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  1. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

  2. Butters

    I've heard during a game he sometimes suffers from speech impediments. Bullen has already instructed him to stop Utterly Muttering Butterly.
  3. Big Ron coming to Hillsborough

    Yes he could help Geffory Boycott say racist things.
  4. Bit late tortoise one but data protection would surely stop personal details being translated by anyone other than those in the official capacity to do so.
  5. Two things have me stumped

    I have no evidence but I've sometimes thought we brought players that could potentially be dangerous if other teams acquired them. A spoiling tactic if you will. Or I'm giving far too much credence to a clear lack of strategy. Afterall, even the most coincidental events start to form patterns that could be seen to be a strategy if viewed over a long period of time.
  6. 150 anniversary and all that
  7. "The Wednesday" as replacement?
  8. New Penalty Format this season

    If we get a penalty at Fulham, Waterloo...
  9. New Penalty Format this season

    Winning on penalties is the name of the game these days.
  10. New Penalty Format this season

    These types of threads are ridiculous. I mean does your mother know that you are out?
  11. Whats have the promoted teams in common?

    They play in the Premier League.
  12. Your 2 CMs

    4-4-2 in a narrow diamond. DM - Hutchenson CMs - Lee and Bannon AM - Abdi Reach at LB Hunt at Rb Sorted.