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  1. I think we'll draw and then beat Leeds next Friday
  2. they only open matchdays now
  3. I hope you are right - but September will be a big test for the team - Stoke,Forest Villa and Leeds - pick up points in those will give a good reflection as to how we'll do this season
  4. I'll be there at all three games - (season ticket holder)
  5. kenny

    #SWFC have arrived..

    Ash baker
  6. Not Brian the blade was it ?
  7. kenny

    Early team for sat

    Wildsmith Pelupessy Pudil Lees Venancio Reach Jones Abdi Clare Nuhiu Joao
  8. 1,501 was the final figure announced by Millwall - great turnout
  9. I was there when we got hammered 7-1 at Arsenal - think Campbell scored 3 or 4 goals - only time I have left a game early though I was tempted on Saturday !
  10. kenny


    £10 in advance and £15 on the day
  11. I've read somewhere that Newport may be getting 8,000 tickets for the Replay against Spurs
  12. kenny

    My take

    Agree with much of what the OP has said - I think Thorniley was a bit nervous to start with but got more confident as the game went on and did very well for his debut.Venancio looks very solid - cant understand why Carlos never rated him. I would start Mattias on Friday - played well v Carlisle and did well again today.
  13. kenny

    Next up in the FA Cup

    Yes blunts at home on Saturday -plus we are at Middlesboro on Tuesday so a bit too close to be expected to play on Sunday.