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  1. Looks as though the estimated crowd for Sat is 33k (based on 3k Portsmouth fans ) - current capacity for Hillsborough is now at 34,835 https://www.swfc.co.uk/fans/first-time-visit/ current ground capacity https://www.swfc.co.uk/club/residents-matchday-information/ estimated crowd
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10652504/ipswich-wycombe-lap-dancing-club-white-horse/amp/
  3. Not quite Man City/Liverpool I know but try Watford/Brentford instead - me and a couple of mates are going to that match before MK later.
  4. Seen someone on twitter say that 4900 have sold so far - so If we were given the max allocation ie 7k - then just over 2k left
  5. I would guess so,anything up to 7k like Ipswich were given
  6. I agree I think we will beat MK - big ground - their football will suit our style.I have us to finish on 83 points.We'll also win against Wimbledon,Crewe and Portsmouth,draw at Wycombe and Fleetwood and can see us getting beat at Bolton despite our 5,000 plus fans there.
  7. A mate of mine is a big Ipswich fan and he said they played really well against Plymouth yesterday.however they have Rotherham away and Wigan at home to come.They are running out of games now so they will need imo to win all their games if they are to reach the playoffs.
  8. http://wednesdayite.com/en/services/away-coach/item/4175-mkdons-away-april-22 Looks they will be stopping for a couple of hours about 15 miles away from the stadium wherever that might be.
  9. Ipswich took close to 7k this season so hopefully we will be allocated at least that - agree MK Bowl is a good venue - saw Simple Minds there a few years back
  10. I was in Lincoln last week and went in the Treaty of Commerce pub - unfortunately its a home fans only pub - However you could try the Golden Eagle a Castle Rock pub near the ground -there is also a Ritz Wetherspoons pub on the High St near the ground. There's also Brayford Wharf and the Square and Sail pub there which is another Wetherspoons pub and quite a few places to eat too
  11. Provided we are still in the play off mix or possibly a chance of automatic then no reason why we can't take 7k - though in the same week there is also Bolton who will probably give us 5k I hope we can sell both games out. So anyone who hasn't yet been to an away game this season nows your chance ? The biggest issue I think would be public transport with the trains a pain in the arse on Good Fri - Im staying in London for a few days - but looks like to a bus journey from London to MK
  12. I wouldn't be surprised - I went to a Notts County - Lincoln game a few years ago and they brought 4500-5000 to Meadow Lane.
  13. Just come back from Scotland,stayed in Glasgow,Fort William,Oban and Edinburgh,really enjoyed it.
  14. Went on a walking holiday to the Cotswolds last year doing some of the Cotswold Way and Gloucestershire Way - Chipping Campden is very nice at the northern end not far from Stratford on Avon. Broadway is nice too- you can do a good walk up to Broadway Tower which has fabulous views. There is also Stow on the Wold and Moreton in Marsh -and possibly Cheltenham which is on the fringe of the Cotswolds.
  15. Just donated - this is a great idea to sponsor a player and also really good to donate something to the Community Programme who do a great job - the fit club being one example which I'm a member of.
  16. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/12040/12371653/bundesliga-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports-for-next-four-seasons
  17. Yes all the episodes are on Iplayer
  18. No Tintin doesn't feature in the last series
  19. Binge watched the final series Series 8 yesterday on Iplayer - really enjoyed it - the usual favourites - Berthaud,Giliou and lawyer Josephine Karlsson are still in it - Good to see Commissioner Beckriche - Berthauds boss features more heavily in this series.Also the judge who takes over from Roban is pretty good too .
  20. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54810392 RIP
  21. Sure Foden will be in the squad too
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