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  1. This is an equivalent gamble as the time we brought Gary Madine. Only now the price is 7x more... ...And with that I'm out!
  2. Anthndav

    Wes Hoolahan

    Won't be considered for the game against us either it seems...
  3. Anthndav

    Wes Hoolahan

    Obviously when I said Indian league I meant Blackpool...
  4. Anthndav

    Wes Hoolahan

    Didn't he spend some time in the Indian league before returning to Norwich?
  5. Anthndav

    Jordan Rhodes

    Conjoined twins?
  6. Good job he never signed for us. Carlos would have told him to be less athletic.
  7. Anthndav

    New scout/coach?

    "....sending Shrijvers down my spine, bodies aching all the time..."
  8. Anthndav

    OFFICIAL - Pelupessy signs

    Welcome Penelope Pele. Will stick my teeth back in now.
  9. Anthndav

    Welcome to Sheffield Jos...

    He's not the hero we asked for he's the hero we deserve.
  10. No. Did wonders at Walsall with no cash at all.
  11. Dean Smith for me. Works wonders with limited resources.
  12. As soon as Lee starts his normal distribution we'll be flying.
  13. Birmingham based Wednesday fan here Sticking my neck over the fence... Some of the Villa fans down here are deluded idiots, some are OK. One went as far as to say we were the best away team at Villa Park last season. I guess all clubs have their good, bad and deluded fans.
  14. This is the Carlos yoga pose for Lobster Football.