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  1. hahaha I didn't know this would end up on here otherwise I would have given owlstalk a shout out!
  2. If anyone decides late they want to go to todays game i have a spare season ticket card they can use on the North for £30. Text me 07825986532 and we can meet outside gate before game. cheers.
  3. i have a spare ticket for the north stand if anyone is interested
  4. i have a spare ticket on the north stand
  5. ok let me know and we can arrange to meet outside turnstile
  6. I have a ticket for sale in the North stand going. See my post in the ticket section if anyone is interested.
  7. Hi All I have a season ticket card for the Fulham home game on Sunday for sale in the north stand if anyone is interested. The ticket is a senior citizen season ticket card but it may be able to be bumped up to a full adult ticket if I call the ticket office on Saturday. As It is a season ticket card i am not sure if it is even a problem does it show up when scanned? When my season ticket is scanned it just says ok to enter on the turnstile operators screen. The seat is next to me so can meet outside turnstile and then hand the card back to me once inside. The seat belonged to my friend who used to post on here as wolfman jack who sadly passed away last month and the money from this ticket is going to cancer research. Looking for face value 30 quid. Thanks.
  8. add in the fact we are going for equalling our best clean sheet record of 17 for the second successive season and its brown trousers time on Sunday everytime Fulham attack. proper stress.
  9. This is a fantastic touch. I wish he could see all of this.
  10. I had the absolute pleasure (or displeasure perhaps!) of sitting next to Jeremy on the North stand for 14 years. Like Trev we met at the same work place and shared in all the football banter and soon I found myself sitting next to him on the North. He was as everyone has described on here, a wind up merchant at times (the best believe me) grumpy, argumentative, pessimistic but believe me he was also very knowledgable, passionate, hilariously funny and loved Wednesday more than life. He had so many stories from before I was born about watching Wednesday in the 70's and the old players. Whenever a player was down to do the 50/50 who played for us way back i would always say who? and he would say what do you mean who!! and lecture me about the player. He loved Peter Swan, Bronco Lane and would talk about the early days supporting Wednesday. We also used to talk about Owlstalk. Mainly after he had caused a poo storm on here and he was getting grief and I would say to him at the match I see you are upsetting folk on Owlstalk again. And he would say life would be rubbish if we all had the same opinion. He genuinely loved posting on here because the majority of people even if they disagreed with him were all passionate about Wednesday and thats what gave him pleasure. Talking about Wednesday. Towards the end I joked with him about how people would miss him posting on owlstalk. Not bloody likely he said. From what i've read how wrong he was.
  11. Yes that is correct he got the Kiveton supporters bus. I sat next to him for 14 years up until a few weeks ago when he became to ill to attend matches. He always left on 89 minutes to make sure he got the bus!
  12. There are lots of Irish pubs here in Vienna that will be showing the match. There is one called Molly DARCY'S near the hofgarten and another one called the 4 bells on schleifmühlgasse or Charlie p's near schottentor that do great roast dinners but the best one for footy is probably the 4 bells. All of these will be showing them.
  13. Agree. The one positive is that this game wasn't against the blades as they would have had us with a performance like that. Talk about bottling it, if that's how the players handle the big occasion then it's a huge positive we weren't just playing the pugs at bumhole stain
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