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  1. 18min 5km is not too shabby. My best is 21.20 but then I am 40 this year!
  2. I reckon with no football being played that any points deduction will be suspended anyhow. Just keep our powder dry going forward.
  3. The solution is thus: Impliment Premier League 2 from next season with all the teams currently in the Premier League and Championship. Move to a conference system as per American Sport and draw lots for which team is in which conference. Run a mini playoff and relegation decider between the teams in the relegation spots in the champ and autos in league one to decide who gets to go in the pool. Cancel this season and announce Liverpool as the Champions-in-merit on the basis of an incomplete season.
  4. If they were better than 21st place they wouldn't have this worry. Talk about clutching at straws
  5. As a Chairman I rate him 5/10. Good intentions, poor execution.
  6. Beattie was told to stay away from Birmingham first team.Not sure if he ever returned or was placed on gardening leave https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/update-provided-on-birmingham-city-man-amid-speculation-of-garry-monk-reunion/
  7. Nightmare scenario: our form relegates us and the EDL deduct 21 points next season.
  8. Anyone know the number of goals he's scored this season? Is it single digits?
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