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  1. I read this as geko wrestling, accidentally.
  2. I've been called lots of things but never Anthea and David.
  3. Diago Amado. Remember him? If I've spelt it correctly ofcourse.
  4. Think I read a story about a bluenose having a tattoo of Monk on his Harris after loosing a bet.
  5. Sky Sports rolling banner changed to Sky Sports understand that it's Monk.
  6. Now now. You don't get anywhere on here by asking sensible questions like that! Successfully made himself some money out of allegedly screwing previous clubs. Alledgedly.
  7. Bruce to Cowley: Then you say... 'They're my boyhood club. I was born down the road from Sheffield and it'd be my dads wish that I manage them.' The chairman won't mind...
  8. Ah so it's you who sings Puff the Magic Dragon on match days!
  9. He seemed to have turned a corner in preseason and looked motivated. Now his place is gone back down the pecking order perhaps he's peed off!
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