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  1. He was suspended for final home game last season, cos sent of at Preston, so is not free 2m
  2. So the 6 game is plus the 3 game he got for it last season!!!!
  3. Carlos got Swansea playing for about 10 games, then looked what happened
  4. 5 shots on target were the pen, the one where cam turned it around his post from long range and then 3 v easy catches in the 2 half
  5. Spice or not look back at there 5 shots on target, nothing to write home about. Didn’t say anything about being outplayed. All happened outside the box I’m afraid, look back at the game cos they created nothing in the box. My main point was about Keith I like to shuffle to blades Andrews
  6. Honestly yes we had to defend and didn’t create a lot but look back at there 5 shots on target, 1 which was the pen save. They were v tame. i get that we didn’t create a lot and happy that’s a clean sheet to move on with but my only bug bear tonight was Keith Andrews creaming his pants with the ‘lovely to watch’ football by that dirty lot. I’m sorry but we have had games where we have played great stuff in the past but I don’t think a commentator has got his lad out like that and had a shuffle
  7. I dread Friday night games. I like to finish work and chill before going to or watching the game online on a Saturday. I hate that feeling of maybe a loss on a Friday night and then having a crap weekend. So although I have a season ticket I thought about giving it a miss. But I got to thinking, it's Leeds what are you even on about! So I went. Got to say the atmosphere was great. Enjoyed the first half but not so much the second. But satisfied with a point even though I admit we were fortunate. Lesson learnt, support your team whatever!!
  8. Bolton and Reading both got a point! Both below us Just saying
  9. Ronaldo got no chance getting a ticket!!
  10. And what seems to have been over looked from last night.... Another clean sheet!!
  11. I make that 16? Was last season 17 to equal the record?
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