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  1. Just donated - this is a great idea to sponsor a player and also really good to donate something to the Community Programme who do a great job - the fit club being one example which I'm a member of.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/12040/12371653/bundesliga-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports-for-next-four-seasons
  3. Yes all the episodes are on Iplayer
  4. No Tintin doesn't feature in the last series
  5. Binge watched the final series Series 8 yesterday on Iplayer - really enjoyed it - the usual favourites - Berthaud,Giliou and lawyer Josephine Karlsson are still in it - Good to see Commissioner Beckriche - Berthauds boss features more heavily in this series.Also the judge who takes over from Roban is pretty good too .
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54810392 RIP
  7. Sure Foden will be in the squad too
  8. Lucca and Bari Italy - Nijmegen,Utrecht Netherlands . Bamberg Germany
  9. I remember that Wednesday used to get 5% of the allocation for semi finals as the host club - went to Man Utd v Leeds in 1977 a lot of trouble at that game remember the top being mixed between MU and Leeds fans 1977 Villa v Everton League Cup Final replay. 1980 Arsenal v Liverpool and 1981 Spurs v Wolves (for that one sat Leppings Lane upper tier with the Spurs fans ) some of the Tottenham fans in the standing bit got there late and there was overcrowding so they opened the gates to allow some of the fans to go on the side of the pitch. The Croatia v Denmark game in 96 was terrific - great goal by Suker and great atmosphere before hand in Hillsborough Park with loads of Danish fans.Lots of noise too with Croatian drummers on the West stand upper tier.
  10. I stayed at this place in Ostuni which was very nice right within the city walls http://www.i7archi.com/en/
  11. I'm a massive Italy fan too - Been to Cefalu in the North of Sicily which is a very attractive little place - narrow streets with some good restaurants - decent beaches there too.Palermo is worth the visit for the day - you can get there on the train. Whereabouts are you planning to stay in Puglia ? I stayed at Lecce,Ostuni and Polignano a Mare on the coast - stayed at bed and breakfasts in Ostuni and Polignano - great friendly Italian hosts and not too expensive.
  12. Going to Seville in April - beautiful city - hoping to see Real Betis v Villareal - temperatures there are already 21/22 C !
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