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  1. Anthndav

    £2m for Bruce

    He managed ok at Birmingham on a shoestring budget. People forget his earlier managerial career.
  2. Anthndav

    Cardiff in for Forestieri

    20 pages
  3. Glad I don't use your calendar. I'd be celebrating New Year's on a fortnight.
  4. Anthndav

    This is class

    Commercial or architectural...
  5. Anthndav

    Is football becoming uninvestable?

    Jimmy Hill is to blame for all of this... It started with maximum wage abolition.
  6. Anthndav


    In isolation it don't seem good. But we've beaten NAC Breda last week who play at a far higher standard than sodding Mansfield. Nowt to worry about yet. The first away game at Wigan is where we need to judge performances. Hope it's not like Preston away last year!
  7. Anthndav

    An issue

    I like this observation. In essence playing with FF and Nuhiu is playing with two number 9's and no number 10. FF drops even deeper than Nuhiu too.
  8. Anthndav

    First post.

    Welcome to the 'stalk.
  9. Anthndav

    First post.

    Shark or Bear?
  10. Anthndav

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    Maybe just maybe we need to wait until he recovers from injury before he signs for us again. Like due diligence. He gets fit, there's you contract lad.
  11. Anthndav

    Sign him up!

    Bazza signs new 3 year deal, slips with pen at the end of his signature with the ball point piercing his kneecap. Out indefinitely.
  12. Anthndav


    So we are going to do this all season long then...*sigh*