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  1. Moore Moore Moore, What's the formation? What's the formation?
  2. Still better at set-pieces than Bannan!
  3. Wednesday fans: I want young hungry players willing to have a go. DM: Signs promising players. Learning what they are all about. Wednesday fans: Why aren't we top of the league yet!
  4. Agreed. Why is it we think we deserve to 'walk the league'? We've been on a downward trajectory since the playoff semi! What we need to do is ride the storm for a bit and hopefully in January we can press on again and be somewhere near the playoffs with a bit of luck.
  5. Sigh... Please do one thing today and read this very easy to understand article: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/culture/a34269631/why-there-is-no-white-history-month/
  6. Yes that's right because what your are not considering is the composition of air to begin with.. According to NASA, the gases in Earth's atmosphere include: Nitrogen — 78 percent Oxygen — 21 percent Argon — 0.93 percent Carbon dioxide — 0.04 percent Trace amounts of neon, helium, methane So human consumption has increased CO2 by 0.0215% where the baseline is 0.04 So pretty ******** huge!
  7. If you want to spout climate change figures. Try reading this: a very balanced document that shows both natural and human contribution to climate change: https://welcome.arcadia.com/energy-101/environmental-impact/greenhouse-gas-emissions-natural-vs-man-made
  8. I think as long as it is done in a constructive manner it actually can bring awareness to others who may read the post. Calling someone a racist noobhead doesn't achieve anything. Asking them why they think that way and opening a dialogue may change a few hearts and minds that observe the interaction.
  9. I posted the comment below on the YouTube channel too calling out a racist.
  10. Give over! Your expectations from such a player clear out are sky high! It's not even ******** November yet!
  11. Could be interesting when viewed through the lense of video gaming industry. Football Manager, FIFA and iSoccer (or whatever it is) having to pay for simple statistical data.
  12. Why would he come back? He's a very successful manager in the type of jobs he does. He's a bit like Fat Sam in that way.
  13. Bass shandies I hope in that quantity! (Whatever happened to those!)
  14. What I've never understood is why the team playing in those conditions at the time has to suffer for another country to benefit from 'behind closed doors' games. Just dock Hungary points instead. Then the message will start to get through
  15. Another assist this weekend too Vs Eastleigh it seems. "Fox won a corner on 45 minutes as the Mariners searched for a breakthrough before half-time and this time, the deadlock was broken as Hunt's driven delivery was met by EFETE, who powered a header past the keeper and into the top corner of the net"
  16. The only R I'm going to be using to predict match outcomes is Aghhhh after seeing this thread suggest we'd do Shrewsbury last week!
  17. 94p on Instant Gaming right now
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