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  1. I think Harry’s actually a Bradford city fan but he lives in York
  2. Believe or not I wouldn't put it past Wednesday to get a win at Leeds as bad as we were today
  3. I don’t think it is - only home match days only it’s open - I don’t think they or any other pubs are now allowed to show matches via red button any more
  4. I go home and away and am a season ticket holder in the North ‘ doesn’t bother me -I talk to others around me who have been there years too.
  5. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/august/owls-given-carabao-cup-bye/
  6. Get yourselves down here for a few beers in Hamburg https://www.hofbraeu-wirtshaus.de/en/Speersort/ Beers pretty reasonable in Germany was in Munich last week and paying Euro 3:50/4 for 0.5 litre and 8/9 Euros for a Stein
  7. Although Im not going I've traveled to Germany quite a bit and been to Hamburg before - the trains are excellent in Germany so its easy to get about = probably Lubeck or Hamburg are your best bets as you can get to Kiel from Lubeck as well as Hamburg in just over an hour.
  8. Pretty sure they still do King Ludwig - at Kelham Island they do Warsteiner for sure - They do Ludwig at the Queens Head in Town - love German beer - Astra and Holstein are the main beers in Hamburg area -but try the Hofbrauhaus in Hamburg if you haven't been to somewhere like that before
  9. Would love to play Union Berlin and Hamburg SV - a couple of cracking nights out. Going to Munich in mid July so a trip to Bayern would be nice
  10. I went to that game on Sunday - Wigan played really well and they were unlucky not to win - they outbattled Norwich who only got going in the last ten minutes of the game - they are missing Buendia and if Norwich play like that against us - we'll beat them.
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