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  1. I'll sleep easy knowing your choice now.
  2. Perhaps the original idea was for Garner Infront of the back line and Luongo behind the front two?
  3. You do know that that doesn't matter dont you? It has SWFC on it and previous logo. That is enough to argue that the general buyer confuse these with genuine SWFC products. That is all that is needed.
  4. Cease and desist order from DC coming in 3.... 2... 1....
  5. Miller's talk? I feel dirty typing that, like it's some pornography for Windmill enthusiasts. "Look at the size of that rotor blade..." "High speed shaft on that..."
  6. Did Pele ever have an unsuccessful loan spell in the Belgian third division,?
  7. Abdi tried to gatecrash by bringing a vegan nut roast. Westwood was having none of it, but Lees wanted to try a slice with onion gravy. The canteen refused to dish it up to anyone as it had mushrooms in it an Monk hadn't got around to unravelling Jos' kitchen team. All hell broke loose and certain Scottish members of the squad and coaching staff wanted a traditional glass of buckfast with their meal.
  8. We'd be top of the league right now... If it wasn't for that pesky EFL
  9. Glad to have him signed. Seems to have lots of potential. Up to us to make the most of it.
  10. Surely that's not true, otherwise we wouldn't have signed him Also very unlike you!
  11. Oh well. Didn't know that. That back 3 sounds great once in place though.
  12. Looks a player... Develop him and sell for ridiculous money. Rinse. Repeat. And we might get somewhere.
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