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  1. Lees will be injured last thing Bruce wanted was to change defence after the last game but i agree with what the other guy said should have put Lorfa in instead of Thornily
  2. Palmer has never had a problem getting forward and getting into good positions to cross the ball the only problem is he has never been able to cross the ball into good areas that is what we need a full back and a winger with pace and who can put a good ball into the box
  3. Complete waste of time we have nothing to spend in January he is sticking by Jos and we will lose our next 3 games one word sums that up "FACT"
  4. Usually a lot of negativity has been put on this forum me included but everything that is getting spread about at the moment is partly true . 1.Overpricing to watch rubbish 2.Team selections are rubbish 3.manager is rubbish 4.morale is rubbish 5.not knowing anything is rubbish 6.fans forum a waste of time and rubbish 7.no money its rubbish 8.overpriced under quality never heard of the merchandise rubbish 9.best fans in the world having to endure lie after lie is rubbish 10.overpaid donkeys even allowed to train is rubbish To sum it all up in one word Rubbish and i feel sorry for anyone who is paying good money to watch the most poor excuse for football i have seen in the 37 years i have been going to SWFC R.I.P for now. But don't worry you red and white piglets we will rise again.
  6. No he should not get a new contract he simply is not good enough he will be lucky to get 5 goals next season if thats what you want as a wednesday supporter then good luck to us . If he is good for morale then get him dance around the changing room for 5 minutes before a game and give him £20
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