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  1. What I've never understood is why the team playing in those conditions at the time has to suffer for another country to benefit from 'behind closed doors' games. Just dock Hungary points instead. Then the message will start to get through
  2. Another assist this weekend too Vs Eastleigh it seems. "Fox won a corner on 45 minutes as the Mariners searched for a breakthrough before half-time and this time, the deadlock was broken as Hunt's driven delivery was met by EFETE, who powered a header past the keeper and into the top corner of the net"
  3. The only R I'm going to be using to predict match outcomes is Aghhhh after seeing this thread suggest we'd do Shrewsbury last week!
  4. 94p on Instant Gaming right now
  5. What if he was standing just to readjust his sprouts.
  6. When the bloke stops banging on about us maybe? He started it...
  7. Or more touches and passes than anyone else on the pitch apparently. ELF must have just been left on the shelf
  8. The opposites don't like it Rockin' Hillsborough Rockin' Hillsborough! The Sharif don't like it Rockin' the Casbah Rockin' the Casbah
  9. Are you posting from the past. It's 88 on the clock now.
  10. Have you seen the video above? Clearly on his line, like prittstick to a child's homework.
  11. Your displaying one in the window... Boom tisch
  12. It's due to sheer number of southern based clubs in the North/South leagues all together. They be better off calling it A/B in my opinion.
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