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  1. Didn't they sign him for around £13 million?
  2. Stick a grand on Hull to win. If Hull win you have money to purchase a season ticket next season. if Wednesday win: who cares that you've lost a grand. Cheer yourself up by buying a season ticket next season
  3. Sounds fair. I'd add a fiver on to the price and make it 25/28/30 for members though. Also £5 for under 16s if tickets are bought before the day of the game.
  4. Cheap season tickets with £50 match day tickets. A big win the loyal fan and a conundrum for the part timers
  5. Could Liam Palmer play there? Was thinking on Saturday that he'd have done a better job than semedo
  6. With us getting closer to winter : I'd open the nw corner with £10 tickets. Or offer £20 tickets in the restricted view seats on the kop.
  7. Cat c. Half price for season ticket holders and members. That way we can really say that chansiri has played a blinder : and maybe we can see another 1000 membership packages sold.
  8. I know a couple of people who have refused to buy tickets this year. Saying that, they didn't go last year or the year before that.
  9. Everytime I hear or read his name I always remember his chipped penalty miss and this song a Leicester fan made about him.
  10. Maybe I was a little over the top but I don't think it was a foul. If the boot was on the other foot; we'd be arguing that football is a contact sport.
  11. we might have been beat by 3 or 4 if they hadn't scored then. They dropped deep for the last few minutes which gifted us a point.
  12. I'll be disappointed with less than 30000. Many people have said if the price is reasonable they'll turn up. £25/£30 non members is reasonable.
  13. That game was great; however i can't remember much from the game itself. Apart from the Wednesday fan who fell through the roof behind the stand. And the fan who climbed above the food stand.
  14. Club could make a killing by announcing a singing section near the away end on the south stand. No consultancy fee required Mr chansiri
  15. I was going to write Luongo down as £3 million but I also believe he is in his last year at Swindon and if they fail to win promotion he may be trying to force an exit. Garbutt was probably a little unrealistic but there was apparent interest from Man City for Westwood before he signed here. First team football is one of the reason for him not renewing his contract so if we can offer it him here ; he may be persuaded. Just realised Marshall only played 20 games last season. £3m may be a high valuation but I can't see blackburn selling him for less than £2m.
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