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  1. Probably can't pay him so walked to save the club a week's wages.
  2. Pre-season is all about the volume. So go to Tramlines!
  3. More time on the training ground in preseason has to be a huge positive compared to previous years. The spine of the team is now strong, a couple more options on the wings and one more up top and we'll have a good team going forward.
  4. It cost me £25 to go to the cricket 20/20 the other week, so pretty comparable. I did get to take the nipper in free though!
  5. That last paragraph: it's what makes them multimillionaires. A lack of morality over anything other than money. I've been thinking about it recently, but I wouldn't wish millionaire status on anyone. It must be 'lonely' having all that cash, and play with your mind so much. Your friends might be there just to leach off you and you'd have to make serious provisions for your estate. Not for me thank you.
  6. Lou Reed wants his lyrics back!
  7. Very unprofessional from Rob there. Plenty, plenty opportunities to move on and he refused to. 4 negative questions were asked and presumably answered. Paul Cook have him numerous opportunities and clearly stated his intention to end the interview. Feel for Paul Cook there actually. At the end of of the day Paul Cook is a person just like any other. There is very little talk about mental health in the football world and actually there should be.
  8. Byers, Gregory (how is a 17 goal striker not a success?), Storey, Dean, Berahino (to some extent, got better as time went on), Denis (very good but unlucky with injury).
  9. It's a huge opportunity. I must say Darren Moore's success in the transfer market this season leaves me hopeful for the future.
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