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  1. Get her back with Bake Off and Eastenders! (if you can be arsed) How did you have the willpower to stop at the super overs?!
  2. Super Overs in training tomorrow morning for team building purposes. Then penalty practice in the afternoon. What a game of cricket that was!
  3. Surely they should have to pay up his contract. No less than £2m then!
  4. Pity we really need a 20 goal a season striker.
  5. I read this to the sound of the X-Files theme tune.
  6. Think Bruce has more loyalty to be fair. We waited for him while he had his extended grieving period (quite rightly too) so he could get his head right and I believe we were the only club showing an interest in him at the time. The only way I can see Bruce at Newcastle is if we told him he can leave. I.E. A huge offer for his services is received, which knowing Ashley won't happen.
  7. Cardiff CEO linked to buying them out so maybe he sees positivity ahead.
  8. Unknowns are unknown so we assume we haven't sold the ground. What evidence suggests we have?
  9. All the vowels, all the vowels KF Shkëndija they stole all the vowels.
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