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  1. Where do you stand on twigglets? My eldest son (age 7) says no to marmite but laps up twigglets. Go figure!
  2. Echo of The Streets maybe: "A bog roll don't come for free!"
  3. Come in handy... Isn't that what happens on the Kop?
  4. To the tune of Umbrella by Rhiannon: We thought it couldn't get much sh1tter sh1tter sh1tter eh eh eh, We're in League 1 and we're bitter, bitter bitter eh eh eh,
  5. We need a 'been there, done that' kind of keeper. I still think Dawson and Wildsmith will make good keepers one day, but both have to work on the mental side of their game. The shoulders were dropping last season and Bannans bolloxing of JW at QPR won't have helped matters either!
  6. Hang on 1999 was poo we were relegated from the Prem!
  7. I don't care if he's Noel ******** Coward as long as we get results on the pitch.
  8. Sean McAuley. There's a blast from the past. Wonder what he's doing now.
  9. Irn Bru is there but can you prove its open and he's drinking it. Too easy for me.
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