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  1. In my 42 years, United have been properly better than Wednesday for, at a push 4 or 5 years and that was pretty much all in one go. The years where they were better than us were the only ones we've wanted it more and been more up for it in derbies. And for a couple of those games, they were that much better that it didn't really matter, they still beat us. Rest of the time it's their cup final, they could get relegated tomorrow and they'd be happy as they beat us again.
  2. This is very important and definitely needed saying. Well done OP.
  3. State of them drawstrings in the hood. Christ.
  4. Yeah, Gerry Taggart that well known Scottish midfielder. Who got 51 caps playing centre half for Northern Ireland.
  5. This. Not been called Premiership for about 15 years. Thanks.
  6. yeah but where's that clip of him jumping into the Wednesday fans?
  7. He's going to stand outside the player's entrance with a mate and shout the types of cars that various players have until he takes notice.
  8. Love how this Ethel character, in response to Flying Owl's summary of what these meetings are like said he/she knew that would be what they were like anyway. Then spent 3 pages moaning about the kit and trying to make sure that gets brought up.
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