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  1. He's changed agent apparently (bristol press) so this one looks like it'll drag on a while longer
  2. May I recommend laying off the whisky with the cornflakes. Amusing read however.
  3. I was nodding until you mentioned Buck's Fizz.
  4. Could be read one of two ways. Either he's actually fiddling with an aerial at the old people's home. Or it's fetish week on Babestation.
  5. Out of that list I'd keep Fletcher, Hutch and FF on one year deals. Sign up Dawson longterm and say byebye to the others.
  6. Some quality on the right hand side is needed I think. Jacob just doesn't have the quality to keep Reach on his toes. We need four wingers/inside forwards, I think FF, Harris and Reach are all good and interchangeable. Jacob worries me.
  7. Need to harness it to galvanise us. Dressing room message. Everyone hates us. South Yorkshire Crazy Gang
  8. Are we sure it's not an Argentine winger on special leaves? If so I know someone who likes an 8th of skunk.
  9. To the tune of Blondie's Denis KADEEM, KADEEM with the ball at your feet KADEEM KADEEM your gonna burst the net. Repeat.
  10. I interpret that as Fletcher and Harris (to a lesser degree) overperforming. Reach, Bannan and Murphy all slightly underperforming in terms of goals. It does all beg the question though... How are expected goals calculated as a measure? Seems a bit like a metric inside a metric to me and therefore not really telling us anything we didn't already know. Just to clarify that question further. The horizontal axis has expected goals as the value of shots per 90 mins. Surely Fletcher has more shots than 1 per 3 games which is what this is currently telling me!
  11. I read this as geko wrestling, accidentally.
  12. I've been called lots of things but never Anthea and David.
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