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  1. Hope not, but every player has a price. If Rhodes was worth 8m then FF must 12m at least. Might help with FFP too. Three year deal 4m a season would help us rebuild.
  2. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-give-new-chief-executive-katrien-meire-a-chance-to-prove-her-worth-urges-dejphon-chansiri-1-8954422 The bottom of this article spells it out from DC himself: Meire will be tasked with supporting the work of Wednesday’s first-team and help with the day-to-day running of the club. “I need someone to help me when I’m not here (in the country),” said Chansiri. “I need someone to help me and I think she is the right one. We recruit people who we think are good.
  3. If anything DC has distanced himself from those decisions and details via the appointment of Katrien.
  4. Maybe because they have no products of their own to sell. Their subsidiary companies do.
  5. Still think we'll win this in extra time. Loftus-Cheek for Linear though now please.
  6. Anthndav

    Sean Clare

    If he is injured still, how would he pass a suitors medical?
  7. Anthndav

    This is such a strange photo

    Surely this is just some warm up exercise and not actually supposed to have the ball in shot.
  8. Millwall on a cold Tuesday evening... I'd rather rub with sandpaper.
  9. Anthndav

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Stick £2 a week away from this week and next year you'll have yourself a pro shirt!
  10. Anthndav

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Why do those of you reckon we wouldn't making a saving making the kits in-house? If anything the big boys have economies of scale that we won't have. As long as the quality is there, is the same price as last season really so bad? At most it's a shirt or twenty pints out in town!
  11. Easier half of the draw on paper. Gotta get rid of Colombia first though. Poor tonight, didn't think we wanted to win it at all.
  12. Anthndav

    Hirst Snr

    Or 1 pint vs 5?
  13. You seem to be confused by the concept of value and selling price.
  14. Didn't meet our valuation of him. Simple as.