ON WEDNESDAY!
  5. Oh aye, Inshallah - so basically they'll do whatever they want and blame it on God. Yeah all the hotels still have footy on, it's just convinving them to change one of their screens over to our game that's the problem. At least it sounds like I'll be able to watch us tonight in the comfort of my own home though. Do they don't have BeIN Sports in Bahrain?
  6. Slightly off topic but has anybody heard about BeIN Sport retuning their signal on March 1st and people needing to register or to carry on getting the service. I'm in Dubai and get my TV package through Du. Don't want to miss our glorious cup run so any help would be much appreciated!
  7. I reckon he'll be buzzing for the Rangers match
  8. That's all very well, but what about when the vicar asks if anyone has a reason why the two should not be wed and Madine bangs in an overhead kick at the same time! "YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!"
  9. Meh, you got the idea... The point is that this same team picked up three wins on the bounce and had everyone waxing lyrical about our promotion chances. One off night doesn't make them bad players. And even if we do have problems, then Semedo is certainly not one of them!
  10. When we win: Semedo is a destroyer and lines is a creative force. When we lose: they're both throw.
  11. He made a couple of really important saves against Oldham. Still undecided though, him and Weaver seem about on par with eachother.
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